These seven years seemed to Jacob "but a few days, for the love he had for her." Was this encounter between Pharaoh and Jacob a meeting of equals? Isaac bestowed a blessing upon Jacob that was unbreakable. Shortly before his death, Jacob blessed his grandsons, Joseph’s sons, and, by divine guidance, put the younger Ephraim ahead of the older Manasseh. If theirs was a meeting of equals, as Rosenberg suggests, was there substance to their interchange, or was it a lost opportunity? These Jacob buried out of sight near Shechem.​—Ge 35:1-4. Life his grandfather, he was a man after the Lord’s heart. Laban insisted on seven more years of work from Jacob in return for Rachel’s hand in marriage. (Ge 41:57; 42:1-20) However, when told of the demand, Jacob at first refused to let him go, fearing harm might befall this beloved son of his old age; Benjamin at the time was at least 22 years old. Rebel to Redeemed…Sharing HIS Kind of Love. One day Jacob sent Joseph (now 17 years old) out to see how his brothers were getting along tending their father’s flocks. Laban’s mood does not help that his idols have been stolen, but Jacob knows nothing of this and curses whoever took them. Can you imagine the friction this must have caused at times? {Genesis 37}. Even when they were both in the womb we are told “the children struggled within her”. This, is why we hear the term “Jacob’s ladder”. “May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. 3. When they were still boys Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a pot of stew. Jacob is the third generation of the great patriarch’s of the Old Testament and Israelite’s. Then to Joseph, who would receive the firstborn’s double portion of the inheritance, Jacob declared: “I do give you one shoulder of land more than to your brothers, which I took from the hand of the Amorites by my sword and by my bow.” (Ge 48:1-22; 1Ch 5:1) Since Jacob had peaceably purchased the plot of ground near Shechem from the sons of Hamor (Ge 33:19, 20), it seems that this promise to Joseph was an expression of Jacob’s faith, in which he prophetically spoke of the future conquest of Canaan by his descendants as if already accomplished by his own sword and bow. Check out Candace Cameron Bure’s New Line, Go to: TrinityChristianLifeCoaching website, Christmas in the Air: Smells of Christmas, Thanksgiving Hymn: Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven, Behind the Christmas Carol: Angels We Have Heard on High, Behind the Song: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, Behind the Song: Room at the Cross for You, Song Story: Where Could I Go But To the Lord, Behind the Christmas Carol: Go Tell It on the Mountain, Behind the Song: Give Thanks with a Thankful heart. Things weren’t getting better for Jacob, only worse. Which of the texts do you think best explains Jacob’s response? '. Thus ends Israel’s first and only meeting with Egypt on an equal footing. One would hope Leah finally found the love she deserved. When it came into the region of the Jordan, there were seven days of mourning rites, after which Jacob’s sons buried their father in the cave of Machpelah where Abraham and Isaac had been interred.​—Ge 49:29-33; 50:1-14. Finally, in 1711 B.C.E., after 17 years of residence in Egypt, Jacob died at the age of 147. Where would you place Jacob on the scale between the two poles of ego integrity and despair, per Erikson? Poor Jacob. Jacob was 147 years old when he died and his body was returned to the land of Canaan and the Cave of the Patriarch’s. Do not go gentle into that good night, / Old age should burn and rave at close of day; / Rage, rage against the dying of the light (Dylan Thomas, “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”). Benjamin remained behind. Our Sages tell us that when Jacob came to Egypt, the land was blessed by his presence and the famine ended. When Jacob learned Joseph was still alive we are told “the spirit of Jacob their father revived” and he said “ It is enough; Joseph my son is yet alive: I will go and see him before I die” {Genesis 45:27-28}. Bethel, the “House of God,” was of special importance to Jacob, for here, perhaps some 30 years before, Jehovah had passed on to him the Abrahamic covenant. He must have felt as if he could never win at pleasing these women. One can assume that he raised and cared for his family and watched his sons grow into men and grandchildren enter the picture. He still had Leah, but we are not told if their relationship improved or not. {Genesis 28}. {Genesis 25:22}. 1. They then led their father to believe that Joseph had been killed by a wild beast. For many days Jacob sorrowed over the loss, refusing to be comforted, and saying: “I shall go down mourning to my son into Sheol!” (Ge 37:2, 3, 12-36) The death of his father Isaac in 1738 B.C.E. We see him grow from an ambitious young man to a peaceful and wise older man. The Lord told Rebekah she had two nations in her womb. 1), and in a state of wakefulness (ver. Jacob and Pharaoh's brief interaction over Jacob's age raises many questions about the complex relationship between the two. Jacob was given a new name, Israel, but when asked the name of the man but he was not told, although the man bestowed a blessing on him. There were born to Jacob by Leah six sons: Rûbîl (Reuben), which is interpreted 'Great is God' (now Jacob was eighty-four years old at that time); Simeon, which is interpreted 'the Obedient;' Levi, that is 'the Perfect;' Judah, that is 'Praise;' Issachar, that is 'Hope is near;' and Zebulun, that is 'Gift' or 'Dwelling-place.' Jacob is very different from his twin, Esau. 21. Consider whether Jacob’s revelation about his age was a calculated political move to assuage Pharaoh’s fears or the confessional banter of a man expressing his own fears. Pharaoh even provided wagons and food provisions for their assistance. Jacob then met his brother and made peace. It was also while sojourning here at Bethel that his mother’s nurse Deborah died and was buried.​—Ge 35:5-15. sons, and both handmaids gives him two sons each. Israel’s third patriarch was born into great dysfunction, but found ways to create the first cohesive family in the Bible. When Jacob awoke, he swore his allegiance to the Lord. Jacob praised God. In the end, he was blessed by God. God spoke to Jacob . My goal is to help women who are hurting to discover  there is hope, faith and love regardless of what she may be dealing with and to grow in her faith. He had twelve sons, one daughter and countless grandchildren and descendants. Jacob did bury Leah in the Cave of the Patriarch’s with his parents and grandparents. He became a pawn between his wives. How did these two leaders size each other up, and what did each intuitively understand about the other’s authority and influence? Jacob remained alone, and a man wrestled with him until dawn broke. While we can’t answer these questions definitively, pondering them offers us insight into the psychological and political complexities inherent in Jacob and Pharaoh’s meeting and, by extension, in all human encounters. Jacob was not afraid to fight for what he wanted, 5. On the first night Jacob saw a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, with angels ascending and descending, and the Power of God upon the top thereof. However, compared to the description of her sister Rachael she is perceived as being very homely or plain. Jacob described himself as an alien resident (the same as Abraham and Isaac, for like them he too had not inherited the God-promised land). With the reconciliation of Joseph and his brothers came the invitation for Jacob and his whole household, together with all their livestock and belongings, to move down to the fertile land of Goshen in Egypt’s delta country, for the great famine was destined to last another five years.

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