29. Satan has been very successful in our time in his program to deceive the saints. It is so today. That they might be informed of Paul’s circumstances in prison in Rome and also that Tychicus might encourage the hearts of the believers. No matter what we can ask, no matter what we can think, God has promised to perform, according to His Divine power that even now is working in us, a work of redemption stupendously above our ability to imagine. Faith apart from such Kingdom works is dead. Children require great amounts of time, love, attention, thought, concern, and discipline. All Christian denominations must bow to this verse, recognizing that their organization is a temporary device at best, capable of harm at worst. The Christian is to keep his mind filled with the hope of salvation, with the Word of God, with the serving of Christ. copyright permission or restrictions, Links from other web sites to this page or to our The Spirit of God working by the Word of God brought the universe into being. Galatians The new Man, who is the Body of Christ, stands solidly on the Rock, Christ, as He has been revealed through the Apostles and Prophets of the Lord. The Christian Church is the body of Christ. We are restoring the wall and gates of the heavenly city of Jerusalem. We need to pray every day that God will bestow on us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we may increase in the true knowledge of God Himself. The purpose of salvation by grace through faith is that we may behave in a righteous, holy manner. The Holy Spirit will help the husband as he attempts to become the head of his wife. 25. The world shall behold the Glory of God in the Church and will know indeed that God has sent Christ and loves the Church as He loves His firstborn Son. All the ministries and gifts of the Spirit are being restored to the members of the Body of Christ in order to assist in the perfecting of the Body. The “one new man” of Chapter Two includes all of the members of the Body of Christ whether Jewish or Gentile by race. Notice in the above passage that our sufferings are the judgment of God on us in advance of the Day of Judgment that will fall upon the world. 7-8 Ephesians: A Brief Introduction and Outline pg. None of the other Apostles understood as clearly as Paul the nature of the new covenant. 17. There is oversight and organization—all under the direction of the one Holy Spirit. Also, we forgive everyone who wounds us and permit no bitterness to dwell in our personality. What grace did the Lord God give to Paul? 16. Christ has sent the Church, His Body, into the world as the living revelation of the Person, the purpose, the way, the nature, the Substance, the Word of Christ. To be renewed in the spirit and attitude of their minds. In this manner the tares will be identified for all to recognize. We think that Watchman Nee of China would be an example of an apostle of modern times. The power of Christ’s resurrection life in us is demonstrated as we overcome the world, Satan, and the lusts of our flesh. Christ then will not become our life, our All-in-all. The true Church also bears witness of the world that its works are evil. As you use this packet to study Ephesians, please keep in mind a couple of things. Every saint can receive the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of the almighty God. Chapter Six. The reasoning is as follows: “Since the Bible says I am a new creature, therefore I am a new creature regardless of observable change in my behavior. Satan leads us away from the protection of Christ by tempting us to live in a lie, to steal, to fornicate, to follow our own will and ambition, by appealing to our lust of the flesh, our lust of the eyes, and our pride of life. All human government is evil to some extent. One of the purposes—if not the purpose—of the past two thousand years of the Christian Era has been the creating of the Body of Christ. For study notes and comments on various Bible books, We are an eternal part of Christ forever and He is an eternal part of us. Their letters are filled with exhortations and warnings concerning godly behavior. Christ did away with the power of the Law of Moses to divide the Jews and the Gentiles. It does not matter whether we live or die. When Christ died on the cross the whole creation of God died in Him and with Him. The salvation that is in Christ, the plan that God has kept hidden throughout the ages. The gods of the Gentiles are demons. But we do find passages in the Gospels where Jesus warned that He will take issue with the manner in which the believer behaved himself or with his lack of possession of the Holy Spirit of God. What is true of Gentiles who have received Christ? assignments on books of the Bible for class, personal, church, or 34. Notice in the following expressions the wall of separation and distinction between the world and the Church: We can begin to understand, from these portions of Christ’s prayer, the awesome distinction and separation between the Church and the world. If we will obey the Holy Spirit as He teaches us to overcome through the Virtue of Christ, we will inherit the thrones that govern the peoples of the earth. 25. Because the perfecting of a wife for the Lamb is the vision and desire of God Almighty it shall come to pass. We are to persuade the people around us to keep their minds on Christ. His blood was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat in Heaven. What name is borne by all of the Lord’s people? As we pass among the churches of today, and think of the Lord’s prayer “that they all may be one,” the question comes to us again: “Can these bones live?”. your study. In view of God’s purpose in Christ, and the confidence that each saint can have when he receives Christ, what does Paul request of the saints in Ephesus? We engaged in such abominations before we were saved but now we have been washed from that behavior. The conquering Christ possesses the keys of Hell and death. We are being built for a habitation of God through the Holy Spirit. The grace of God is not God’s riches at Christ’s expense. Every person on the earth has at one time or another broken the holy laws of God. Trembles! The only true Christian ministry is that which proceeds from the cross. Christ takes care of and protects His Church. In that instance, God will help. We have been foreknown and predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29). Christ has brought both the Jews and the Gentiles into one new man. Some day the world will be able to see that the Church indeed is one in the Father and the Son. The grace of God makes such change possible by giving us the Spirit of God, the new birth, the written Word of God, the gifts and ministries of the Spirit, the body and blood of the Lamb, and the numerous tribulations through which the Holy Spirit guides us. Here is the fulfillment of the Old Testament feast of Tabernacles. The husband is the head of his wife, just as Christ is the head of the Church. Hear the Word! 28. should ever be construed to justify or to in any way encourage personal It is time now for the Lord’s holy remnant to cast from their thinking the glib, heartless form of salvation that rests on a verbal assent to certain “key” passages of the Scriptures, and to return to the God of Jacob, to the Consuming Fire of Israel. The Temple of God is Christ, and only Christ, for God will dwell in none other. How do we learn to yield to God’s Spirit so that He may wield the Word of God with effect? Rather, He prays that the members of His Body will be guarded so that the devil cannot touch them. Imputed righteousness is the acceptability to God that is freely given to every sinner who comes to God through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. God has a long-range plan which shall be totally successful. In love toward other people, just as Christ loves us. His plan will not succeed because of the power of the Father; but Satan and the other wicked spirits do not seem to grasp that they and their devices are doomed to failure. To escape the flames? Redemption does take place the moment we place our faith in the Lord Jesus, in the vision of God but it has to be worked out by a life of patient, cross-carrying obedience. There is only one foundation, and that is the Word of Christ brought into being through God’s Apostles and Prophets. It really does not matter whether or not they agree because most of such endeavors are empty of the Spirit of God. Of God Himself. Our placement in Christ on the highest throne of the universe.

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