I love this post that you made. Generally, we want to do the same with efficient removal. Relic of Progenitus, OUT: 3x The cards in red are cards that I would consider untouchable. CARD IMAGES AND ARTWORK COPYRIGHT © WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC, USED FOR REFERENCE AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. I could see Tormod’s Crypt here. I tried to play two copies of All is Dust but this spell is even more expensive and it is rather situational. After trying several tier decks, I decided to play Eldrazi Tron. Reid Duke brings you the complete primer to Modern right now: the decks to beat, the decks to keep your eye on, and everything in between. This deck is good, and whilst I have a fairly small sample size, the matchup is very winnable, but I think leyline is essential for winning, as it is so powerful, and even if they kill it, we can inact our gameplan after. Let me know whether this articles was or wasn’t helpful for you Note from the editor: Wojtek (Laplasjan) appears on episode 163 of the Modern Meta-Call podcast to talk about Eldrazi Tron. Matter Reshaper- This card is excellent in any midrange matchup, coming down as early as turn 2 off of eldrazi temple+ any land. Modern is brutal right now, and if you stumble you die. , 1x Don’t get tricked if you win the game with Ballista once or twice. Be wary that playing chalice on 1(by far the most common number) shuts this down. Liliana of the Veil is the most problematic card as the edict effect is really strong against your more expensive guys. I still play a lot of other decks and formats, but for the weekend tournaments right now, I think etron is pretty well positioned.I have played 3 challenges with it, coming 3/4th and 10th in the most recent two. Don’t forget that Spatial Contortion is a pump spell. The main point of that post was to prove why leyline of the void is important right now, which will be covered later. is a must if you want to have any chance at beating certain matchups (burn/affinity, etc.). But cheer up — our deck is powerful enough that its good draws can beat any opponent. Without it, things are a bit more complicated. Generally, it is absolutely not right to tap out against Infect, unless you can safely do so. That is why I created a Gauntlet for GBx cards. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Grixis Shadow can kill us with Temur Battle Rage very quickly using their disruption plan (discard spells and Stubborn Denial) as back-up. GBx has a good way of interacting with Bogles, and therefore the matchup is not very hard in theory. I am still not 100% sure about nUgin which I tried, but probably gonna go with similar build to yours instead of running nUgin since he feels sometimes too slow and clunky (even though he is amazing when you have him out on a right matchup but still). Post-board, crack Relic of Progenitus to stop opposing Gurmag Anglers. Nature's Claim Then THE BAN DAY came and everything has changed. Pyroclasm The rest of the artifacts you can bring in depending on whether or not you have enough good karn wish targets left behind, and enough bad cards in the main. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC What is our plan for the sideboard? , 1x This deck has a fast and consistent combo with a good midrange plan that includes Urza, High Lord Artificer and lock pieces like Ensnaring Bridge, Damping Sphere, and Grafdigger’s Cage (sometimes in the main). , 3x Over time I add new important ones as well. The best thing we can do against the deck is attack their hand early and deploy a fast clock in the following turn. Burn is a very consistent deck. Luckily, almost all of your disruption is effective against them. Reality Smasher- A big body with trample and haste! Ghost quarter is only a problem with wrenn and six looping it, though I don't think many lists can afford to run it. I hope I have covered some aspects of Eldrazi Tron deck, its sideboard plans and position in modern. This tool is meant to improve your general sideboarding skills. Eldrazi Tron is a deck that combines the unfair elements of the Tron lands with the big creatures of Eldrazi. When I loose, I loose to big creature from Jund 90% of the time: Tarmogoyf can get to 6/7 easily, ooze can be very big, Bloodbraid Elf have haste and it can find Liliana of the Veil, it seems that e-tron doesn't have a powerful creature removing spell? Oblivion Stone Given my Birthing Pod roots, I’ve always had an adversarial relationship with Tron decks, but I’ve really had a great time playing this deck lately (and winning a good amount as well!). That all changed with the printing of the Eldrazi in Oath of the Gatewatch. Pascal breaks down the all-colorless Eldrazi Tron list he took to a Top 16 finish in Vancouver! Blast Zone- new addition, really powerful, especially with large amounts of mana, hold back where possible and holding to kill 1 drops, to maximise the damage, and suprise the opponent. Speaking of Karn, I would consider this to be the most important part of the deck. I will cover Karn in the sideboard section in detail. We have plenty of very scary cards: Blast Zone, Karn, the Great Creator into Ensnaring Bridge, All is Dust, Reality Smasher, and Walking Ballista when our opponent goes too low with life. Pyroclasm I think we need 3 copies of spot removal in the main but the third one can easily be either Dismember, Spatial Contortion, or Warping Wail. Here’s the list I would have played at GP Vegas had I not been lucky enough to make Top 4 in the Limited portion. Eldrazi Tron in Vancouver. When taking each spell and creature into account, each spell will do 3 or sometimes 4 dmg to the opponent, so for 20 life → 7 spells with 3 dmg per spell or 6 spells with two spells dealing 4 dmg are needed. This is a classic midrange battle and you’re well equipped to fight it. Early this year I decided that I wasn't able to play enough modern and wanted to play online, and would borrow decks from mantraders. Its versatility is tempting but I never felt impressed by that card. For my first few matches with Elrazi Tron I just picked somebody’s 75 from the internet. Walking Ballista is your best card here. Many other sideboard options can be brought to bear against Scapeshift, and some of them are generic, common anti-control cards. Death’s Shadow is a pretty close matchup that often has games that don’t feel all that close. When cast on turn 2, Matter Reshaper is quite good, while Thought-Knot Seer is fantastic. This is a concern, however I think that reduced cost of needle is of greater importance than the risk of chalice countering needle. Cards like Collective Brutality, Scavenging Ooze, or Huntmaster of the Fells should be pretty strong in that matchup. Strong additions like Goblin Matron, Goblin Ringleader and Conspicuous Snoop led to a rise in powerlevel. The cards that Karn can't get can obviously be brought in at will, Leyline of the Void, and Spatial Contortion. Typical basic lands: 1 of each color they’re running. Tron. Any hand that makes turn-3 Tron, as long as you have basically any other spell in your hand.

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