Height/Spread: Upright or bushy habit, 6-30 inches tall, 6-10 inches wide . Pests and diseases are infrequent…Read more → Plant them in a place where you get at least 4-5 hours of full sun each day. With their daylength neutrality, however, they can be scheduled for even the darkest winter months. Top the compost with 2 inches of mulch. Help please? Water the plant when the soil feels dry to touch. One of my plants only has one flower on it? Carnation flower Care. Dianthus plumarius. Dianthus will tolerate dry weather but will only produce continuous blooms if watered regularly, ideally at the base of the plant to avoid damaging the flowers. Have you been trying to figure out how to trim dianthus the right way? Ideally the soil should be slightly acidic to neutral (pH6 to 7) and of a rich nature. If you planting pink then you can add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil. Cooler climates are best for growing dianthus. Stems and blooms contract as they dry, which can leave spaces in your arrangement if you build the bouquets beforehand. Dry flowers of the same species or variety together or mixed with others. Plant Dianthus 12" 18" apart and at the same depth at which they were previously growing. My Dianthus is starting to look sparse so I'm thinking I'm deadheading it wrong. Dianthus, including pinks and carnations, are certainly not all pink in colour – they can shade from pure white to the deepest of reds. And keep mulch a considerable distance from individual dianthus plants. Water this plant thoroughly about twice weekly when it is newly planted. Disclaimer: I did buy this plant on sale. Do not allow the soil to dry in plants. Try it in containers or raised beds. Zones: 6-9. These plants will flower best in full sun conditions. Cut the stems down to ground level when the blooms are spent. All perennial dianthus have pretty blue-green foliage that looks terrific paired with their deliciously fragrant pink, white, rose, yellow, red, or bi-colored flowers. I have 3 plants. Dianthus chinensis. Wait until the danger of frost has passed, when planting Dianthus and place them at the same level they were growing in the pots, with 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45) between plants. Hardy from zones 4-8. Thank so much for helping me with this. Dianthus flowers (Dianthus spp.) Otherwise, dianthus is drought-tolerant and requires little moisture. Transplant in early fall when new roots … These seeds were particularly difficult to harvest so I figured I'd document how I did it and hopefully help someone else. are also called “pinks.”They belong to a family of plants which includes carnations and are characterized by the spicy fragrance the blooms emit. Usually a weekly watering of established plants will suffice unless the weather is extremely dry. The compost and mulch will enrich the soil, conserve moisture and deter weeds. If you want first-class blooms, each main stem should bear only one flower. For dianthus plants growing in pots, you should give fertilizer every 6 to 8 weeks. Contents 1 What Is A Dianthus? Fertiliser can be used once in 6 to 8 weeks. Dianthus will grow in different soil types, preferring neutral to slightly alkaline soil, but can tolerate some acidity. Water the plants regularly, especially when the soil is dry. You can build your bouquets, or what have you, either before or after drying is complete. How to Sow and Plant. You can also apply a slow-releasing granular fertilizer around the base of the plant in the late spring. Dianthus is also deer resistant. All opinions are my own. If the air is dry, cover with a cloche or propagator lid but ensure the lid is propped up for proper air circulation – dianthus is averse to being too closely covered.

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