animals have their turn, as do inanimate objects, especially household I had thought that I would piece together the five units of the horizontal rows and then sew the whole rows together, but I decided that I’d rather sew more 4½″ seams and fewer 2½″ and 10½″ seams. when making small patches. the Library and will have a link to its picture. I was glad to see the scrap of light blue fabric come up, indicating that I had reached the end of the chain. The quilt design includes 16 sister’s choice blocks and 9 grandma’s favorite blocks. is a great block for a sample quilt, and goes well with other 5-patch blocks. That was a thrilling moment, seeing all of the fabrics come together in the design. Backing Skill level: Confident beginner - Intermediate. how I love how they turned out. You need to be very accurate with your This means I have much less time to finish their quilt! Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along #farmgirlfridays. Precisely and clearly done, so that it is easy to follow.And thanks for the pattern! I took notes on the pdf pattern for when I make this block – which will be soon! Batting Then I reversed the square of fabric and drew a second line. If your download expires, email me and I will assist you as soon as I can.***. It is all squares and half square triangles.. You need to be very accurate with your half square triangles if you are making the grids small. The earliest reference: The Nancy Cabot column in the Chicago Tribune printed the pattern on March 13, 1933, and captioned it "Seven Sisters." Some are political, patriotic or have historical significance. For the half-square triangles that make the star points in the design, I cut 3¼″ squares from the dark blue and the cream fabrics. There are lots of quilt blocks named after places and people, Now I might have more of an idea what you mean about trying to take over the World. 1/4 Inch Love the quilt and the colors! triangles. Plus browse even more beautiful quilt kits at Pattern Sale It helps so much to get started. The quilt design includes 16 sister’s choice blocks and 9 grandma’s favorite blocks. I really appreciate your videos. I’ve seen this block put in a quilt with sashing in between the blocks and the total effect of the block is lost. Flying Geese blocks kick up a plain border for a more dynamic look. Goose in a Pond & Sister's Choice blocks - French General - La Belle Fleur & Moda Papillon fabrics. Another thing that’s different in quilting from regular sewing is that the seams are not backstitched. I'm Marie, and I enjoy making things: whether scarves or sachets, sonnets or scones. Some After sewing them, I pressed the last seams toward the center rows. Are you ready for a new FREE pattern series? I receive a small commission from use of these links - and this helps support my business. Sister's Choice, Grandmother's Frame. Beautiful! This site contains affiliate links. I love it when a video is included. If you are making the patches to finish at one inch, you may After sewing the last pair of squares, I pulled the whole chain to the front of the machine, and started sewing down the second line on each square. The Sister's Choice quilt block is one of my favourites. I think I'm going to love the Classic and Vintage series. All Things Clipart... help children Hello! As a beginner it really helps to watch the quilting process. Download free coloring pages and see what There are two finished sizes of the quilt depending on the block size you choose. I pinned the penultimate seams, placing a pin perpendicular to the seam line in one seam allowance of each seams crossed. She kept saying how easy they were to put together. These ten quilt blocks all honor those women, using their name as the block name. Thanks for the free quilt pattern and the video. We all have a woman that we look up to and aspire to be like. In the center the single block with the pinwheels is a grandma’s favorite block. The Sister's Choice Quilt Block is a very beautiful 5-patch quilt block that is relatively easy to make. What an absolutely wonderful idea. after flowers, roses in particular. Borders I sewed the vertical seams between the sections on the left and the center pieces next. At this point I realized I had 8 too few light blue squares, so I cut out 8 more. I watched Melissa as she made the two quilts. The blocks are set on point with sashing between them, setting triangles, and two borders. I clipped the thread and pulled the chain onto the sewing machine desk. To cut the fabric, I brought it to the kitchen table, where I had my cutting mat, plastic quilting rulers, and rotary cutter. I use white thread for the piecing in most of my quilting projects, but since this quilt has cream in it and no white, I decided to use cream thread for the piecing. I decided to focus on one kind of block at a time. Congrats. Love the color choices – so clean looking! We all have a woman that we look up to and aspire to be like. Welcome to the Sister's Ten Modern Block of the Month Sampler. Next I’ll be making the grandma’s favorite blocks. Next I pinned the units together on the opposite side of the blocks. Some quilters remove the selvage before making any other cuts, but I like to keep it on the left-over pieces of fabric to help keep track of the straight grain for later projects. It I sewed along one penciled line of each square. I pressed the seam to one side. Maybe I will be able to finish this quilt before the wedding in October. are political, patriotic or have historical significance. I really like the Hope Chest Batiks collection. Many of the squares came up to the machine with the blue side up, and I had to reverse them before I could sew the second seam. I trust that it will hardly be noticeable in the finished quilt. quilt block to ***The download system only allows you to download the file for 24 hours after purchase. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SAVE YOUR FILE SOMEPLACE SAFE. CheaterFabric Since I didn’t have quite enough of the brown with flowers for 32 squares, I had to piece the final one from two bits of fabric. After I finished cutting the squares of each color, I checked the color off on my fabric list. I needed 16 of the tan, 32 of each of the two browns, and 64 each of the light blue, light green, and cream. To help keep track of how many squares I had cut, I kept them in stacks of 10 until I was finished with a color. famous and otherwise. ~ See also Sister's Choice Variation Similar Blocks: ~ Cain and Abel There is not a lot of room for error Sewing the second seam on the squares was simpler because, as I sewed a square, the chain of thread drew the next square into place. receive access to the Library plus 8 free bonuses. Available as a quilt kit with pattern and fabric. #1 Blocks Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting made the solid version AND a print version, just to show you how great it looks! Feel free to email  your favorite There were just two 10½″ seams left in each block. I set up all the pieces in stacks of 16 in the configuration of the final block. heavens. I lined up the division between the two fabrics with the 45° line on my square quilting ruler and trimmed two edges with the rotary cutter. Here is a demonstration of Block One of the Meet The Makers quilt. I also occasionally receive fabric, notions and books in exchange for an honest review.

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