", "This helped me a lot. Every night immediately before going to sleep, read over your notes twice. I learnt a lot from your tips and i am going to apply them. What should I do? Chances are that you dread the mere mention of waking up earlier than you have to, but you should learn about sleep cycles. The morning of your test, be sure to get a good breakfast with lots of protein. This article has been viewed 974,656 times. While they probably won't cover everything that will be on the test, you'll at least be able to focus on the key topics. Besides, nobody would ask you to list the first 20 elements in your own words. Try using a mnemonic device. The subject/course is just too difficult for you to understand. How to experience math as your own unique creation. He also has a math book open. Say I hypothetically needed to learn like half a semester of chemistry by saturday? IMHO at this point in time it all depends on how good you are at math, but my friend last year took the test w/o studying and managed an 800. Take notes by hand. Did you take timed subject tests from the Blue Book? I got all A's. Avoid the temptation to cheat. Can I still get a good score? How do I study for my board exams if only ten days are left? The professor wastes half the lecture going over very simple concepts that are clearly laid out in the textbook or other course materials. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 974,656 times. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Better safe than sorry. Organize key ideas under concepts. Breathe. This is the exact same process I walk my students through, and also the exact same powerful tips I share with my private clients! Your Examination Is At Hand: You just have to cram when it is already a day to your exam and you still got about 10 topics to cover. By saturday? How To Memorise Or Cram Everything A Night Before Your Exam, SCORE 280+ WITH FLASH LEARNERS JAMB CBT APP, FREE TUTORIALS FOR WAEC, JAMB AND POST UTME, How to answer exam questions with the speed of light, Latest Update On UNIBEN Post UTME Form For 2020, Use Savings Account For Google AdSense Payment, How To Start A Blog And Make Money In School, Waec, Bece, Jamb And Post UTME Video Tutorials, Flagship Phones, Laptops And Tech Updates, Jamb UTME And Direct Entry News And Guide, How To Check Admission Status On Jamb Caps, Best Blog For Students, Guardians And Parents. These tips helped me a ton. my IGCSE board exam is in 3 days, and this article encouraged me, "Wow! I feel I know most of the problems, just need to review geometry and weird stuff like matrices. (Counterintuitive but true! Now we’re back on track! ", "Thank you so much for this. In addition to your usual morning studying, get to the examination location 15-20 minutes early and give your mind a final refresher. I have seen many students attempt this in years of teaching calculus. Glad to “meet” you here, Devansh! Good luck! Creating your own study guide can help you by getting all the things you already know very well out of the way and you can write down the stuff you need to remember. Around 4–7AM, you're going to feel drowsy. This is literally the last thing you do before turning over and going to sleep. Give your parents a hug, have a dance party in your room, eat some ice cream, sing your favorite song, or just do whatever feels like a celebration to you. Then continue reading……. Write down all of the equations you need to know at the top of the page before you even look at any of the problems. Related posts: If you do talk with other students about what answers you got, don’t worry if they got a different answer than you. Just back up and do easier problems that are related to that topic to build up to the harder problems. If this freaks you out, don’t worry, that’s okay. Only you can answer that question. It will be way more relaxing knowing they’re already written down and right there for you. If you do have a lot of time before your SAT test date (one month or more), feel free to read this article for useful tips, but I urge you to spread your prep out over the full amount of time you have. If you forget, you can start again right now. So? Assuming you attended class regularly, you should have some notes to look over. Whenever I need to cram a night or two before an exam I always will get a full pack of notecards and fill everyone of them out with each piece of information that may be covered on the test. Plan to take breaks. If you've been hard at work in school and haven't had the time to study for an exam, then perhaps you should set aside time the night before to cram for the exam. After you go over all of your notes, look at the beginnings and ends of textbook chapters to review key points and summaries. Nope. No one problem is worth a lot of your time or worth freaking out over. Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible. Teachers don't appreciate cheating and if they catch you, the effects may carry far beyond a zero on the test. I have gone other places for help. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Take a deep breath. Sure, it might be better to space out your studying over a few days, but if that option fails, cramming might be your only option—and these suggestions should get you on your way. Right before the test, try to get some exercise. YAY!! I notice whenever a professor lets me use a notecard for an exam, I never need it - the action of writing down the information helps me remember. Great! With the tips above and strong determination from you, cramming to pass will be very easy for you. If that is helpful to you, go for it! wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Find that slightly frozen coffee and drink it down. The day may come when the courage and knowledge of Royaltoolbox will fail, but it is not this day! If you've been hard at work in school and haven't had the time to study for an exam, then perhaps you should set aside time the night before to cram for the exam. Can I use ti-84 programs? My suggestion, spend an hour for each class planning out exactly what you'll need to do to be prepared for each class. Just be sure to learn stuff you never learned and be sure to take a few practice tests so the format won't surprise you. 9. Get out your lecture notes. I (my parents) am not paying tuition to sit and watch the professor instruct incompetent students. If you have a big review packet due for homework, don’t plan on doing it all in one giant lump.

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