fish example sentences. Cattle-rearing is not well developed, but game and fish are plentiful. Shell-fish form an important article of diet to both the Chinese and the aborigines along the coast - a species of Cyrena, a species of Tapes, Cytheraea petechiana and Modiola teres being most abundant. Here is the salmon leap, where the fish are trapped in large numbers, but also assisted to mount the fall by salmon-ladders. They include the mandible of a mastodon and a portion of a vertebra of a large fish, both found in the Lower Madison Valley; the skull and other parts of a dog (Mesocyon drummondanus), found near Drummond, Granite county; the skull of a Poatrephes paludicola, found near New Chicago,. Moreover, when at the pond, I wished sometimes to add fish to my fare for variety. Fish are so abundant on the coast that the cod is sometimes used as an emblem of the state; thus a figure of one hangs in the representatives' chamber at the State House. If extraordinary sentences are like sports plays, Fish is the Vin Scully of great writing.” - Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, authors of "They Say/I Say", “Coming up with all-or-nothing arguments is simply what Fish does; and, in a sense, one of his most important contributions to the study of literature is that temperament…Whether people like Fish or not, though, they tend to find him fascinating.” - The New Yorker. A gate in the valley, known as the Fish Gate, opened on a road which, leading from the north, went down the Tyropoeon valley to the southern part of the city. To the second century, lastly, belongs in part the evidence of the catacombs, on the walls of which are depicted persons reclining at tables supporting a fish, accompanied by one or more baskets of loaves, and more rarely by flasks of wine or water. Sugarmaking, the distillation of rice-spirit, silk-weaving, fishing and the preparation of a fish-sauce (nuoc-mam) made from decayed fish, and the manufacture of salt from sea-water and of lime are carried on in many localities. and is a freshwater fish, although examples are exceptionally taken in British estuaries and in the Baltic; some specimens are handsomely marbled with dark brown, with black blotches on the back and dorsal fins. The fish are sea-trout, lake-trout, pike and perch. The New York Times columnist and world-class professor has long been an aficionado of language. Fish, Stanley Eugene. Provisions taken to Newfoundland, poor fish to the West Indies, molasses to New England, rum to Africa and good cod to France and Spain, were the commonest ventures of foreign trade. How to use fish in a sentence. These are not the same fish but different races. Owing to its excellent harbour Baku is a chief depot for merchandise coming from Persia and Transcaspia - raw cotton, silk, rice, wine, fish, dried fruit and timber - and for Russian manufactured goods. 'Invous X ptar6s, Oeou `Tuffs, 16 y TIJp, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour, which together spell the Greek word for "fish," ix9vs. Any book that tells you who to write, how to put together words that are related and complete one another in logical way, is worth reading. dobula), a freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae. I caught fish with hook and line and pole. Large quantities of fresh fish caught in lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba are exported to all parts of the United States. 5, 6) on the gills of various fresh-water fish; and a large number of genera occur on the skin, cloaca and gills of Elasmobranchs and other marine fish. It became necessary to enforce the terms of that convention, under which the fishermen of the United States could not pursue their avocations within the three miles' limit, tranship cargoes of fish in Canadian ports, or enter them except for shelter, water, wood or repairs. Another well-known bed, formerly known as the "Bristol" or "Lias" Bone Bed, exists in the form of several thin layers of micaceous sandstone, with the remains of fish and saurians, which occur in the Rhaetic Black Paper Shales that lie above the Keuper marls in the south-west of England. It belongs not on the shelf of your home library but in your brain’s most deep-seated amphibian sensemaking underbelly.” - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings, “[Fish’s] approach is genially experiential—a lifelong reader’s engagement whose amatory enthusiasm is an attempt to overthrow Strunk & White’s infamous insistences on grammar by rote.” - New York Observer, “In this small feast of a book Stanley Fish displays his love of the English sentence. Sometime she would have to get out the old cane pole and fish like she used to. Fish abound in its waters, which are sweet, save at low-level, when they become brackish. Fish of excellent quality and in great quantities abound on the coast. How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One by Stanley Fish. He has also taught at the University of California at Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, and Duke University. Now I do. He has to be out there, caught in the seaweed at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay, with the fish and crabs having a party, getting as bloated as the fat Wassermann twin lying on the slab at the Norfolk morgue. The metacestode-larva occurs free in the intestine of fish, Cephalopods and crabs, and is known as Scolex polymorphus. The principal imports are grain and agricultural produce, timber and coal, and the exports cement and fish. year, and the continuous frost of winter is favourable to F the transportation of fish for great distances. This seller has earned a 2 of 5 Stars rating from Biblio customers. Freshwater fish, consisting mostly of catfish, buffalo fish, bass, sunfish and drum, are common in the lower courses of the rivers. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. New York Times Bestseller Both deeper and more democratic than The … Good sentences promise nothing less than lessons and practice in the organization of the world. VEGETARIANISM, a comparatively modern word, which came into use about the year 1847, as applied to the practice of living upon foods from which fish, flesh and fowl are excluded. It was difficult to be sure as to the variations in the actual number of fish caught, but it was easy to show that there was a real variability in the yield of cod-liver oil (an important product of the fishery). Such boats have been in use since the beginning of the '8th century. best offers and opportunities. By boiling the livers at a somewhat high temperature, "unracked" cod oil is obtained, containing a considerable quantity of "stearine"; this fat, which separates on cooling, is sold as "fish stearine" for soapmaking, or as "fish-tallow" for currying. They derived their sustenance chiefly from pork and fish (both fresh and dried), from seaweed (limu), and from the kalo (Colocasia antiquorum, var.

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