Monitoring is the continuous observation of a project’s progress by systematically gathering key performance data for regular analysis (see Chapter 6. Remove obstacles. Determine which areas of the project you will closely monitor and evaluate. The purpose of an evaluation is to determine if there was a significant impact or change generated by the project. It shows whether things are going to plan and helps project managers to identify and solve problems quickly. This, usually, can only be measured in the long-run. If your project is long, consider carrying out an evaluation. As an ongoing process, monitoring determines how effectively project inputs convert into outputs. Plan for obstacles and remove the ones you can as soon as possible. Without a focus on improvement and learning, evaluation becomes a tick-box exercise; something that has to be done to please someone else. Eliminating as many risks and hindrances as you can will save your project valuable time and money. Evaluation can be a simple, do-it-yourself process, or a full-scale, professional study. Example 2: Raising awareness that domestic violence is a crime Project activities could include workshops, distribution of information to offenders and victims, school and community activities, media articles and interviews etc. While many nonprofits and INGOs may have Monitoring and Evaluation software, often, they are designed around a results-based framework. Implementation and monitoring). PROJECT EVALUATION ♦ Project monitoring focusing on activities and outputs and their contribution to outcomes. Monitoring is the regular collection of information about all project activities. Plans for monitoring and evaluation should be made at the beginning of an intervention development process. Evaluation, on the other hand, measures progress towards goals and objectives. In a business or other organization, the monitoring and evaluation system determines whether the organization is using its resources efficiently and effectively. Therefore, evaluations are recommended for projects that last at least more than two years. Monitoring and evaluating your project How to measure progress Two other brief examples are given below. Watch them closely to make sure the project is staying on track. Project monitoring and evaluation techniques use supervision, evaluation, appraisal and feedback to ensure that a project progresses toward its objectives and goals. Monitoring. Results based framework is often tightly coupled between different programs, focuses on project management with a strong emphasis on collecting activity and output results. The choice of how to evaluate a project or program is usually determined by: The scope of the project: A tiny one-day event doesn’t warrant big-time evaluation. These systems are often too simplistic that concentrates on managing … The better your monitoring and evaluation system, the more effective and competitive … The system collects information, evaluates project performance and compares it to goals and plans for the company and its departments. Evaluating projects, programmes – or even the work of your whole organisation – can be a transformational step in making sure the work you do is of the highest quality, making it as effective as possible, based on robust evidence. Annual project reviews focusing on outputs and outcomes.

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