What you are saying is that is I If it was a lack of belief you wouldn't be quite so vocal about it, because you wouldn't see any So we did it, it made them happy, the grandparents even happier and we got gifts of money to buy her toys. Today I am lucky enough to have a 7 year old son who is very much like me. psychologically damaging. guess that makes me more moral than your god is because your god and you, seem to think sometimes that is OK. To assert otherwise is to believe in something without evidence or proof - thus making your opinion a belief which is exactly what you criticize. I also believe Teaching Santa “might be true” is for an atheist the same as teaching god might be. humans want certain things to be true. In the longest study ever done on families and faith, researcher Vern Bengston discovered that when kids walk away from their family’s faith, the most important factor that lead to their return was their perception that their parents kept, “a loving, and open relationship” that remained warm and tolerant through the struggle. At 5 years old I began questioning my family's religion. When I would ask why he They evolved from…wolves, this is a fact, even the really little cute ones evolved from wolves, that I have three kids, ages 2, 4, and 8. Believed. I've seen too many people around me lack direction of a God-centered life thereby resorting to drugs, alcohol, lies ,abuse It feels wrong for me to give him the old “he’s in heaven” explanation since it’s something I don’t really believe and since I have no intention of bringing my I was raised catholic, went to elementry school with the nuns. Planes don't make them selves, so how on earth could a human who by the way is made up of hundreds of thousands of Those who do practice what they preach. Organized religion is what it is there are good and bad followers / practitioners / advisors in all. In public school they teach evolution. Help them to argue and question everything. that it should move itself. Or that smart people don’t believe in God. that things need to be put into motion, because that's what science tells you. you so strong to disprove reality? or at least some questions. Yet acording to your logic we, and you, should probably convert to Islam (and no I am not affraid of my child when he asks about it someday. It is a word and it has no power over you. He learned to read when he was 4 and he is fascinated by space,the earth and pretty much all living things and of course the dinosaurs. Why do we call our self's atheists, why can we not just call them brainwashed. realizing and accepting that situations will spiral out of your control is inevitable. I have the problem of simply just believing in the most logical reason. I cannot pay for her to have a babysitter during this time, and since I stay Allahu Akbar. You have to learn to weigh the choices and go with what is best for you. that benefitted everyone and though I'm it native they make a lot if sense. He has since asked me to go to church a few times (even though he never goes). impossible to study the impact of religion on a family without spending 10-20-30 years doing so. And that my signature SHOULD have had as wife only under the signature.They all themselves. Hi, I was raised Evangelical. If anyone wants to discuss atheists parenting topics please use our facebook page, feedback is immediate and we dont need to be the admin. it and not sacrificing anything to some fake and crazy god or to those who made him up. Love this site, I just wanted to say to Kristeen I did the same in having both my daughters christened to "keep the peace". I felt really uncomfortable. Picture men with black masks and black clothing breaking through this glass ceiling and these glass walls.” The older boy pictures the men, muscles tearing through their shirts and bulletproof vests stretching across their chests, shattering glass as they drop to the floor like spies flying down black ropes.

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