I am also a blogger, an ametur one I must say, I work in the field of education. Society trusts the schools to hire good Teachers. Hmmm….. interesting….. What if we provided options for those who want to become successful (and very profitable) welders or electricians? I really believe this is a HUGE part of Finland’s success story and it does not receive enough attention. If there is a discipline or behavior problem, the teacher had better nip it in the bud right away or else deal with it the next six years. (Less than 5% choose this path). Even if it is just a suggested assignment, they give it their full attention up to the end of class. It was wonderful to see all of your points which some I had not realized on my own yet. Saku Tuominen, director of this HundrEd project, says parents in Finland don't really want longer hours in school. Finland Education R anking Finnish students typically do not have outside tutors or lessons either. The students get to actually understand the material before they are forced on to a new topic. School holidays in Finland are different from region to region. ), •Vocational Education:  This is a three year program that trains students for various careers as well as gives them the option to take the Matriculation test to then apply for University should they so choose. Brittney McDaniel, Principal – Sparks of Insight, What makes Finland special? Do check my blog. What’s so special about them? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Majority student are becoming Clerks…. They live by it. (In recent years a little less than 40% choose this option. a week cant wait to visit in schools there, i guess it will happen soon. It is rare to see a math lesson that is measurably better than those found in my district and I have seen several that were actually far worse. 2019 - 18. They also have several breaks/recesses/ snack times during the day and these usually happen outside come rain or shine. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)  an average Finnish teacher teaches 600 hours annually or about 4 or less lessons daily. I would not characterize US students as failing overall, although we seem to have some students slipping through the cracks in very low funded areas such as parts of Missouri. It allows them to create great, thought provoking lessons. Fewer Teachers  = More Consistency and Care, Elementary students in Finland often have the SAME teacher for up to SIX YEARS of their education. I think Indiana funds education better than other US states such as Arizona. | Jamil - The Future Trend, Pingback: 11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More” | Riswan E. Tarigan, Thinker, Motivator & Inspirator, Pingback: Finnish Schools? I’m a Brit living in Finland. And you had better believe that during those six years with the same 15-20 students, those teachers have figured out the individual instructional needs and learning styles of each and every student. What if we allowed them to train in and explore vocations they found fascinating and in which they were gifted? – Education 240, Pourquoi la Finlande a l’un des meilleurs systèmes éducatifs au monde - GTVblog, Why the Dog Really Should Eat your Homework (or, the Real Reason We All Need to Move to Moominland) Part 1 – Woes of a Second-Level Wuddhist. Finland truly believes “Less is More.”  This national mantra is deeply engrained into the Finnish mindset and is the guiding principal to Finland’s educational philosophy. We measure our worth with completed lists and we criminalize down time. Pingback: Pourquoi la Finlande a l’un des meilleurs systèmes éducatifs au monde - GTVblog, hi kelly. Study after study supports the need for children to be physically active in order to learn. I’ve subbed in various schools in Texas between 1999 and 2017, in 3 different areas (5 different districts…as I subbed for adjacent districts) and I’ve never been to one that didn’t have a teacher’s lounge. arik, Pingback: Why the Dog Really Should Eat your Homework (or, the Real Reason We All Need to Move to Moominland) Part 1 – Woes of a Second-Level Wuddhist. I have looked at the curriculum covered over these five years of education and I realized that I attempt to teach the content of five years of  Finnish math education in one year. 2. only top notch teachers allowed Thank you for writing this! In fact the Jr. High and High school math classrooms have been rather typical of what I have experienced in Indiana. Again, the American mentality of “more is more” simply does not work. Ha! 1835 Finland Ave | Columbus, Ohio 43223. Yes, seven! Some have it, some don’t. I am not a education specialist, but I like how that system school works. The teacher knows what they need to teach to get them to the next step, while also giving the teachers freedom to work at the pace of their students. I can’t believe that is enough math time! ( Some schools in Finland only loop their elementary children for three years at a time instead of six, however the benefits are still the same. 2020 The instruction and classroom structure of a math classroom in Finland follows the basic formula that has been performed by math teachers for centuries: The teachers go over homework, they present a lesson (some of the kids listen and some don’t), and then they assign homework. Finland on the other hand believes less is more. Reblogged this on Searching For The Truth. The Teachers trust the students to do the work and learn for the sake of learning. I have observed several fifth through ninth grade math classes in Finland. All comprehensive school teachers in Finland have a Master’s degree. That is right! Here’s what makes it the best. I love the approach of the Finnish. Imagine how much more fun and engaging your lessons would be! Some days they start earlier and some days they start later. Pingback: Less is much better – Searching For The Truth, Pingback: How The Best Time Managers Fit Fewer Things Into Their Day by Forbes - Entrepreneurs - Serebral 360º, I’m so jealous of the Fins Look at me ,in Thailand, 5 days a week starting at 8 am and ending at 4-5 pm, 8 periods a day ,40 periods! No wonder they are stressed out! One teacher showed me a course book and said that it had too many topics for one five week grading period. No wonder they give up! In general everything written in this article is contrary to our current education system but I have enjoyed it a lot because I have learned something really new. GREAT and awesome post!

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