And they do, of course. If there's one thing we know about our risky world, it's that seat belts save lives, right? Black, Latino, and Indigenous Communities Hit Hardest by Heat Waves. Ever wonder why they really say “seat belts save lives”? Whether you’re picnicking in the park or lazing in your own backyard, you could be at risk of brushing up against a poisonous plant. Safety Restore specializes in everything from seat belt buckle repair to seat belt retractor repair. The cost for all services, including the seat belt buckle repair service, is very affordable. Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention. Unbuckled occupants of a vehicle can very easily be projected out of the rear, side, or front windows—and suffer a very serious injury, if not death. You probably know that seat belts are important, but maybe you don’t know all the reasons why. Here’s where the two major-party candidates stand. It takes only a few seconds to buckle up once you get in the car. The Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness, Long-Acting Injectable 9 Times More Effective Than Daily Pill in Preventing HIV in Women, Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 2020: Pushing the Boundaries of Cancer Treatment, Tippi Coronavirus: Tips for Living With COVID-19. Among front-seat passengers and drivers, for example, researchers have determined that wearing a proper safety restraint reduces the risk of serious injury by 50 percent and the risk of death by 45 percent. Age, height, and weight determine the safest way for a child to travel. If you spot even the smallest issue, look into getting your seat belts fixed. At the end of the day, accident statistics indicate that seat belts save lives. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, here’s how to select the right option for your child: The National Safety Council recently reported a drop in traffic fatalities for 2008, indicating a record low since the 1920s when it began publishing statistical reports. Although virtual visits have improved access for many Americans, others struggle to connect with a healthcare provider. The company performs all repairs in just 24 hours or less and attaches a lifetime warranty on everything. Seat belts also save lives because they prevent passengers from escaping their vehicles during severe accidents involving rollovers. First off, failing to wear a seat belt can result in getting ejected out of a vehicle during an … Continue reading "How Seat Belts Really Do ‘Save Lives’" How Much Do Seat Belts Really Help? First off, failing to wear a seat belt can result in getting ejected out of a vehicle during an accident or sudden decrease in acceleration. The chance of surviving an accident that involves a rollover goes up 45% when wearing a proper safety restraint. Do your children have the right safety seats for their weight and age? Everyday Health is among the federally registered trademarks of Everyday Health, Inc. and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. The purpose of this observational study is to determine if wearing seat belts help save lives in car accidents based on government records of seat belt usage and corresponding fatality rates in car accidents. Shoulder belts should rest securely across your chest and shoulders between your breasts., Consider Saving Money By Doing Simple Car Repairs On Your Own. You probably know that seat belts are important, but maybe you don’t know all the reasons why. This percentage increases to 73% for back seat occupants of vans and SUVs. Another reason seat belts are so crucial is because of the sheer number of deaths reported as a result of vehicle accidents. Seat belts saved 12,500 lives and prevented 308,000 serious injuries that year. One reason given for the decline is the increased use of seat belts. Thankfully, motor vehicle technology keeps improving, which makes driving much safer. So if you need seat belt buckle repair, head over to today! Every so often, do a little run-through of every single belt in your car. Trump vs. Biden: Who Do You Trust With Your Health? Make sure that each belt buckles in and retracts all the way and that the material is smooth—without any cuts, tears, or fraying. In pickup trucks, that 45% increases to 60%! Seat Belt Safety: Rules for Infants and Children. Here’s a thought experiment for you. America recently achieved an important milestone for road safety: an all-time record seat belt use rate of 90 percent. The coming presidential election will have a profound impact on the health of all Americans. In the state of Texas alone, in the year 2005, 3,518 vehicular accidents were reported across the state—2,369 of which resulted in a fatality or serious bodily harm. “If the belt rides up on the stomach, it could cause serious injuries in a crash,” Osterhuber says. But it still means than more than 27 million Americans arent taking the simple, lifesaving step of buckling up. © 1996-2020 Everyday Health, Inc. Let me tell you some of the explanations below. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Seat Belts: How They Save Lives. Do your children have the right safety seats for their weight and age? Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy your own seat belt repair kit or spend hundreds of dollars for new belts at the dealer. “Seat belts prevent occupants of the vehicle from serious injury in five ways,” says Angela Osterhuber, director of the Pennsylvania Traffic Injury Prevention Project in Media, Pa. A seat belt: Adjusting your seat belt properly is a must: Getting the right fit is as important as wearing it. Do you snap in your seat belt as soon as you get in the car? Expansion of Telemedicine Reveals Disparities in Who Has Access to Remote Care, Race-Adjusted Medicine May Deprive Black Patients of Treatment, 8 Dangerous Outdoor Plants — and How to Spot Them, The Best Leg Exercises for Stronger Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings, What Is Impetigo? It's been proven time and again, on back roads and superhighways: A seat belt can save a life in a car accident. John Adams, risk expert and emeritus professor of geography at University College London, was an early skeptic of the seat belt safety mantra. The strap that goes across your lap should fit snugly over your hips and upper thigh area. Seat belts prevent harmful injury thereby saving millions of lives. Imagine that you’re on the top of a three story building, looking down. Seat belts are the safety belts that are designed to prevent the occupants of the vehicle from getting hit or collide with the inside features of the vehicle itself caused due to sudden hit or harmful collision. Do you snap in your seat belt as soon as you get in the car? Health, economic, and neighborhood equity all come into play. Clearly, the odds of surviving a crash shift massively in your favor if you first buckle up before taking to t… Instead, you can turn to the company Safety Restore. Airbag Reset & Seat Belt Replacement/Repair. However, all the latest safety features won’t matter if you neglect to put on your seat belt.

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