(0.4mm to 1.6mm). The formula for calculating the size of the wedge to cut out of the heel (in spreadsheet format) is: Refer to the figure for more information on the parameters. Some degrees or less? tuned up, and the resulting depth of the cut for the heel should be • Latest American Lutherie article: "Resurrection and Modification of an Inexpensive Old Factory Guitar", American Lutherie #138 Table of Contents, • Latest research article: "Quantifying Player-Induced Intonation Errors of the Steel String Acoustic Guitar". Liutaio Mottola Lutherie Information Website, Mottola's Cyclopedic Dictionary of Lutherie Terms, Quantifying Player-Induced Intonation Errors of the Steel String Acoustic Guitar. Complete instructions for performing a neck reset are out of the scope of this page, but I did want to include a few general considerations for those attempting to do this operation. This is the way how you should determine the neckangle in practise. Neck resets are generally only performed on relatively valuable instruments due to the cost. If the bridge is coming unglued from the top that should be fixed first. Note guitar its neck always has to be angled back. tolerances of the most precise woodworking. Of course with that geometry it would mean the strings were far too low, but I reasoned that this is the very lowest that the bridge would ever need to go. So, whether you're designing your own instrument, or deliberating the purchase of one, it's helpful to know how the scale length factors within the overall equation. Guitar scale lengths are usually between 24" and 26". ( Log Out /  Then select how many frets the instrument will have. scale length the neckangle is 0.8º The fatter the wedge, the lower the strings will be after the neck is reattached. a medium action. determine this by a drawing too, but this is less accurate. Because of the height of the bridge on an acoustic steelstring guitar its neck always has to be angled back. This was a small but significant error. To use the calculator, simply enter the desired scale length of the instrument and designate whether this value is in inches or millimeters. Bass scale lengths generally stay between 30" to 36". I used this online calculator. "x" between top and underside of fingerboard at frets should go over the bridge at a distance between 1/64" to the body, the resulting string action turns out way too high. Because there should be a sufficient amount of force to drive Many are under the impression that neck resets are necessary because the neck moves, in actuality that is rarely the case. When checking neck angle with a straightedge the neck should be adjusted straight if possible. Here's a list of some of the more popular scale lengths used by different manufacturers: All website Content Property Of Terry Mashek (2003-2020 All rights reserved). The scale length of a guitar has a large impact on the sound and feel of the guitar. The X-brace supports and stiffens the top as does the bridge plate. Other Considerations Loose Necks. Two Bolt-on, set neck, through necks.... it doesnt matter, the process is the same. Neck resets are most often necessary because tension has caused the top to belly, which raises the bridge and string height. For example, on a 24" scale, in a perfect world the 12th fret should be exactly 12" from the nut. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Unlike on electric guitars there … When building a guitar or bass and cutting your own fretboard slots (versus buying a pre-slotted fretboard,) it's very important that the fret slots be cut accurately. It is placed down the center of the fingerboard to the bridge. Guitar building tips. While necks do bow under tension, a properly working truss rod can adjust the amount of bow (relief) in the neck. Given two instruments completely identical except for the scale length, the above described differences in sound and playing characteristics will usually be noticed. (Note some mortise style neck blocks may not touch the back.). formula is quite simplified, considering some arcs as simply straight I’ve used the time to review and add more detail into my plans. If you’re interested the calculation is Angle = ArcSin (height/distance) = ArcSin (12/168) = ArcSin (0.07143) = 4.09604 degrees. Unfortunately, this guitar shows a clear need for neck angle work: The straightedge touches the bridge only 1/8" from the top of the guitar. prodrutes 1/8" so the overall bridge hight is 1/2". This is 3 degrees and not the 4 from my original calculation. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hi, great blog, but: To use the calculator, simply enter the desired scale length of the instrument and designate whether this value is in inches or millimeters. Of course, this is not a rule set in stone; there are always exceptions. 12th fret, as this is the conventional way of measuring Neck Angle is the pitch (angle) at which the neck is set in the body and requires neck removal to change. here, this simplified formula will yield results well within the action. October 2020. This can occur when an instrument is left in a hot environment and the glue has softened. The fretboard (incl frets) is 7mm thick. this equates to very close to 4 degrees. As the arch (belly) of the top rises thru years of string tension, the saddle is lowered to counteract it. Shorter scale lengths (less than 25" in guitars and 32" in basses) usually give a warmer tone and provide for easier playing, especially when string bending. This is inconsequential, as nobody (that I know of, anyway) can saw a fret slot that accurately by hand. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Therefore helpful measurements in their book Guitarmaking: Tradition And Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For an ideal situation the underside of a ruler on top of the Finally, since it is common for previous attempts at lowering the action to include lowering the bridge saddle, the saddle should be raised up to a reasonable level or replaced entirely prior to a neck reset. The fix for this is to reset the neck so that the neck is angled back, thus bringing the strings closer to the fingerboard again. ( Log Out /  21.fret. Unlike on electric Very low saddles can diminish the volume and tone of the instrument. Neck Angle Calculator. As seen in the picture above, the arch of the top has risen and the bottom of the straight edge now falls below the top of the bridge, literally running into it. This explains the "drop No routing for me today. acoustic steelstring guitar is. A Javascript calculator is also provided so you don't have to do the math. Bass scale lengths generally stay between 30" to 36". And yes I know it is worthy of “thereifixedit“, but it works for me. Determining the neck angle of an acoustic guitar. Neck resets are performed because the top's arch has increased, raising the string height. However, the calculator will report the disance as 11.991". guitars there usually is no possibility to adjust the bridge height A neck reset is a non-trivial repair even on instruments that have easily removable necks. The airspace must be within this range (1/64" to 1/16"). A neck reset is a non-trivial repair even on instruments that have easily removable necks. I had to buy a new bridge and make mods to get it in good playing order. scale length the neckangle is about 0.6 degrees To assess the neck angle a long straight edge can be used. When a large section is loose it can permit excessive bellying, which raises the action. Before beginning the operation it is necessary to figure out how big a wedge to cut out to effect the desired action.

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