Teepublic is as the name suggest mainly a t-shirt & clothing store, but just as the other stores on this list they also sells mugs, phone cases, wall art and a lot of other products. What many people do is they sell pattern designs in a package, there’s typically one pattern made into a variety of color combinations, it’s a easy way to offer a large pattern package without having to spend that much time creating the variations. A lot of this was learned through observation, trial and error, and the experience of others. 3. WeaveUp is a diverse, global marketplace where artists sell their designs. Hello, Quick but through video on what to look for when you are thrifting and come across a big box of sewing patterns. I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty much feel an uncut pattern through the envelope. She offers clothing, accessories, toys, decorations and many bag patterns, with her collection of patterns … Defiantly worth checking out and comparing to Spoonflowers before starting out on either platforms. To check out this course and a bunch of other pattern design content you can use my link to get 2 months for free on Skillshare. Then, six months or a year later, the pattern … We partner with companies around the globe to give designs visibility and help designers elevate their business. Create at least three copies of your design portfolio. This is certainly a roller coaster hot topic….every so often it comes back up again, and everyone discusses and dismisses it again by putting it in the too hard basket….I know myself if I see the “You must not make items from this pattern for sale” notice on a pattern… SBCC is a digital pattern company. Most people think of Mikasa as lower end china, but some of their patterns sell for surprisingly good money! Just because you have dreams of an eCommerce business doesn't mean you've fully decided on what you want to sell. 4. Hire an attorney to help you negotiate terms and licensing agreements if any companies choose to use your designs. Especially their All-Over T-shirts/Tanks, pillows and also many of their home decor products are great for pattern designs. In this guide we’re going to explore what options you have if you want to start selling surface pattern designs online, we’ll be talking about marketplaces, shops & services that let’s anyone get started with selling repeated pattern designs right now. Quite often, low demand patterns … Schools in the USA, Career Profiles: Fabric Designer. They pride themself with being a curated platform and I must agree that it shows (there’s much less low quality prints & less if any copyrighted material). How to sell fabric pattern designs on Spoonflower fabric, wallpaper, wrapping. Draw your patterns out as neatly and professionally as possible. A favourite among designers, Creative Market is a brilliant place to sell … Shopify is another option if you’d like to sell your own work, and Shopify let’s you open up your own shop to sell on. You can instead make a computer print or digital copies. Etsy is a site you're probably already very familiar with seeing as how it's insanely popular. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. PAOM is especially great for repeated pattern designs just because they’re able to print all over the products and not just a limited area (like most other print on demand shops), and that’s why PAOM is one of my favourites on this list. How to sell on Patternbank Selling your designs on Patternbank couldn’t be easier: click Join Now and when you receive a confirmation email, click on Become a Seller. Please contact me, if you find an error! Pattern is one of the top 5 third-party sellers on Amazon based on revenue and … There’s plenty of options for setting up a shop to sell your own products online, surface pattern designs are also great for things to sell, you can sell the pattern as a print, as a digital download, you can order or make your own products with your patterns on. Big Cartel has a monthly fee but they do not take any fees on your sale (unlike Etsy), depending on what your selling Big Cartel could be a great alternative to Etsy because of that. Vintage Pattern Websites: Sites like "Old Patterns" may purchase your vintage patterns. Find out in this course :) I have over 5000 vector repeat pattern designs selling across 12+ websites. Patterns come in a wide range of sizes. INPRNT is a bit different from other print on demand sites, here you need either a invitation or you have to apply and get accepted as an artist in order to set up your shop and start selling. We’re experts at helping brands create a profitable growth strategy on Amazon while helping them maintain brand control.

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