Sadly, she passed away. A balanced meal (Jenna S.) "I grabbed what I thought was a V8 Fusion out of the fridge and put it in … By Kelly Holmes| This content may contain affiliate links. He obliged after a long deep sigh of annoyance. These adorable and hilarious baby photos will make you laugh out loud. The waitress … Homemaking And Stuff. I’m not the world’s greatest cook, so I’m always trying to add to my repertoire. That for the rest of your life when you catch a whiff of cottage cheese, you will be uncomfortably … To get her to eat, I will ask her how old she is and she will say, “I am three years old.” I will then tell her she has to have three bites of whatever she’s eating. I explained to our son that Flower did not look both ways before crossing the street. After a few minutes, I asked him, “What is Mommy trying to teach you?” He quickly responded, “Don’t die in the basement.” —Ann Brothers. Zakary W. writes one of the funniest mom blogs in all the land at Raising Colorado.She’s mom to Zoe and Troy, and is also a part-time bartender. That for the rest of your life when you catch a whiff of cottage cheese, you will be uncomfortably reminded of the distinctive smell of a breastfed newborn baby’s poo. Parenting is hard enough without all the guilt we heap on top of ourselves. These are our favorite funny true stories about tooth-fairy mishaps. Until one day, that is. These funny stories will have you laughing for days. You can find a parenting book on just about everything: Shoot, I even wrote a parenting book myself about how to find happiness in the chaos of parenting life. Good. We were at the dinner table eating pizza when I asked my son Logan if I could use some of his blue cheese dressing to dip my crust. 11. Category: Funny Parenting Stories. My six-year-old son came home from school and notified me that they had gotten a new student in class. As they were engrossed in their show, I decided to relax and finish a book I had been reading. My husband quickly got after him and told him he needed to say something nice to me. Our little diva stood up and yelled, “Calm down Pawpaw!” Everyone in the church, including my dad, took a moment to laugh. Enjoyed these funny stories and will use some of them in my Sunday school class. Like most dads, I imagine, I’d always assumed that my three-year-old son looked up to me like to a superhero. Feeling accomplished because you put on REAL pants – with a zipper and everything. To my surprise she finally said, “I would go into the kitchen and eat anything I want.” —Laura Albrecht, Babysitting my two great-granddaughters, ages three and four, I read them stories and then, needing a break, I suggested they watch cartoons for a while. By Rob Fee, July 16th 2014. Her face became very serious and she whispered, ” I am four years old.” —Barbara Korpa. We carried her into the lower level of our home awaiting the veterinarian’s arrival. Kenny was five years old at the time and looked a bit befuddled by the artwork. Read MoreHonest & Funny Parenting Advice About Raising Young Kids Real Parenting Advice Every Mom & Dad Will Appreciate. These hilarious mom quotes will have you cry laughing. She looked a little disgusted and replied, “I told you that I wanted a puppy!” —Pam Vogel. A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus. Even so, no matter how well the parents who’ve gone before you try to pass along what they’ve learned, you end up encountering a few moments you’re never 100% prepared to handle. Pretty soon, here comes Papa and he looked in the garage. When you have to sift through the contents of your toddler’s diaper to find the dime she swallowed.

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