If you’ve ever wanted to say “hello” like an elephant, now you can. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2017-08-09

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Reference: Anonymous, My name is blessing uche I am twelve years old, Last Update: 2019-02-05 Usage Frequency: 1.

The elephant is the biggest mammal on lands about elephants, Last Update: 2019-10-04 Elephant's eyes are very small compared to their body.

Usage Frequency: 1 Usage Frequency: 5 Quality: The elephant is a very intelligent and obedient creature; The elephant has four legs, two small eyes, two big ears, a trunk, and a small tail. Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-05-03

10 Lines on Elephant in English.


Reference: Anonymous.
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Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-11-08


While some populations are now stable and increasing, the species continues to be threatened by poaching, illegal ivory trading, and deforestation. Usage Frequency: 2

Usage Frequency: 1 Usage Frequency: 1
speech about elephants.

We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 1, Usage Frequency: 2, Usage Frequency: 5.

MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. The trunk of the elephant is like the hand of man. Quality: All four legs of the elephant are very thick and wide. The elephant is the biggest land mammal in the world. Quality:

What's big, grey and stands in the rain but doesn't get wet? Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-06-23 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality:

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