The pressure to conform to an ideal body type – are men leveraged? Women are often portrayed solely as homemakers and carers of the family, dependent on men, or as objects of male attention. Women's participation in and experience of online spaces have also been explored. See full text, Tom, T. O. In terms of representation, women are frequently represented in a negative or stereotypical light in the news media. One noteworthy case of incorporating gender into the journalism curriculum was in a joint project between the Southern African gender and media activism organization Gender Links and the Department of Media Technology at the Polytechnic of Namibia to implement gender mainstreaming in the curriculum from 2001 to 2004. Similarly, Wikipedia is overwhelmingly edited by men, with mainstream media blaming women themselves for not participating. Global Media Monitoring Project 2015, Gender in media education: An audit of gender in journalism & media education and training, Reporting the women's movement. A common problem was that the news media represented feminists as deviants, bra‐burners, lesbians, and militants. SEE ALSO: The report also found that 66.7% of men are employed on a full‐time regular basis, while 33.3% of women are similarly employed. ( Log Out /  Media Agenda on Gender Issues: Content Analysis of Two National Dailies. In this article, we are going to discuss the key peculiarities of gender equality essay. In the end, you are more likely to find something suitable for your assignment you can actually write about. Male and female journalists tend to think about their work in largely similar terms. Men argued that women would lose their femininity if they entered the field of journalism (Chambers, Steiner, & Fleming, 2004). It is also about seeking change at different levels including listening, building trust, sharing knowledge and skills, building policies, debating and learning for sustained and meaningful change’. The concept of gender identity in pop culture. Working off-campus? Around the world, journalism remains a male‐dominated field with women making up a smaller percentage of news staff than men. Psychological implications of single parenting on the child. Writing a research paper about gender may seem easy until you learn about different ideas you can choose from. This was tested at the individual, newsroom and national level. They experience discrimination in story and beat assignments, promotions, and training opportunities. The other strand of research on gender and news coverage deals with the way that women are represented in the news media. This aspect could be another idea for a paper if you have interests to explore related behaviors associated with genders problems. Women were more frequently identified by family status (19%) than men (5%), and were also more frequently shown in newspaper photographs (30%) than men (23%). Our gender inequality research paper topics are devoted to different issues that display discrimination of women throughout the world. Margaretha Geertsema‐Sligh is professor and chair of the Department of Entertainment Media and Journalism at Butler University, U.S.A. Feminist reporters, in particular, are distrusted because other reporters think they cannot be objective in their news coverage. ‘Who Makes the News? If unaccompanied by changes in structural conditions, participation may not be sufficient to foster substantive social change. Differences in ideal body expectations between men and women. Once again, the GMMP (Macharia, 2015) provides some helpful data in this regard. Males and female in the single scene. Why is gender-blindness a problem for women? How the press covers sex crimes, Global report on the status of women in the news media, The Palgrave international handbook of women and journalism, Local violence, global media. See full text, GMMP. How can C4D be used to address gender issues? What causes an individual to undergo surgeries to change his/her gender? You are reading page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10. Radio is often the primary source of information for women. Hiring a professional writer for research papers is another option. Local participation, ownership and control can allow people to reshape the spaces in which their voices find expression. So, after having read this article, you’ll make yourself familiar with a bunch of gender studies research topics along with some other great ideas. In the United States, opinion columns are most frequently written by white men, partly because they dominate newsrooms. Female journalists are especially facing challenges in war reporting and sports reporting, and as opinion columnists. Scholars have found that these myths and others are pervasive in media coverage of rape cases. Nonetheless, the presence of women on the radio, television and in print is more likely to provide positive role models for women and girls, to gain the confidence of women as sources and interviewees, and to attract a female audience. Studies have found that although the number of women working in the media has been increasing globally, the top positions (producers, executives, chief editors and publishers) are still very male dominated (White, 2009). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. How can we make a better world for women? The most dominant frame used in mainstream news media coverage and feminist blogs was that Slutwalk challenged rape culture and promoted awareness of violence against women. Research has also been undertaken on media coverage of human trafficking and sex trafficking, as well as on representations of female genital cutting. Research has shown that the “macho” or “blokey” culture of newsrooms alienates women. Stories by female reporters are more likely to challenge stereotypes than those filed by male reporters (Gallagher et al., 2010). Byerly, C. M. (2011). A historical account of movements against gender discrimination. To what extent do community media empower women? This was also one of the findings of a study on female politicians in Bulgaria, namely that they were seen as women first and political candidates second. Powerful essay topics ideas for essays on equality between the sexes, Research paper topics on inequality between the sexes, Most controversial topics for writing essays on gender issues, Essay This may include sharing notes you have taken on your subject and then having the writer take it and create a custom paper you can call your own. The analysis notes that neither paper accords much attention to stories of women’s achievements; rather they both tend to cover stories of violence against women. This is as a result of the interest in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, but also due to a desire by news organizations to exploit women's appearance on television. This entry is divided into two sections: first, the participation of female reporters in the production of news, and second, the representation of women in the news media. Newspapers created women's pages to attract female readers. 19, no. Important things to keep in mind while selecting a topic are: There’s a wide range of topics for research papers on gender issues. Women Make the News (WMN) is a global policy advocacy initiative aimed at promoting gender equality in the media. Such initiatives – including television and radio shows, theatre, informational sessions and pamphlets – can and have affected social norms related to gender roles, since gender norms are linked to all facets of health behaviour. To determine how many stories were written by men or women, coders look at the published bylines. How can journalists and other actors working in the media contribute to gender equality? They may affect certain groups of people or they may include sharing information people have questioned. Are women better than men or are they equal? Choose any topic you like, research it, brainstorm ideas, and create a detailed gender inequality essay outline before you start working on your first draft.

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