The observations of pet bird owners who have lost birds to Teflon toxicosis are consistent with Wells' descriptions. They performed an autopsy, but the results were inconclusive because we believe the autopsy was performed incorrectly. Environmental Working Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, EIN 52-2148600. [2] Daniels, Mary. In the body, it breaks down into sodium and fluoroacetate, which is responsible for the toxicity. Chem Res Toxicol 4(2): 229-36. The inhalation toxicity of pyrolysis products of polytetrafluoroethylene heated below 500 degrees centigrade. Inhalation trauma due to overheating in a microwave oven. Cast iron remains a great alternative to non-stick cooking surfaces. Experiences of consumers whose birds have died from fumes generated at lower temperatures show that this is not the case., The True Parrot Her lung function was still abnormal a month later [14]. Thorax 48(3): 300-2. It turns out, DuPont has known about the "Teflon flu" for years., Pet Bird Report At the hospital, doctors noted that her heart was racing, and she had high blood pressure, “leukocytosis” and was breathing heavily. So, I made it a point to know how to properly take care of nonstick pans and extend their lifetimes. Hopefully we can be of assistance in this matter since we have first hand experience with this terrible scourge. At least four of these gases are extremely toxic - PFIB, which is a chemical warfare agent 10 times more toxic than phosgene (COCl2, a chemical warfare agent used during World Wars I and II), carbonyl fluoride (COF2 which is the fluorine analog of phosgene), MFA (monofluoroacetic acid) which can kill people at low doses, and HF, a highly corrosive gas. Once again, the DuPont scientist failed to report the time to death for the animals [6]. The few studies that have looked at the toxicity of TFA found decreased growth of fetal rat bone-forming cells (osteoblast) and cartilage cells (chondrocytes) [11], and neural tube defects in rat embryos at high concentrations [12]. The second incident occurred in May 1993, while we were again cooking a large amount of food on the grill of the stove. The vet told Dawn that probably a small amount of fumes was leaking from the skillet and coupled with what was spilling from the heater, it was sufficient to kill her birds. Email correspondence to Environmental Working Group. [2] Daniels, Mary. Chem Res Toxicol 4(2): 229-36. In numerous studies scientists have studied mortality in rats and birds exposed to the offgas mixtures, but potential long-term health impacts have not been studied. Offers access to thousands of articles searchable by keyword, topic, author and website. [14] Waritz, R.S. One kidney grew to three times its normal size," she said., Avian Avenue … I mean, they had never seen a baby like this before. Ceramic vs Teflon: Choose the right one for you, Stainless steel cookware vs nonstick cookware. For all of the types of cookware that you come across please do your research to make sure you are choosing something that is actually suitable for what you need and cooking style. Amer. "I didn't smell anything, I didn't see any smoke," she said. Another example of a pesticide inert ingredient is butyl benzyl phthalate, a chemical well known to cause serious birth defects of the male reproductive system in laboratory animals. Donate. The burner was turned up to the highest heat setting, and a timer was started. Thirty-six hours after the sofa was delivered my beloved SQUIGMUND died. Yet DuPont's own scientists have concluded that polymer fume fever in humans is possible at 662°F, a temperature easily exceeded when a pan is preheated on a burner or placed beneath a broiler, or in a self-cleaning oven. I was told that stainsafe was harmless to birds. Teflon pans are best used when there you only need to cook at a low temperature. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Based on this suite of symptoms, cases of polymer fume fever from home exposures could easily be mistaken for the common flu. We have written an article called. My 6 year old put a box over his head, that was there almost constantly for a week, saying he was a super hero... DR Thunder...and he would grill me, why did I kill the birds? Short-term symptoms of PFIB exposure in people include bad taste in mouth, nausea and weakness. So, I have a houseful of screaming noisy birds again, but they can't drown out the noticable void of certain voices. Killed: Watson, Dee-Dee, and more than 50 other birds Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 29(1): 19-26. You should look into getting hold of some stainless steel cookware or cast iron cookware so that you can cook food that requires browning, broiling or just high temperatures. 1968. The lifetime of Nonstick Pans can be from 3 months up to 5 years. Over the past five decades scientists from DuPont, government, and academia have published studies documenting temperatures at which non-stick cookware coatings begin to break apart, offgasing chemicals and particulate matter into the air. Available online at Facebook Twitter Amazon Youtube Instagram Pinterest RSS Sign Up! I want to share an experience I recently had that caused my beautiful Mexican Red Head to die. Bird owner groups say thousands of birds have been killed by Teflon fumes. 680°F - Difluoroacetic acid (DFA) [6]: Very little is known about the toxicity of difluoroacetic acid (DFA), although kidney toxicity has been reported in rats [15]. Below we recount a small fraction of the documented cases of bird deaths attributed to fumes and particles released from non-stick coatings on cookware, heat lamps, and other home appliances. TalkToTheVet - Caged Bird Housing Considerations Chem. Please remember that we are not medically trained and you may expereince something a little different. Personal communication with Dr. Jennifer Klein, Environmental Working Group. If you look at the diagram below you will see that this is not something that will happen if you are cooking within the normal range of temperatures you use for cooking.

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