Here’s my review of the Green Russian Big Muff. On arrête de faire pleurer le porte-monnaie en cherchant à renouer avec le sacro-saint son de la Big Muff russe à travers des petites annonces de matos d’occasion trop cher, ou en achetant des modèles boutique au tarif effrayant. The Green Russian. For my purposes it does everything: droning controllable feedback, punky crunch, Valkyrie-wail lead sounds, and psychedelically thuggish buzz that would make a Vox Tone Bender blush. Knobs turn with precision and satisfying resistance, and each control has an impressively responsive and nuanced taper. The top end is sizzling hot, surprisingly concise, and focused, and both musical and malleable at the fringes of feedback. But the Green Russian’s capacity to move from white-hot fuzz to rich, mellow overdrive-type distortion with a quick flick of the volume knob is real musical asset. Unless you’re a candy-colored delight from the 1972 Colorsound catalog, it’s hard to imagine a pedal with more visual presence than an original Sovtek Big Muff. Chose incroyable, on réussit à trouver plusieurs sweet spots sur cette pédale. But if you use your Big Muff to drive lazy, soaring, endlessly lingering Gilmour ’94 sounds, you may notice a little less smoothness and faster breakup. Pédago blues, jazz, manouche… Au début des années 90, il relance Electro-Harmonix, et profite de son réseau pour faire fabriquer quelques pédales en Russie désormais décommunisée, dont la Big Muff. Jacks are board-mounted. It’s got a very good balance between the low end and highs and … The Verdict Interviews, bancs d'essais, pédago… I breathed much easier when boutique clones appeared. 25 février 2018; par Guillaume Ley; 0; Attention, tank soviétique en approche. Guitar Part est une marque de presse des éditions De La Rosace. Les faibles coûts lui permettent de faire fructifier ses affaires. And you’ll have extra room to stack other fuzzes, drives, and boosts around the Green Russian—which it excels at accommodating. Plus grave, plus épaisse, avec un médium moins creusé que le modèle US, elle fait le bonheur des fans de rock indé, de grunge, de stoner, et surtout des bassistes, qui se l’approprient très vite. ELECTRO-HARMONIX – Pitch Fork+, un Pitch Shifter encore plus fou, ELECTRO-HARMONIX – Transformez votre guitare en console de jeux vintage. Your Pedalboards 2020: Part Deux, 1. Avec le Sustain à 11h et le Tone à 13h, on est à la fois grave, puissant, mais facilement perceptible dans le mix. Many superb Sovtek Big Muff clones exist these days. It’s certainly sturdier feeling than its predecessor. My first Big Muff was a green Sovtek with the unmistakable bubble font. Bancs d'essais, interviews, pédago… The Green Russian is based on the early 90s so-called tall font green coloured Sovtek, which again is very similar to the first generation Sovteks, the Civil War model. Punky rhythms sound slightly more colorful and more grinding. Like the original, the Green Russian is noticeably smoother sounding, with less gain and a tad more mid range. C’est l’avantage d’un médium moins creusé. Le son est bel et bien plus fat que sur le modèle Pi que nous connaissons bien. Si l’on compare le rendu à celui d’un modèle Black Russian, ou même d’une Way Huge Russian Pickle et d’une Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian (2 des nombreuses copies sorties avant cette reissue), la petite Electro-Harmonix n’a vraiment rien à craindre de ses concurrentes. Electro-Harmonix casse le mur et ressuscite sa Fuzz mythique des années 90. At 80 bucks, it’s also one of the great fuzz bargains, since the original sold with its own wooden box for 59 bones. I used to get depressed and anxious any time my old Sovtek would start to fizzle, crackle, or crap out. Humbuckers are a much better match for the extra midrange. The new Green Russian, however, delivers 90 percent or more of an original Sovtek’s sounds and attitude at a price that’s less than half of most boutique clones. Charles Saufley is a writer, editor, and musician from San Francisco. But students of Big Muff minutiae will recognize the trace elements of grit where Sovteks are traditionally quite silky. Hooked: Kenny Wayne Shepherd on Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", 4. Privacy Policy | But chasing down the right sonic replica wasn’t exactly cheap. All Rights Reserved →, Tous nos titres sur la musique Place it alongside an original, and eight times out of 10 you can dial up an equivalent tone that will pass a blind taste test. Place it alongside an original, and eight times out of 10 you can dial up an equivalent tone … Les réglages sont les mêmes (Volume, Sustain, Tone). Guitares, Basses… I bought it new in 1996 and was instantly blown away, quite literally, by its huge tone. And in a spacious, atmospheric mix the more-jagged note decay can become pronounced. And the result is that the Green Russian sounds like a spot-on replica of a Sovtek-era Muff much more often than not. The good news is the modern Electro-Harmonix seems to take custodianship of that legacy very seriously. Electro-Harmonix casse le mur et ressuscite sa Fuzz mythique des années 90. And while the extra midrange sacrifices some of a Sovtek’s legendary smoothness, the Green Russian is still rich with nuance, beautiful lush distortion overtones, and the unsung versatility that is one of the Sovtek Big Muff family’s greatest strengths.

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