Pull out with excellent view of the Kawuneeche Valley, The All the water on the east side will flow down to the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean and all the water on the west side will flow down the Colorado to the Pacific Ocean. Walkway is being removed as the ponds are no more and the area is returning to A MUST STOP! The name "Trail Ridge Road" derives from it Actually this is a "no-name" picnic area on the The junction of US 36 and Iceberg Pass is nothing more than a Elevation: 11,799 feet. and the Beaver Ponds. Elevation 9,209 feet. Elevation: 12,048 feet. maximum elevation of 12,183'. This is the current terminus of the Ute Trail It is the highest continuous motorway Soaring to an elevation of 12,183 feet, Trail Ridge Road seems to leave the earth behind. Excellent view of Horseshoe Park, Alluvial Fan Construction project at this location I've been unable to At Milner Pass you will cross the Continental Divide. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/trail-ridge-road--2 Watch the trees disappear once the road passes timberline and look for Milner Pass, where the road crosses the Continental Divide. View Larger Map . leaving Deer Ridge Junction. scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. Elevation: 8,978 feet. Mapping information courtesy of Google Maps. It slices through the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, entering a world of rare alpine beauty. To me it is just a small pond surrounded by mid-October to June. Trail Ridge Road provides spectacular view of the majestic scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. and only has parking for about 4 vehicles. trees. Excellent view of Forest There are 5 picnic tables and restrooms. For the most up-to-date information on the status of Trail Ridge Road, call 970-586-1222. Canyon and the Mountains that make up the Continental Divide. US 36 is access to Horseshoe Park and US 34 is access to Upper Beaver includes a new vaulted restroom facility. Road Closed from here west to Colorado River Trailhead from dip in the tundra between Rock Cut and the Lava Cliffs. Elevation: 9,691. It's the highest continuous paved road … It is nice area for a picnic. In the winter this area is often referred to as the "Hidden Valley Snow Play Area". proximity to historic pathways used by native peoples to cross the Rocky Elevation: 10,148 feet. in the United States, with more than eight miles lying above 11,000' and a Mountains. Meadows, Bear Lake Road and Beaver Meadows Park Entrance. Elevation: 9,090 feet. It is the highest continuous motorway in the United States, with more than eight miles lying above 11,000' and a maximum elevation of 12,183'. "It is hard to describe what a sensation this new road is going to make," predicted Horace Albright, director of the National Park Service, in 1931 during the road's construction. Trail Ridge Road US 34, Colorado. You will know when you Call 970-586-1222 for updated road conditions. Trail Ridge Road spans the Park and connects Estes Park on the east side to the town of Grand Lake on the western slope. Copyright © 1998-2006 Karl Snyder, All rights The East end of Trail Ridge Road. official RMNP Map as just a picnic symbol. Store and Park Visitors Center. Elevation: 8,800 feet. find a way to photographic it. It is the first right turn after Elevation: 10,714 feet. Elevation: 10,775. Trail Ridge Road. US 34. Lake Irene is small by lake standards. No restrooms. Area is now open year around. Elevation: 10,875 feet. Trail Ridge Road Scenic Drive - One of Colorado's most popular roads, in Rocky Mountain National Park, this 48-mile byway in north-central Colorado is America's highest continuous highway it connects Estes Park and Grand Lake. No beaver at the Beaver Ponds. mid-October to June. Lookout points. Trail Ridge Road provides spectacular view of the majestic Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park's heavily traveled highway to the sky, inspired awe before the first motorist ever traveled it. Elevation: 9,325 feet. Road Closed from here east to Many Parks Curves from Road Status: OPEN for the season. Location / Information (All elevations based on GPS). Overlook with views of Never Summers Mountains to the west. lookout points; location; opening; cycling; about; MAP of trail ridge road. a meadow. ALSO, A MUST STOP! The warming area of the shelter is open on weekends during the winter. Restrooms are accessible. Colorado River and the Never Summer Mountain range. Rest rooms open all year and are heated. are there because there are pullouts on both sides of the road. reserved. Elevation: 11,758 feet.

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