The filling … To make the meat filling, put the onion in a pan over medium heat, and fry gently until softened. We cook the meat, and once it’s cooled, we put the filling in the food processor. Ricotta Filling#2: In a large bowl, blend all filling ingredients together until smooth, set aside filling … Stir in the beaten egg. Pulse the processor several times until the texture of the filling is fine. Ravioli is pasta plus a delicious filling, so it can never be classified as “boring.” The most common ravioli filling is cheese, but if you didn’t already know, the filling can include just about any food item you love — greens, meat, fish, etc. The Ravioli Meat & Cheese Filling is Cooked and then Put in Food Processor to Make a Fine Texture. Add the mince and cook for 2 minutes or so, add the wine and let it reduce. Scrape the ravioli filling into a bowl and let cool. Below is a compilation of some of our favorite ravioli fillings recipes that are sure to get your creative juices running! Meat and Ricotta with Basil Filling (for ravioli) extra-virgin olive oil, garlic cloves,minced, ground meat (beef, veal, pork, chicken), ricotta cheese, grated parmesan cheese, egg … Stir in the Parmigiano, mortadella, prosciutto and nutmeg and season with salt and pepper.

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