A very cool side affect of making a guitar. Have all your supplies ready, including the guitar printed and cut-out template. All templates are CAD drawn, and Laser cut on 1/4" MDF for accuracy and durability! If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 1-855-253-0822. make a template of the body’s shape. Jean-Woodworkers Guild of America Video Membership. They simplify the process, but leave enough woodworking to be done to make me feel like I “voiced” the guitar. Ash has long been a popular wood for solid-body guitars, like the Fender Telecaster. To download the full article, go to the last paragraph and you will see where it says “click here” to download the full article. Most of my templates start out as a drawing on 2D CAD. Thank you for helping me make up my mind to try and build one. Since then, I’ve built a number of kit guitars. Tags: Fine Woodworking, Guitar Kits, Making Guitars, Wwgoa, would like to build one for my father-n-law. I have always wanted to build a guitar but like the author have been intimidated. I have built two banjos from scratch and am building my third fiddle from scratch. And I especially enjoy reading about others who build and play their own as well. In the last article I mentioned how making a template for the neck was only necessary if you’re going to make more than one copy of your guitar. August 11, 2011 By Steve Scott & filed under More Woodworking Projects, Plans and Projects, Woodworking Projects. I would like to build a guitar from one of your kits? An article by Steve Scott in Fine Woodworking Magazine Maybe now its time to start. I found some videos online that were helpful too. These templates save hours of guitar building time. I’ve built a couple of guitars, mandolin, viola, violin, harp, marimba. Saved by Muse Printables. In 2006 I stumbled across the idea of a guitar template. Although I’ve done plenty of woodworking, the idea of creating the forms for a guitar body and mastering the many different things it took to make a guitar play well intimidated me. This way I can mix and match body shapes with pickup options very easily. Templates are a great way to build, not only for emulating your favorite models, but also for basing your own designs. And follow the prompts. This way I can mix and match body shapes with pickup options very easily. The experience has improved my woodworking skills in my more traditional work too. Perfect for the full time luthier or part time novice guitar builder. Make a Guitar Template - the Nuts & Bolts. Building a “new love” may be just the ticket. Cut out the shape and use it for coloring, crafts, stencils, and more. Trace the template over your cardboard, then cut. Turn your guitar on the other side and glue on the other strip for reinforcement. Guitar Templates. The system I use is developed for maximum flexibility. The body, however, is a different story. I’ve found that kits are a great entry point into guitar making. Woodworkers Guild of America Video Membership. Always wanted to build a guitar. Step 2 Cut two rectangles strips 1 1/2″x 16″ each. Make a Custom Guitar With Custom Templates: If you are just getting into building musical instruments or a professional luthier you should know that a good template is always the starting point to building a great instrument. Does anyone have recommendations for a good acoustic guitar kit for someone about to attempt it for the first time? I have desired to make my own guitar for many years, I have even mulled over the idea of a kit, but all the special tools and skills scared me very much. By the way, completing my own guitar also became the catalyst for learning to play. Great article. Thank you for contacting us. I have played and loved guitar and bass almost all of my life. Great fun to build and even more fun to play once you’re finished. The system I use is developed for maximum flexibility. For full template sets, I chose 1/2" MDF as a good balance between extra thickness (say no to 1/4" templates!) Step 3 Now glue one of your strips on the guitar and let dry. Just like most lutiers in the past I hand cut an shaped my templa… I recently joined forces with the folks at Fine Woodworking Magazine. I built the guitar from scratch and really enjoyed the experience of the challenge and accomplishment. I want to make a guitar for my Granddaughter! I have other guitars I would like to make my own. 6.3k. Joan Bin playing for 50 years now. and shipping weight. Would like to make one for my son-in-law. All my guitar building templates are either 1/2" or 3/4" MDF, with engraved center lines. The luthier community at large has been creating and sharing templates based on numerous popular models for a long time, but if you don’t know how to get it from PDF to MDF, there’s not much purpose. If you're going to build a great guitar, you need great tools.

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