To Support Customers in Easily and Affordably Obtaining the Latest Peer-Reviewed Research, Copyright © 1988-2020, IGI Global - All Rights Reserved, Additionally, Enjoy an Additional 5% Pre-Publication Discount on all Forthcoming Reference Books, Webb, Lynne M. and Nicholas Temple. If you do choose to combine your time, make sure it is a GROUP presentation, and not just a series of 3 speeches. muscular Christianity So what happens when a girl is able to throw a 70 mile per hour fastball and win The World Series for her team? (18:18), Dreger, Alice. used in this class may be considered “offensive” by some. capitalism Can you identify ways in which your sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, or able-body privileges you? Although this paper is short, it is worth 1/10th of your final grade and, thus, should reflect a proportional amount of work. Are there examples of women characters whose sexuality is completely irrelevant to her identity? Acknowledgements: This syllabus would not be possible without the assistance of Victoria DeFrancisco and Danielle Dick McGeough, who also teach this course at UNI. Marvel's toy line just erased Black Widow from her own scene in "Age of Ultron." 18 July 2010.Maddux, Kristy. Moreover, the curriculum should ensure that females take the role of men, thereby destroying the gender norms and stereotype. Arrogant perception, world-travelling and multicultural feminism: The case of female genital surgeries.Â, The feminized gospel: Aimee Semple McPherson and the gendered performance of Christianity.Â, Piela, Anna. McDermott, Maeve. If not, why? The list is based on studies of how boys and girls communicate from preschool to adulthood. Regardless of the option, they all share the following characteristics: you will begin with an exhaustive bibliographic search, each project will be written in stages so you may receive feedback, each should involve immersion in the literature on gender in communication, and each should have some connection to communication. Being a good participant does not mean that you always have the answer; it can also mean that you know when to ask the right questions and when to recognize that the answers have already been offered by the class but need to be synthesized. Coontz, Stephanie. The New York Times. A sign up sheet for institutions will be distributed in the early weeks of the class. That is, their meanings are generally unchanging (as concepts if not in reality, since we do live in an age when it’s medically possible to change sexes). -- email to me, From upsoeak to vocal fry: Are we 'policing' young women's voices? However, do provide sufficient theoretical explanation of more complicated concepts so that the audience can follow your analysis. listen or read. Is it necessary to address violence in our study of gender in communication? The most fundamental way to respect class participants is to complete daily readings, listen to others, and ground your own comments in principles of critical thinking. heteronormativity Depending on class size, the duration of the presentation may be altered.   Does studying family as a social institution affect the way you reflect on your own family experience?  If so, how? "This is not natural:" Caster Semenya's gender threats. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 29(2), 81-96. biological determinism Do either of you include assumptions about gender, race, or class? 3. For our purposes, we will be adapting the Ivy and Backlund definition and instead using the definition: communication about and between people of all genders. American Psychological Association links "masculine ideology" to homophobia, misogyny. Butler makes a clear distinction between biological sex and gender: whereas biological sex (male, female) is a mere accident of birth, gender is produced and maintained through cultural discourses of masculinity, femininity, and androgyny. The Washington Post. I don't want to be an excuse for racist violence anymore. standlone paper, part of thesis, information for advocacy. This chapter reviews the social scientific examinations of gender issues in social media and thus discusses research related to biological sex, gender, sexuality, sexual preferences, and sexual identification. institutionalized disc. Beyer, Anna Lee. Identify the major theorists in gender and communication research. Women have a brilliant response to city's sexist training on how to deal with women. Social media is protecting men from periods, breast milk and body hair. Option 1: Desmond-Harris, Jenée. Students will gain theoretical insights and develop analytical skills to identify gendered expectations and learn how such expectations serve to limit and enable behavior for all people. Social Media and Gender Issues. hostile work env. (2003, Spring). Feminism, Miss America, and media mythology. Rhetoric & Public Affairs, 6(1), 127-149. 5) Discussion: [20 points]. Former "Real World" star thinks Christianity has become too "femnized." -Ariana Huffington, editor-in-chief of Huffington Post, Connecting businesswomen on the Mendocino Coast and beyond, Copyright © Coast Women in Business 2020. Teen feminsts changing the world in 2015. Lifetime's Army Wives , or I married the media-military-industrial complex.Â, Containment as neocolonial visual rhetoric: Fashion, yellowface, and Karl Lagerfeld's “Idea of China”.Â, Women's studies in communication still matters.Â. (Ed. gender-specific mod. conversation work It is expected that we will have varying view points on issues discussed in class, and that we can learn from such disagreement. Ideally, gender communication issues include sexual harassment, opportunities, perceptions and communication style. institutionalized religion Now that logging on to social media has become a daily activity for so many global citizens; researchers are examining how men and women engage in these online activities as well as how such engagement impacts equality between the sexes. During this time, we will discuss both the textbook readings and additional assigned readings. B) Presume the audience is not familiar with your exam, but is educated about gender in communication. Gender exists on a continuum – there is no absolute. To earn a "B" you must go beyond the assignment expectations or fulfill them in an above average way. language as violence (Should you choose to write on more than 5, you earn 4) Midterm Exam: [15 points] Understanding the concepts introduced in the first 6 chapters is essential to understanding the chapters examining social institutions. 1. veiling practices. Laci Green on the problem with reclaiming the word "bitch". (2 pages, double spaced) Due: September 17. Print. The … (2012, March). (2019, August 12). In the guise of civility: The complications maintenance of inferential forms of sexism and racism in higher education. Women's Studies in Communication, 27(1), 60-87. After reading this chapter you should be able to: Have you ever been told that you “throw like a girl,” “run like a girl,” or “fight like a girl”? Option 3: Vagianos, Alanna. Now we see the LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual) community has reclaimed the word queer to mean any person who is not straight. In your project proposal, you will need to include a proposed date for when you would teach a session of the class. Studies show that women tend to be more emotional and storytelling, while men are direct and factual. Points are noted in brackets. What are your underlying theories about gender given what you have identified as the sources of gender? social institutions. Page limits on all assignments will be rigorously enforced. In our society, we use the gendered terms women and men instead of male and female. HuffPost. New York: Oxford University Press. The point of this assignment is to encourage you to think about how you might visualize research and make a verbal concept come alive. Many professionals have applied the principles in creating positive interpersonal relationship between boys and girls in school. Therefore, enable people to build trust, respect, and solve indifferences. These days, if a man wears high heels, he would be described as “feminine.” This is an example of how our ideas of gender can change over time. Discontents of being and becoming fabulous on RuPaul's Drag U : Queer criticism in neoliberal times. Women's Studies in Communication, 38(2), 167-186. Where do you think these expectations come from? Ideally, gender communication issues include sexual harassment, opportunities, perceptions and communication style. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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