WonderHowTo. Have some fun with the kids or your friends by filling up a bunch of balloons with water and tossing them around for a little good old fashioned fun. This is especially true for people who don’t have air conditioning or have little ones who want to play outside. She enjoys cooking (with wine), walking her dog, reading, and recently joined a yoga studio! Instead, take your cooking outside onto the barbeque. There is no better way to heat up a home in the summer than by switching on the oven, burners, or toaster oven. If you thought fans were just for blowing hot air around, think again! Pack the kids up and go spend the day at the water park. Keep your hydration levels topped off throughout the day and evening to ensure heat is being managed most effectively by your most powerful weapon. Cool off and enjoy a sweet treat from the Bucks County Ice Cream Trail! You may also like: Sunniest states in the U.S. 07/18/2014 3:12 pm. Sizzling temperatures have been shown to negatively affect memory, reaction time, productivity, moods, and even suicide rates. Check out our list of 10 ways to keep cool this summer…. Spend the day cooling off, and of course… catching some fish! Look for an old tarp that might be lying around in the garage and then run a hose over it. Seasonal. Pull the sprinkler out, get the kids (and yourself) in their bathing suits, and start running through the sprinkler. Plus, summertime is all about hamburgers and hotdogs, isn’t it? If you prefer a more action-packed adventure, try kayaking or canoeing for a day of non-stop thrilling fun. When it’s too hot outside, head indoors. It’s a reason to get out of the house and will hopefully get the kids more excited about reading if they have some new material. Whether your skincare routine involves multiple products or just one, keeping them in the refrigerator can make for a refreshing reprieve from the heat. Be sure to tie it around a major pressure point (ankles, wrists, neck, or elbows) and it can provide an instant chill. Water balloon toss is a go-to summer activity. Keep reading to see a simple hack for using skin care products to bring down your core temperature, how hot beverages may actually cool you off, and how to up your use of fans to beat the heat this summer. Window fans pulling in cooler outside air should be positioned on the first floor of the shadiest, coolest side of the home (most likely in a north-facing window). Just like the slip and slide, you’ll likely be able to find an inflatable pool at most stores during the summertime. Sip a cold one along the Bucks County Ale Trail as you beat the heat. Spend the day enjoying some serious water adventures with Delaware River Tubing or Bucks County River Country. This one's simple. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to cool down during the hot summer heat without blasting the A/C in your house and opening the refrigerator every few minutes to feel the cold, machine-made air blow against your overheated face. Parents are usually looking for things to do in the summer while their kids are home all day and visiting the local library is a great option. But we’ll also admit we’d like to cool off and stay cool on those excruciatingly hot and humid days. Share a Little Sweetness around Bucks County! Entertain all ages, all year-long by staying at one of these places with fantastic indoor facilities that are family friendly. Avoid that entirely by grilling outside, eating out, or switching things up with a raw foods diet on the hottest days. Grab a snack in the middle of the water from The Famous River Hot Dog Man. Cotton is a great fabric for the summer whether you live in the dry heat of Arizona or humid Florida; this light material allows air to circulate without getting trapped in one place, cooling your body naturally. © 2020 visit bucks county. Ceiling fans should be rotating counter-clockwise (from your vantage point below it)—don't forget to reverse this direction during cooler months! 2020 is already the second-hottest year on record, and is on track to break 2016's record for the hottest year since 1880. Don’t forget to add an umbrella to that drink! Don’t wait until your thirsty to drink some water. Grab a cold brew, sit outside and cool off! Official tourism promotion agency for Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 25+ Ways to Rediscover the Beauty of Bucks County, 10 Spots For A Winter Getaway In Bucks County, Upper Black Eddy, Kintnersville & Riegelsville, Visit Bucks County's "Well Seasoned" Magazine. For the times we can't be in air conditioning 24/7, there are thankfully dozens of low-cost, energy-efficient ways to cool off during summer heat that work and don't involve sitting in a bath of ice water all day. While you might not like the idea of getting hit with a water balloon, that refreshing splash of water that comes afterwards makes it all worth it. You can likely find a slip and slide at any local store like Walmart or Target, but if not, you can also just make your own. With sixteen County and state parks, Bucks County offers a plethora of ways to get on the water.

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