You can be fully upgrade when you make it to Chapter 28 - The Trial of Archimedes and collect the Eyes of Truth. Once you've used the item quickly switch back to holding block (. Manticore are a massive fire-breathing beast with the body of a lion, tail of a scorpion and wings of a bat. Do your best to avoid getting caught in one of these, as you will move painfully slow if you do. Weapon: Hammer - Deliberate, smashing impacts. After finishing the farming process be careful not to fall in the pits before the checkpoint, otherwise the game will restart the last checkpoint which is where you began the farming method, thus all progress would be lost. After the cutscene where a man wants to give you a dagger. Giants spikes will grow from its mouth and it will bite down on the platform you are standing on. Very nice guide. Be Sure to get and keep the Club World Weapon at the end of this chapter for the Swinger trophy in Chapter 19! Use Magic for crowd control activated with the, Use chapter select and load up Chapter 20 - The Gauntlet of Apollo, At the start of the chapter you'll see Megaera's Parasites which are insect-like creatures in front of you, Ignore the Parasites and run to the back of the screen then hold block (. This walkthrough will ensure that you earn every collectable trophy and fully upgrade Kratos in one playthrough, with room to spare and no farming required. There is a mechanism below him; decay it with the Amulet. (Hidden), Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ Minutes. Alecto's attacks are predictable. Will unlock in Chapter 4: The Hecatonchires. Use our treasure guide (coming soon). Shortly after Chapter 1 starts you'll enter the prison and see a cutscene where a bug infects a prisoner. After freeing yourself and gaining control of Kratos the trophy will pop. This is an easy one. Kratos is also able to throw the weapon at an enemy stunning him in the process ( + ). Snakes on a Train, Ride the snake back to the Tower of Delphi. This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. Collecting all 10 will earn you this trophy. Just keep dodging it and attacking when you see an opening. Immediately run to the bottom and destroy the wooden planks blocking your way and jump across. Fight the Spartans until Megaera hops down, and then attack her until she retreats again. Additional, this ability is used to farm an infinite amount of Red Orbs for the "Fully Loaded" trophy. The absolute easiest opportunity you will have to get this trophy at the beginning of Chapter 16, Prison of the Damned (Part Two). A powerful attack which sends a wave of ice at enemies. As you proceed through Chapter 14, you will come across a broken water wheel. Weapon: Sword - Fast, slashing hits, close range, good for generating combos. However, there are two ways to guarantee that this trophy will unlock for you in one playthrough. As Kratos proceeds to kill the Fury Megaera. All you need to is press and spend 1000 Red Orbs to upgrade it to level 2. These are also required for the Finally Loaded trophy, so this is your earliest chance to have everything upgraded. Anyway, after taking the Eyes of Truth from their perch, the platform you are on will drop. The game is arguably the easiest Platinum in the series, with the added chapter check and eliminated Challenge of the Gods. Next Time Use The Stairs –Gold-Complete the Gauntlet of Archimedes. When you jump in the air and grapple enemies with. This is a good thing since the sooner you find 15, the sooner you can get bonus orbs that will help you complete the Fully Loaded trophy for upgrading every item to max level. During the near beginning of Chapter 19, Kratos will eventually be attacked by Harpies. You will acquire them inside the Lantern of Delphi. Long range, good for generating reactions. Fill your rage meter to full and use combos. Unlock all God of War Trophies Collect all other trophies to unlock the Platinum and become the God of War. is a property of Mandatory, 36 trophies ( 1 5 10 21 ) Trophy of Zeus . After you climb to the entrance of the tower, instead of going up, follow the winding path down towards the glowing dot for this treasure. The decayed chest is at the very end of a broken bridge and hard to see. In fact, there is no need to do any of that stuff because this trophy can be done near the very beginning of Chapter 24. This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. They are: All of locations necessary for each trophy are relatively easy to get to from the starting point. In this game, Kratos is on a journey to break his oath with Ares and on the way is pit against the Furies. However, to avoid her vanishing all you have to do is initiate the QTE scene before the 15 minutes are up and it will reset the timer. The move to worry about here is when the boss slams his claws into the far left or far right corners. By Items: Increase defense and team ability. Missing an early decayed chest will require you to replay from that point on to complete them. You will not run into a Manticore again until Chapter 27, The Lantern of Delos, which is also the last time you will see one. Lastly, using it too close to a target afflicted by the upgraded Amulet of Uroborus will cause your copy to instantly disappear rather than attack, while still putting it on cooldown. After reconstructing the last decayed chest you need to exit the corridor and go outside. Will unlock in Chapter 30: Alecto's Chamber. Use the Amulet of Uroborus to “heal” the broken water wheel. Looking very good. Once at the top, there is no more fire and you can take your time to kill all enemies. Magic: Water - Decrease mobility and freeze opponents. When the ground decades you'll want to double jump out of them to safety. The first time you fight a Manticare is in Chapter 9 after you activate the tower by turning on all three of the snakes. If Kratos doesn't wield a World Weapon, he can attack with his bare fists or use the good old fashion Spartan Kick. When you're ready to begin the sliding, walk through the passage and Kratos will slide in the Statue of Apollo. Story Related. In order to prevent puzzle solving frustration, please refer to our Puzzle Solution Guide. The Fire of Ares can be upgraded for 1,000 orbs and will probably be the first spell you upgrade. Along with the combo system, make sure to use all the elements. WARNING: After finishing the farming process be careful not to fall in the pits before the checkpoint, otherwise the game will restart before starting to farm and lose all progress. To do it you just have to jump off of the cage after unlocking the trophy and Heal the Martyr with +. Cannot be missed. Prison Break –Bronze-Free Kratos from his imprisonment. Cannot be missed. They can be found in white chests scattered throughout the world. Acquire Poseidon's Rage. Once Castor is on the pillars you'll have to dodge your way over to them and destroy the pillars by simply attacking them all. Chapter: 24 - The Shoulder of Apollo Next go the the back of the room where another body is hanging. This can also be performed by farming Satyrs on Chapter 25 with the same infinite Red Orbs method. If you spend extra time farming orbs during the tutorials in Chapter 1 and Chapter 5, or getting the Maybe you should call a Doctor? These artifacts unlock special cheats such as infinite Magic. Successfully perform the QTE and the trophy will unlock. Kratos can use this ability to reconstruct objects that are destroyed or he can decay them; however, when used on enemies, they're frozen in time for a while and are floating in the air at the time the magic is activated. You must do the following requirements beforehand: By doing the above requirements before the end of Chapter 19 - The Foot of Apollo, you'll be able to farm Spartans during boss fight in Chapter 20 for an infinite amount of Red Orbs. Class: Warrior - Dominant physical powers. Trophy Guide - YouTube[/ame]. If you don't, then please refer to their appropriate trophy descriptions. In Chapter 28 you will finally recover the Oracle’s lost eyes. After all enemies have been eliminated the path to the next chapter unlocks and the trophy will unlock only if you didn't get hit by the fire. All you have to do is dodge out of the way a few times and Kratos will free one of his hands.

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