An exclusive production agreement is a contract that allows a production company to exclusively produce an artist's demos. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS CONTRACT This writing will serve as the agreement with ____________________________ (hereinafter designated as "Producer"), with respect to Producers services in connection with the production of the masters of Musical Performances and/or Musical Compositions and/or Instrumental Productions on behalf of ________________ (Artist). I’m working with producers and that is always the first thing I mention before working together, just so we are all clear. We do provide access to skilled attorneys who can provide legal services once directly engaged. 3. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Exhibit 10.4. The producer can ask the artist to give him due credit for the song or beat whenever it is used. The percentage and how it will be calculated should be explained. 11.6  No termination of this Agreement shall constitute a termination or a waiver of any rights of either Party against the other Party accruing at or prior to the time of such termination. 5. [���Y�3�k}i~i���r�� ��{B_zB!/�q���3:)ʁPtG��. Producers Service Agreements – Over 30 different contracts. Royalties are another point that he may discuss with the artist and get a certain percentage. h�b```f``Re`a`�Uaf@ a�+P�� �@GW���t�x�7��LA�� �|��m\чYu6M�pЛ�����BDt�u`�"���4?���� $�'�~ax��� �����������^1��{U���}wL N�`�T[ ��H � �x&Z endstream endobj 42 0 obj <> endobj 43 0 obj <> endobj 44 0 obj <>stream CUSTOMER shall provide written notice to PRODUCER when product orders are placed by CUSTOMER to PRODUCER in the form of a purchase order. ENGAGEMENT. 6.1      .DEFINITION “Proprietary Information” as used herein shall mean all or any portion of only the: (a) written, recorded, graphical or other information in tangible form disclosed  during the term of this Agreement, by one party to the other party which is labeled “Proprietary”, “Confidential”, or with a similar legend denoting the proprietary interest  therein of the disclosing party; (b) oral information which is disclosed by one party to the other party to the extent it is identified as “Proprietary” or “Confidential” at the time of oral disclosure, is reduced to written or other tangible form within thirty (30) days of oral disclosure, and such written or tangible form is labeled “Proprietary”, “Confidential”, or  with a similar legend denoting the proprietary interest therein of the disclosing party; and (c) models and other devices delivered or disclosed, during the Term of this Agreement,  by one party to the other party which have been identified in writing at the time of disclosure as being proprietary to the disclosing party; and provided further, however, Proprietary Information shall not include any data, information or device that is: (i) in the possession of the receiving party prior to its disclosure by the disclosing party and not subject to other restriction on disclosure; (ii) independently developed by the receiving party; (iii) publicly disclosed by the disclosing party; (iv) rightfully received by the receiving party from a third party without restrictions on disclosure; (v) approved for  unrestricted release or unrestricted disclosure by the disclosing party; or (vi) produced or  disclosed pursuant to applicable laws, regulations or court order, provided the receiving party has given the disclosing party prompt notice of such request so that the disclosing  party has an opportunity to defend, limit or protect such production or disclosure. When you grant someone exclusive rights for a product or service, it means that the buyer is free to use that product or service as per his wish. Thus, the contract is an important tool to avoid misunderstandings between all the parties involved. 9.1     The Parties shall only disclose Proprietary Information to those employees and independent contractors who require access to the Proprietary Information to permit a Party to exercise its rights and perform its obligations under this Agreement. This term must clearly state the amount of fees that the artist has to pay to the producer. It is understood that Producer is an exclusive agent of Pipeline Insurance General Agency or any insurance company or underwriter represented by Pipeline Insurance General Agency. This Agreement and the terms hereof shall be governed by the laws of the state of Utah. 3 Contracts Every Music Producer Should Know – 3 Templates. Also, music labels aren't as interested as developing emerging musical artists as they once were. In that case, the buyer will have the exclusive right to use the beat. the term “the Parties” shall mean CUSTOMER and PRODUCER. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Exclusive Producer Agreement Contract. For example, an exclusive rights contract for beats will enable the artist to use the beat in any number of recordings as she wants. This is because an exclusive production agreement gives the producer an ownership percentage of an artist's master recordings, as well as the right to produce the artist's future work. Work for Hire Music Producer Contract. This Exclusive Sales and Marketing Agreement (hereinafter called “Agreement”), to be effective as of this 1st day of April, 2008 (hereinafter the “Agreement Date”), is by and between Marine Life Sciences, LLC (the “PRODUCER”), a limited liability company organized under the laws of the state of Nevada and having its principal place of business at 2157 Lincoln Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 and ForeverGreen International, LLC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of Utah and having its principal place of business at 972 North 1430 West, Orem, Utah USA (hereinafter, referred to as “CUSTOMER”). If the artist violates any of the terms, she will have to compensate the producers. SendBeatsTo makes it easy for music producers to send their beats to major and independent artists, and be notified when artists have read their email, listened to, downloaded and rated their beat. These are included with the producers’ consent. Free Music Contracts – Over 20 contract templates. On the other hand, if an agreement with a distributor is reached, the production company will act as an intermediary between the distributor and the artist. It contains terms such as what rights are granted, compensation paid to the grantor, obligations of the parties and settlement of disputes. he term “Products Produced” shall mean the total amount of APPROVED Product units produced in each calendar month. h��U�n�@��y�ܽ�. 15.9     Entire Agreement. The Parties shall each have product liability and other general insurance coverage for their respective business activities related to the Subject Product or APPROVED Product in commercially reasonable amounts. No files will be delivered until a copy of this agreement, signed by Buyer, is returned to PDUB THE PRODUCER. PRODUCER MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF FITNESS OR MERCHANTABILITY, REGARDING OR WITH RESPECT TO THE SUBJECT PRODUCT AND PRODUCER MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OF THE PATENTABILITY OF THE SUBJECT PRODUCT OR OF THE ENFORCEABILITY OF ANY PATENTS ISSUING THEREUPON IF ANY, OR THAT THE SUBJECT PRODUCT IS OR SHALL BE FREE FROM INFRINGEMENT OF ANY PATENT OR OTHER RIGHTS OF THIRD PARTIES. :                            COO, EXHIBIT A  -  Pricing Schedule and Annual Quota, EXHIBIT B  -  Current Approved Product list. There are 6 basic types of agreements that songwriters sign with a music publisher. Live Legal Consultation. This agreement is between the artist and a producer, whereby the producer contracts to work exclusively with the artist for the creation of masters. It lists the ways in which the artist can use the beat/song. My question is, when I’m registering the songs to Ascap, regardless of the agreement, do I still add the producers … Said annual quota and subsequent increases are attached hereto in Exhibit A. Prior to the official opening of any foreign market by CUSTOMER, CUSTOMER shall disclose to PRODUCER the CUSTOMER’s plan and other material information relating to any proposed expansion of marketing the APPROVED Product. Contact Us 9. Production companies should insist on a production agreement, as they provide a great deal of security. These cookies do not store any personal information. h�bbd``b`:$�� ��$f"f��� �c �� "N��Ԁ�$ 1 �W?H�� �@&F� ��!�3��` �m ! This clause must be coherent about the artist’s obligations. To produce these demos, artists will usually sign a production agreement with a production company.

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