Pour 9 parts hot … While it is easy to put off this task, the truth is that cleaning your deep fryer's basket can be done without too much hassle. Place the fryer basket in a sink or dish tub. Deep fryer cleaning and taking good care of your deep fryer will make it easy to produce tastier food and also increase the lifespan of the deep fryer. The best option is to clean the residue or cake of food regularly. After scraping, fill the deep fryer with water up to the level you would have filled if you were filling it … You won’t get every last drop. This page is full of tips on how to clean deep fryer baskets. Plug the drain if using the sink directly. Advertisement. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun … You should follow the cleaning instruction very clearly of the Deep Fryer to offer commercial fryer the necessary cleaning. Stand the deep fryer back up. Wait until there’s only about one drop of oil every 10 seconds. Clean the deep fryer every day. Clean your deep fryer as needed. Cleaning a deep fryer with vinegar is not just useful, but it's also affordable and reduces the risk caused by using commercial deep fryer cleaning chemicals. [1] X Research source If you only use your deep fryer every couple weeks or less frequently, clean it after each use. Questions. Stand the deep fryer basket on its side with the open side over the sink. Unplug the deep fryer and empty the oil into a container. The first step in cleaning the deep fryerbasket is to empty it. Freshly deep fried chicken sure does taste heavenly. Cleaning the baskets of a deep fryer can be challenging. If you know how to clean the basket properly, you can do so in one try, with no wasted effort whatsoever. Do not put your fryer in the sink or dishwasher. Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. If you use your deep fryer frequently, changing the oil and cleaning it every few days will help prevent a buildup of grime that can be much harder to remove. Place a small bowl in the sink to catch the rest of the oil. It is up to the use of the deep fryer, and to what aim you are using it. But cleaning out the deep fat fryer is a chore that seems to take forever – fret not! Just follow these steps. If the frying basket in your deep fryer is dirty, you will need to clean it.

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