“You would like it. It was a small dog and one of the best microwaves on the market. You’re a good cook, Mom.”. Do you want to be all skin?” says Vinnie. Cover it with a glass container first. 7 comments. Listen to this. I’m only setting it on ten minutes because I need to have enough time until the hotdogs explode.” “Stop, Vincent. If you are cooking more than one hot dog at a time, it will take longer. Microwave radiation heats whatever is in the microwave. It was really big. When do you use the beater attachment when using a stand mixer. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Set the microwave to its "defrost," "low" or Power 3 setting. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You told him what to say and he did.”, “I think it is from the dinner you made, Mom. It doesn’t take long to microwave hot dogs at all. I don't understand why everyone says their hot dogs have skin? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. “You’re not going to eat them or make anyone eat them, Vinnie,” says Vinnie’s mom. I bring the same spirit and enthusiasm to my blog to help those who grieve who find themselves suddenly alone, navigate their grieving. Try cutting a grape in half until there is just a small snippet of skin left at the end of the cut, and then microwave that. I am not sure about bigger dogs like German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers, but with my 15 pound shih tzu It exploded. You did not come up with it by yourself.”, “I thought of exploding the hotdogs. Vinnie’s mom picks up Vinnie’s empty plate and substitutes a plate with a bean and cheese burrito on the table in front of Vinnie’s chair. ). However, it might depend on the plate you're using or whatever surface you're cooking the dog on. “It’s a frozen burrito from the store. Besides, what could go wrong.”. The result is that the inside of things get cooked faster than the outside. I can see if sodium makes a difference. Dexter slides in on the floor next to Vinnie. “Boy, this burrito is great. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. “Okay, Vincent. They won’t know Dexter did anything.”, “Good thinking, Dad,” says Vinnie already halfway through his burrito. “Mom, Dad, Dexter and me are back. There’s a video making the rounds on the internet that will haunt your dreams. “Okay, Mom. Watch what happens. Your hot dogs are probably expanding and the ends are cracking and exploding out. And, you have no clue,” says Vinnie’s mom. The moisture inside turns to steam, which expands. Microwave in 30-second increments to thaw a frozen hot dog. If the plate has any kind of foil any metallic material, do not use it in the microwave. What happens if you mix playdough and dry flour powder together? share. Heat escapes from the outside of the object being cooked in the microwave, but not the inside. [Collected on the Internet, 1998] There was some woman who had a dog… I’m all skin, now tell Dad and me about your idea for a science project.”, “It’s going to be the coolest science project in the history of the school. One package will be regular hotdogs. You can’t be all ears. (Talk about home cooking at its easiest.) Dogs taste their best when charred on the grill (especially when spiral cut). Take a knife and put a few small slits in the hot dog so that any hot air or steam can escape while the dog is cooking. 50% Upvoted. Are your cooking skills good enough to give paid lessons? Almost as pleasurable as doing nothing, which he does most of the day. “Not to worry, Mom. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Can we go to the market so I can get my hot dogs? removes tool for defrauded students, Publix worker's family blames policy for COVID-19 death, Chappelle's Netflix show removed at his request, Experts warn of COVID-19 'surge' after Thanksgiving, Cowboys strength coach suffers medical emergency, 'Voice' singer's tough night in Knockout Rounds. I better get three packages of each in case I make a mistake,” says Vinnie. All that pressure builds up on the skin and eventually breaks it, sending pieces in all directions. You didn’t hear a word I said,” says Vinnie’s mom. Don’t worry, I let him go on the Johnson’s lawn. You want to hear about my science project?”. She whispers to Vinnie’s dad, “If I put the burrito in front of Rupert, do you think he’ll eat it.”. Join my more than 24,300Twitter (@alwaysgoodstuff). Are you just throwing your hot dogs in the microwave? Seriously. Set the microwave timer for 15 to 20 seconds at high power, using the lesser time for high-wattage microwaves. I’m going to put one hotdog from each package in the microwave and set the microwave on ten minutes. Dexter can eat them when I’m finished,” says Vinnie. I also use a "wet" method where I put it in a shallow dish with a bit of water to help even out the heat distribution and works much better. 45 seconds and there's little bits of hot dog all over the place. Microwave the hot dogs in 30-second intervals and then check for the desired temperature. The third package will be those hotdogs made with soy that you like, Mom.”. Take a knife and put a few small slits in the hot dog so that any hot air or steam can escape while the dog is cooking. A Lot, The “Dark Beast” Behind Combat Trauma—a Clinician’s View, The sequence of hormonal therapy and radiation affects outcomes in men treated for prostate cancer, Age-related macular degeneration: Early detection and timely treatment may help preserve vision, Driving equity in health care: Lessons from COVID-19, Podcast: Depression Management Hints and Tips, Podcast: Birthdays, COVID, and Reframing (Oh My! I am an optimistic, can do, and never quit guy. The microwave isn't the best way to cook a hot dog, but if you do use it, you have to remember a few things. You are not going to explode hotdogs in the microwave.”, “But, Mom. Ray’s Books On How to Write a Dissertation, Today’s Inspiration ~ Hold on to Your Power, Today’s Power Thought ~ Keep Looking, Keep Walking. View all posts by Ray Calabrese. How Misinformation Spreads--and Why We Trust It, Scale Up Tutoring to Combat COVID Learning Loss for Disadvantaged Students, What’s Personality Got To Do With Us? The microwave isn't the best way to cook a hot dog, but if you do use it, you have to remember a few things. The same reason popcorn does. For jumbo hot dogs, start with a cook time of 25 to 30 seconds. I want to buy three packages of hot dogs. Otherwise your microwave will be shit. Press J to jump to the feed. Would eggs with a use by date of 4th November, 2020 still be edible? Dexter lifts his head. Dexter finds the linking of his name to hotdog to be a pleasurable experience for him. Seriously. “I think it has possibilities. “Put your phone away. Also, I put mine in for 5 mins and when I took it out, it was not for another 15 mins until it exploded. And, if I measure the time it takes to explode it will be the coolest ever experiment.”, “Who gave you this idea, Vinnie? 45 seconds and there's little bits of hot dog all over the place. Depending on the microwave it should only take about 30 to 40 seconds to warm it thoroughly. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “Okay, Mom. But hot dogs are a good, cheap and super easy meal any time of the year -- you just have to know how to cook them. Get your answers by asking now. The second package will be turkey hotdogs. Is a shallot much different in taste than regular or green onions? save hide report. I didn’t let Dexter go on the Johnson’s lawn. “I heard every word, but I don’t remember them. “You did a great job with the microwave, Mom. I’m going to go by the ingredients and see if the hotdogs with the most water explode before the others. Why do hot dogs explode in the microwave? The best dinners are pizza and burritos and tacos and real barbecue.”, Vinnie’s dad steps in, “It’s Monday evening, the Johnsons always go straight from work and meet at the Sushi place on Hancock Street.

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