This […] Once your certification is transferred and you’re certified as a law enforcement officer in the State of Florida, you will be eligible for the Transitional Recruit Class or Lateral Recruit Class depending on your years of law enforcement experience. The basic recruit class is approximately 28 rigorous weeks and Recruits are challenged physically, mentally and academically during their training to ensure they have what it takes for a career in law enforcement. (For greater range of motion, stand on a step.). The Florida Highway Patrol believes that physical health is one of the keys to a successful law enforcement career. Those looking for an exciting career in law enforcement have endless possibilities within the ranks of the Patrol. Buy Just One; IMAGE SLATES; 911Plaques & MORE; Attache & Luggage; Awards & Gifts ; Thin Blue Line Items; Brotherhood® Bands; Badges - … The hair length for the sides may cover a small portion of the top of the ears. Please remember, our hiring process will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, so if you are considering a career with the Florida Highway Patrol, the sooner you apply, the greater chance you’ll have to become a member of the next  Recruit Class! With your upper arms stationary, lower the dumbbell behind your head by bending your elbows, then straighten until both arms are again extended overhead. 63 new state troopers graduated from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Training Academy. To learn more about FLHSMV and the services offered, visit, follow us on Twitter @FLHSMV, find us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. March 22, 2021 – 148th Recruit Class ; Transitional Recruit Class (Available to applicants who are already certified as a law enforcement officer through the State of Florida and have less than two years of active law enforcement experience. Stretch. tip: If you don’t have enough upper-body strength to perform this exercise, follow the same instructions but keep your knees bent on the floor during the entire movement. From this position, slowly lower the weight back over your head toward the floor until you feel a good stretch. Recruits are required to reside on campus while stationed at the FHP academy. Overhead dumbbell press emphasis: anterior and middle deltoids Sit on the end of a bench or chair, with your back supported if possible, holding dumbbells at ear level with your palms facing forward. Complete all the reps on your left side, then switch to your right. © Copyright 2014 – 2020 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The Florida Highway Patrol established the following guidelines to enhance public respect and recognition of its members. Repeat. The scenarios require recruits to take action and demonstrate their learned skills. Ensure that your lower back is pressed firmly into the floor. Don’t wait until it’s too late! They will usually have the weekends off. This not only creates additional lumbar support but also creates a sort of “alarm” that lets you know when your spine is shifting position and arching upward. Do this for 20–30 strides, then break into a race-walk and maintain this speed. All recruits will stay on academy grounds during the work-week. We emphasize teamwork, ethical decision making and professionalism. Watch, Want to know what it’s like to be an FHP Academy Recruit? The following information is provided as a guideline to assist our recruits in initiating a physical conditioning program. Dumbbell pull-over emphasis: latissimus dorsi, deltoids, pectoralis major Lie faceup on a flat bench and grasp one end of a dumbbell with both hands, arms extended over the center of your body. Push the weights overhead by straightening your arms, but keep your elbows soft – don’t lock them in the finish position. All Rights Reserved. Through classroom lectures and discussions recruits learn basic concepts and knowledge. Return to the start position slowly and repeat. ), Lateral Recruit Class (Available to applicants who are already certified as a law enforcement officer through the State of Florida and have two or more years of active law enforcement experience. The mustache may extend one-quarter inch horizontally beyond the corners of the mouth. Hold for a count, then contract your chest and push back up. Bend your elbows and lower your chest until your elbows form 90-degree angles and point out to the sides. Fingernails shall be clean, trimmed and may not extend more than 1/8 inch beyond the tips of the fingers. Lift the weights up and out to your sides to shoulder level while keeping that slight bend in your elbows. Faddish, multi-colored or mirrored sunglasses are prohibited. The Florida Highway Patrol believes that living a physically fit lifestyle increases a Trooper’s ability to cope with a demanding law enforcement career. Hammer curl Grasp a pair of dumbbells and stand with your knees slightly bent, hands by your sides, palms facing in. ), **Attention Out-of-State Certified Law Enforcement Officers**, You have the option to transfer your law enforcement certification to Florida via the Equivalency of Training Program through the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. Practical exercises require the recruit to demonstrate proficiency in the skill area. Learn more about transferring your certification at the following website: The Academy is a live-in training facility. About the Academy Preparation Guide. Hair color must be conservative and have no unnatural tones of color. Seleccione aquí para Español We are currently processing applicants for the below upcoming classes. The back may touch the top edge of the collar. Upcoming Academy Dates. © Copyright 2014 – 2020 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle. Repeat on the opposite side after 10-15 reps. Lateral raise bent-over emphasis: posterior deltoids and middle trapezius Sit and bend forward at your hips so your chest is as close to your thighs as is comfortable. The graduates join the more than 1,900 troopers who patrol the state’s roads and communities each day to protect and assist Florida residents and visitors. About the Academy . Sunglasses may have gold, silver, black or brown frames. (Make sure you don’t lock your elbows.) Neat, conservative and professional hairstyles are required at all times. Lift the weights out to your sides to shoulder level while keeping that slight bend in your elbows. The Recruits are responsible for the cleanliness and organization of their room. Recruits are assigned to dormitory style rooms, and will have a roommate. “These men and women will carry on the Patrol’s commitment to Courtesy, Service and Protection for the residents and visitors of Florida.”. Members of the 143rd basic recruit class went through 28 weeks of intense physical and classroom training covering topics including defensive tactics, law, vehicle operations, firearms and first aid. When you feel yourself slow down, repeat the process. Bend at your hips while keeping a slight arch in your lower back. The military-style training prepares FHP recruits for the many challenges they will face in their new career and helps to strengthen both the body and the mind. Training at the Florida Highway Patrol Academy is tough, and so is the job of a Florida State Trooper. Do 5-7 minutes of light cardio to get your muscles ready to work. Just elevate one end with a sturdy platform, a box, phonebook, etc. After 12 weeks of dedication to this program you can easily increase your distance and decrease your time. Females may wear a combination engagement ring/wedding ring combination.

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