Premium food safe lubricant aerosol sprays for a wide range of food production applications. FOODGUARD Chain Oil 220 is a fully synthetic food grade, ISO VG 220 grade chain lubricant suitable for use in most food processing operation. This technology is characterized by exceptional high dropping point, high load ca... High Performance, PAO Full Synthetic Food grade Oil. It is a white, non-toxic lubricant designed for the effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller and plain bearings, slides... Food Grade, General Purpose Lubricant Spray. FOODGUARD Multi Spray is general purpose, full synthetic food grade, H1registered aerosol spray. Food Grade 3H Direct Food Contact Grease – 500g Twist Top $ 23.95. Specialty greases for food production applications formulated to keep food machinery operating smoothly. NSF H1 \ Food Grade \ Foodsafe for the use in HACCP Certified Food and Packaging Manufacturing Plants. Use Guardian Food Grade Oils with complete peace of mind! Being non-toxic and water resistant it is ideal when used on food conveyor systems requiring frequent wash down. You’ll have the right grease for the job in no time at all. FOODGUARD Clear Grease 2 is a synthetic translucent gel-like grease suitable for a wide range of applications in the Food, Drink and Pharmaceutical industries or where a clean lubricating grease is desired. Located in Bayswater (Vic), Food Grade Oils specialise in NSF H-1 approved lubricants for the food manufacturing, other clean environment industries and high demand product applications. Foodmax® is a very extensive range of NSF and InS approved food grade lubricants and greases. High Temperature, Extreme Performance Grease. STELLA Premier EP 2 food grade grease is NSF H1 registered for incidental contact with food (the global food grade lubricant standard for food processing and packing equipment) and meets AQIS Lubricant Type A requirements. Designed for the demands of the cocoa and chocolate processing industries. Looking for a particular type of Grease … Located in Kilsyth Victoria, we specialise in NSF H-1 approved lubricants for food FOODGUARD Grease Spray is a highly effective, food grade grease containing anti-wear additives for use in the lubrication of roller and needle bearings and chains. In the dairy industry producers must operate their plants at peak efficiency while upholding high quality standards to meet the growing demand of the market. Heavy Duty, High Performance Food Grade Grease Spray with PTFE. FOODGUARD Bakers Aide is designed for the lubrication of conve... Multi- Purpose, Penetrating and Water Displacing Spray Lubricant. Delivery is available to all locations in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin as well as all regional locations. The Plus range is STELLA’s most universal use NSF H-1 approved food grade grease. FOODGUARD Vacuum Pump Oil is food grade, non-toxic synthetic oil developed for all types of Vacuum Pumps used in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. R20FG will also protect equipment under high application loads by reducing seizure. Each product has been precisely formulated to maximize the safety and sustainability of your business. -High load resistance This non-toxic lubricant provides effective penetration, lubrication and protection for a wide variety of applications commonly found in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environment... FOODGUARD 3H Direct Contact Grease is designed as a wide temperature non toxic grease, containing anti-wear and other additives. STELLA PREMIER EP2 is a food grade, foodsafe, non-toxic high performance grease with resistance to heavy loads and water. FOODGUARD HTS 2 Grease is food grade high performance grease with high resistance to heavy loads and water, based on a blend of PAO and special polymer, with latest food grade additive technology and specially modified inorganic thickener. Poultry processors must operate their plants at peak efficiency in order to be competitive in the market while complying with increasing quality and food safety standards. Food Grade Oils Pty Ltd distributes STELLA food grade oils, greases, fluids and sprays in Australia, and offer delivery across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Today’s Food Packaging manufacturers must operate their plants at peak efficiency requiring significant investment in high-tech machinery. -High drop point Formulated from high quality base stocks combined with a combination of unique premium anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, STELLA lubricants exceed many performance specifications of conventional lubricants, which make them suitable for these additional applications. This silicone grease insulates valves, electrical contacts, spark plugs, battery terminals and fasteners from moisture and protects against corrosion. Applications: Food Grade Lubricants & Greases. STELLA NSF H1 registered products are approved for use where incidental contact with food may occur (the global food grade lubricant standard for food processing and packing equipment) and meet AQIS Lubricant Type A requirements. CRC Food Grade Silicone Grease is a thin non-curing silicone grease designed for sealing, lubricating and waterproofing O-rings and other rubber and plastic parts used in food processing equipment. Highly Tenacious, Food Safe Anti-Fling Chain Spray. They are highly hydrolytically stable, sophisticated, ash less, multifunctional compressor oils that provide exceptional anti-wear protection. This product is designed for use as a Release Agent (3H) on grills, ovens... FOODGUARD Sugar Dissolving Oil is a non-toxic fluid that dissolves sugar and fondants from all types of applications commonly found in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments. ... 18/05/15 - Anglomoil is the only Australian owned and operated manufacturer of internationally certified food grade lubricants. Chemtools R20FG Food Grade Machine Grease is a high performance food grade grease which contains special additives for superior load carrying, water resistance and anti-corrosion properties. Constant product development and our on-going dedication and commitment to exceed industry standards has resulted in a range of cutting edge, Food Safe Lubricants that provide tangible, real world benefits. FOODGUARD Compressor Oils are food grade, non-toxic synthetic oils developed for all types of compressors used in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. Buy Silicon Greases, Grease Lubricants from Blackwoods. R20FG offers very high resistance to removal by water spray in aggressive environments found in food manufacturing. STELLA Food Grade Lubricants are NSF H1 registered for incidental contact with food (the global food grade lubricant standard for food processing and packing equipment) and meet AQIS Lubricant Type A requirements.Furthermore, STELLA products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients, nut oil or nut oil derived materials.

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