The iconic claws of Genestealers and the origin of the Rending rule, these claws are both incredibly sharp and hard; tipped in extremely dense diamond-hard chitin. MEQs will definitely notice it now, but it's much better against vehicles; up to 6 S10 AP-3 D6 damage shots per shooting phase will ensure that even Knights and Land Raiders will feel the hurt. Remember 3/4e Venom Cannons, before the hive guard Impaler Cannon moved the venom cannon to a small blast? Flying under the wings of Hive Crones, the Tentaclids are living seeker missiles who can chase after flying targets such as enemy aircraft and disable them with a powerful bio-electric pulse. Pyro-acid Batteries are a kind of Weapons Battery used on Tyranid Bio-ships. Bioshock indeed. In terms of crunch they are the Crone's big surprise. Combine with Enhanced Senses and laugh at the look on your opponent's face as a Carnifex hits on a 2+ (Only if units of 10 or more). Until 5th Edition edition came out, nearly any species of Gaunt, Warrior and more could use these. Its huge guts are highly corrosive and can splatter several enemies at once. The problem is that you have a lot of weapons with stats like that, so using an expensive MC (though well armored) that attracts fire like there's no tomorrow is a bad idea. Bit better at least. A tube runs from the air sac powering the weapon, through the user's arm to its lungs. It will still prove to be more than enough to kill anything with toughness of 7 or less and AV10, as long as you have a lot of them. That's about it. Firing two projectiles in a short succession, a tick that covers the enemy in a gooey substance, and a seed that upon impact with the goo dissolves at such speed which triggers a chemical implosion powerful enough to turn a Baneblade inside out. These swarms come in three flavors: Every Tyranid organism has at least rows of sharp teeth and deadly claws, but some go an extra mile. In 8th Edition, Scything Talons now allow a model to re-roll to hit rolls of 1 when attacking with this weapon (something they used to do back in 5th). It's still not particularly good; but it's passable on a bio-blast brood if you don't want more dakkafexes for some insane reason. It is essentially a bony tube lined with cord muscles that is compressed like a coil. The weapon is made of chitin and constantly crackles with powerful psychic energy that flows along embedded nerve tendrils to create a psychic field around the blade, effectively creating a biological version of a force weapon. You get the Brainleech variety. Consisting of a large colony of the same breed of borer beetles found in the simple fleshborer, the fanged creatures stored in the bloated sacs of the hive lay thousands of eggs that hatch and mature at a fast rate within the chambers of the brood nest. Feeder Tendrils lets you gamble on a 2/3 chance to make a CP profit. Otherwise known as the Tyranid Torpedo. They can pierce very light armor as found on Orks and the like, but tougher armor will likely stop the blows. Range: 18", S6, AP-, Assault 6. Only use these if you do not want to pump a huge amount of points into Devourers but you do not want half your brood to not be able to fire when the Devilgaunts do. A shot from a heavy venom cannon glances vehicle armor on a 4+ Feeder Tendrils are a special organs of some Tyranid's organisms (Lictors, for example) that able them to drain the dead victim's brain matter, absorbing all of its memories and knowledge. Now they're Lictor and Warrior/Shrike only (Carnifexes have access to Spine Banks, which are similar), count as Frag Grenades, and can be fired for a surprisingly deadly shot. because the penis shoots seeds that create life? Crunchwise, Rending Claws are a cheap AP-1 weapon, with Rending being replaced with a 6+ on a wound roll giving the attack AP-4. DO THIS, they're basically free power swords for every 4 models in a unit. and it's best to just go with the regular poison attacks granted by Toxin Sacks. Or more specifically, when a Genestealer, Lictor, Venomthrope, or Toxicrene kills a Character in the Fight Phase, it gain D3 CP. Other Biomorphs. The Venom Cannon fires salvos of crystals formed of highly corrosive poison[2] and then coated in a metallic, venomous reside.

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