Well you have some catching up to do in the calf department. Yes, genetics play a massive role in your calf development. Lack of connection is a problem for all untrained muscle groups, but some tend to pose more challenges. Put differently, the natural tendency for calf muscles to be slow twitch dominant can be largely influenced by your training. Body parts that men and women are typically attracted to are what we tend to value and thus train more. I’m definitely not saying that you can’t build your naturally thin calves up or achieve a reasonable level of calf development; all I’m saying is that it will likely be a longer road and require more patience and dedication than other muscles. Slow twitch fibers are great at endurance activities while fast twitch fibers are great at explosive strength type activities. The longer your calf tendon is and the shorter your calf muscles are, the less potential you’ll have for growth. A long calf tendon and short calf muscles is great for explosive movements like sprinting and jumping, but not so great when it comes to adding mass. But let's assume your genetics are fine, you've tried every calf training trick in the book, and still have stork calves. This truth is, they simply have not placed the same amount of time and energy into developing their calves vs the rest of their body. This is because genetics play a massive role in ALL muscle development. Follow the tips above and don’t look back. ), DOES PLAYING SPORTS HARM MUSCLE GROWTH? If you did enjoy this post, don\'t forget to sign up for my newsletter that delivers science-based, no B.S muscle building and fat loss tips, macro-friendly recipes, motivational strategies and more straight to your inbox every week: And if you\'re into social media, make sure to connect with me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more for additional fitness tips and updates: on BAD CALF GENETICS? “Stubborn calves” are an extremely common bodybuilding problem. Stand up and stand on your tip toes. Yes, genetics play a massive role in your calf development. If you added up the amount of sets, reps, and weight that you have thrown at your biceps and chest in your lifetime and compared it to your calves, many of you would see a HUGE disparity. Congratulations, you effectively connected to your calf muscles. I know I didn’t. You may be making calves a priority now, but did you always? Although in many cases this is partially due to improper programming and training technique, the honest truth is that packing size onto naturally skinny calves truly can be quite a challenge, and there are two concrete scientific reasons for this…, If you’re a guy with “genetically weak calves” when it comes to packing on size, here are the two major reasons why you have so much trouble in this area…. If you have small calves and the rest of your body is well developed, it’s probably not because you avoid calf workout because of their difficulty. The point of this article is not to discourage you, but rather to give you an honest and realistic explanation of why the calves can be often be a hard muscle to build, and that it will be definitely a challenge if your calves don’t seem to naturally respond well to training. I didn’t pay attention to my calves for the first 7 years of my lifting career. The calves aren’t that exhausting or daunting to train. -Train your calves with as many sets and reps as your favorite body parts. Some muscle groups are hard to “connect to.” In order to work a muscle properly you need to be able to connect to and contract said muscle with good control. Much harder. In other words, if you have great muscle building genetics, it likely applies to your whole body and not to just one part of your body. You’ll want to get every advantage you can here, and many guys really do make quite a few important errors when it comes to their calf training strategy. TRAINING EACH MUSCLE ONCE PER WEEK (EFFECTIVE OR WASTE OF TIME? How Much Muscle Can You Gain Naturally, And How Fast?

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