This section also continues to discuss the stereotypical gender roles previously mentioned that highlight how the husbands are in a paid employment and are able to support their families whereas the wives are involved in domestic chores and unpaid labour. This blog will analyze and critique the positive and negative representations of gender in the popular sitcom, Modern Family and will highlight these aspects to decide truly how modern, modern family is. 87-107. ( Log Out /  This mantra is common rhetoric by the media, that the media is primarily responsible for the socialisation of different roles to the different genders in modern society. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Gender Roles and Inequality: Modern Family Life Young and Willmott believed in a ‘march of progress’ towards equality in the household. Manny is someone that might be called an ‘old soul’, as he is quite mature for his age and is often depicted as similar to his step-father Jay in their levels of intellect. [2], To conclude, Modern Family is actually more traditional than it leads to people to believe. Essex: Person Education Ltd., 2009. In both of these marriages the man is the main monetary provider for the family while the wife stays home and takes care of the children and the household. The males both have successful jobs, while the wife is expected to do errands and organize the household. -“Gloria”. For instance, two of the families, the couple Phil and Claire Dunphy and Jay and Gloria both represent a traditional and stereotypical family dynamic. In addition, Manny is not athletic and is very artistic, as he loves poetry. ( Log Out /  In essence, these studies concluded that men tended to help with less intense and more pleasurable jobs, leaving women to undertake less rewarding and more laborious jobs. ( Log Out /  For example, a ‘ditzy’ female who only cares about her appearance, and a male who is into sports, as well as adventurous and reckless activities. So, culture is expected to highlight societal constructs and norms and reflect them in the media. Overall, even though there are modern aspects to this show, it is highly traditional with its representation of gender. In addition to the stereotypical family dynamic that was previously discussed there are both positive and negative gender role stereotypes that are represented through the children of the show, Haley, Alex and Luke Dunphy and Manny Delgado-Pritchett. The negative and quite stereotypical representation of gender personalities can be seen through Haley and Luke Dunphy. One institution in which gender inequality remains resistant to change is the family. “Representing Women.” Gender and Popular The husband Phil is a Real-Estate Agent, and Claire has not worked since having three children. Change ), Intersectional Analysis of “You’re Killing Me”. However, there is a modern aspect to the show with two characters that go against gender norms and act as a studious female and an artistic male, characters that are not normally represented on television. [1] Miles, Katie and Anneke Meyer. In addition, two of the teenager characters depict stereotypical male and female traits. Modern Family, which began airing in 2009 is known for its many awards, superb acting and witty comedic lines. Growing Equality in the UK: the past 70 years, Marxism and Functionalism: Ideological Conditioning and Education, Gender Roles and Inequality: Modern Family Life. 4. Alex is studious, hardworking and worries more about her grades and schoolwork than boys or her appearance. There is an episode that revolves around Claire getting back into the workforce, but she does not work for very long and then goes back to working in the home. To contrast both those characters there are Alex Dunphy and Manny Delgado-Pritchett, both who go against the typical gender stereotypes of their respected genders. “What is Popular Culture?” Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction. Humanity: Society | Culture | Literature | History. Another example of domestic inequality in modern family life is inequality in decision, with control in the family often being dominated by the ‘man of the house’ with the highest paying job. In the overall representation of gender in the series, in the main cast there are five males and six females, and other than two of the characters every person is heterosexual. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Culture. However, this show elevates traditional gender roles and stereotypes in addition to highlighting the idea of male hegemony that is already very prominent in our society and media. The show highlights a male hegemonic environment as well as accentuates stereotypical gender roles, which include the male being the head of the household and working, whereas the women are stay at home mothers who organize the children and run errands. A factor that is quite noticeable while watching this show is the lifestyles of the husbands and wives and the roles they each play within the family dynamic. Braun, Vincent and Ball found only 3/70 families where men were the main carer, with most being background fathers, where helping childcare was more about relationship with their partner than their responsibility for their children. Thinking independently? This viewpoint was affirmed by research undertaken by Gershuny who found that working women did less domestic work on average than their domestic counterparts, suggesting that the increase in working women would lead to a more equal allocation of domestic tasks towards what they coined the ‘symmetrical family’. ( Log Out /  Beaujot et al. Young and Willmott believed in a ‘march of progress’ towards equality in the household. In the United States as in many other societies, gender relationships are changing and inequalities between men and women are questioned in virtually every sphere – at work, in the home, and in public affairs. What truly makes us human? Print. These concerns were further evidenced by Boulton who found that men played a major role in childcare in only 20% of cases; furthermore, with regards to childcare, men are also observed to only help with the more ‘fun’ jobs such as playing with the children. ( Log Out /  These discrepancies are reiterated by research undertaken by Dex and Ward who noted that whilst 78% of fathers played with their 3 year old, only 1% helped look after a sick child. For example, Alex Dunphy is the complete opposite of her sister Haley. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Warde and Hetherington also found that men would only carry out routine ‘female’ tasks if their partner was not around to do them. For example, in season 5 onwards Claire gets a job and we see her struggles as a woman in a male-dominated business and how her headstrong attitude is disliked by her coworkers – which many viewers can likely relate to. This idea is exactly what happens in this television show because the male hegemonic and stereotypical gender roles of the male working and the female staying at home mirrors societal ideals of what these genders are believed to have to do. Storey, John. They believed that the introduction of women into the workplace meant would lead to domestic being more equally allocated between couples; for without women to fulfil this domestic role, co-operation would seem necessary to manage these domestic tasks. This analysis is related to an ideology of culture, brought forward in the book “Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction” by John Storey which states that a purpose of culture is to represent a certain depiction of the world. (1083)- Luke. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This means that women are under full financial control of their husband. [1] This fact is untrue in current society as many women work and are financially independent, but the division of labour in this show set women back many decades when all they were expected to do was care for the family. Next, Luke Dunphy portrays a stereotypical boy in the way that he plays sports, loves adventure, reckless activities, and is not serious about school. However, this show elevates… They noticed that women were 30 times more likely to be most recent person to have washed up whereas men were 30 times more likely to have been the most recent person to wash the car. Also, Jay is a very successful business owner, whereas his wife Gloria is portrayed as a confused Columbian woman who does not work, and spends much of her time doing errands for the home or worrying about her appearance and pampering herself. Even though in the show she is a brunette, she takes on the qualities of the stereotypical ‘dumb blonde girl’. : Gender inequality in the family setting 5 are greater for persons not living in couples, where, up to ages 55–9, women were considerably more likely to [2] Storey, John. Pahl and Vogler defined two different types of control over family income: the allowance system and pooling. For example, men are in the public sphere and women in the private sphere. We are open to submissions, ideas and discussion; should there be a topic you would like us to write about or should you have a piece you would like to submit, please feel free to contact us with the email below: Eugenics: What is its Connection and Significance to Modern Genetics?

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