However, because his ancestors were renowned Assassins, he is eventually tracked down by Abstergo Industries and captured by the Templars. Assassin’s Creed WAS the modern day story told via flashback into the animus. With a premise that crossed between history and sci-fi, the game showed us the lives of modern-day bartender Desmond Miles and the proficient yet reckless assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. I read some other comments and I liked the one about desmond growing up or a modern day one. And the future lies within The Next Generation: "I always pitched it to the guys on this game to think of it almost like Star Trek. Seeing the really historical figures portrayed as living breathing emotion filed men with their flaws and gritty human-ness and not gods who where flawless and perfect in every way Oh and the fighting for the rights of the native kanienhake (¿spelling?) The idea that a larger story was at play and that the only way to truly understand it was to venture deep into the recesses of the animus and unlock its secrets. Enemies How are you really going to make that exciting? So at some point Desmond becomes a liability, a roadblock to that ultimate goal of 100 percent. 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In the “real world” Black Flag, one of the email chains you hack alludes to the fact that there will never be a modern day AC because of all the problems of introducing vehicles to the game. Why send the modern day embodiment of Altair, Ezio, and Connor on his way when the franchise, in Ubisoft's eyes, is still in its infancy? Well the original plan was to only have a trilogy with the last game being set mostly in the MD with Desmond being the ultimate Assassin. Shown another side that was involved and that is usually not thought of, So education; because one common factor for creed fans does appear to be the agreement that they. We're not changing the universe, but we're being given the reins to the equivalent of [Star Trek:] The Next Generation. And you could explore the village. :P Ezio’s swordamanship and other skills seemed to have just came to him the moment he donned the assassin’s robes. Again, having joined the series so late I knew from online sources that Desmond didn’t appear post AC3. Had this happened, this would have left fans in uproar as one of the strongest points of Assassin’s Creed is the journey to the past, to experience a simulation of a culture that has been long forgotten. besides that warehouse and Desmonds storyline had nothing to do with the awesomeness of AC 2. I loved the idea of a modern day assassins creed. They don’t have to be limited by 1 method. The 50/50 plot of modern setting to historical setting was thrown out the window. Daniel cross could have been used as a link to the Russian Brotherhood, and Vidic posed a link to the shadow founders of Abstergo. Defeat the Templars, look into the memories of his ancestors to prevent a catastrophe. You can engage with these historical stories individually without having to necessarily understand Desmond's story. At the very least they should have put a little thought into the actual meanings and implications to the original ending and their choices. At the end of three when the credits are rolling Desmond’s hand got healed (the one he touched the pedestal with that got burned). Desmond could have been so much more, and to me the last 2 games are kind of like the toy you give a baby to keep them busy while you think about what to do a little longer. Shaun: “And what if we find him, he won’t recognize us” Rebecca: “We’ll see” In the Clone Laboratory there will be a Showdown between Shaun, Rebecca and Desmond where Rebecca and Shaun somehow manage knock Desmond out and retrieve Desmond. Just do something that’ll please both fanbases ubisoft, yall get paid enough just fuckin do it.. Defeat the Templars, look into the memories of his ancestors to prevent a catastrophe. Connor suffered from the same stale writing that Desmond suffered from. It was at the point of Brotherhood that the intentions of Desmond’s role were becoming painfully clear. Assassin, bartender how the hell did he manage to get stabbed?

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