Yoga has introduced me to an entirely new network of friends. told me about Yoga Nidra, and how it became a key part of her own IBS recovery. Because I am soo much like you! I’m calmer and my self-control increased a lot. Without really realising it at the time, I was almost starting to lose myself and my identity in this big old world. I’d gone through several supplement and diet based gut – healing protocols under their guidance with no success, and I was starting to feel like there was a missing piece to the puzzle. There’s a level of authenticity that I’ve fully embraced and am comfortable in my skin no matter the time, place, or uncertainty of the situation. Don’t forget to share this to social media by posting a link with the following image: It’s teaching me patience and compassion and that it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Try not to move at all (unless instructed to do something) because you want your. How meditation and yoga changed my life!!! Hanging out in bare feet for hours (and sometimes being asked to place them on another practitioner for a partner pose) made me give in to fancy feet (though it's certainly not a requirement!). But I think the most remarkable part of my experience was that I felt deeply transformative, lasting effects throughout my day afterward. I don’t sit in class and hope or try to make an emotional release happen. Through yoga and the art of conscious breathing, I didn’t become so fixated on all of my thoughts and the frequency of them occurring decreased tenfold. There was a nagging voice that used to tell me I wasn't good enough, but that voice has been silenced (or at least severely muffled), and that's a major change. When you’re healthier, happier and thinking clearly, you’re nicer to be around. I am so very blessed to be on this path :)”. Yoga has changed my life from a party seeker to a yoga bunny. Please leave your feedback in the comments below . That clears your mind and gives you plenty of room to think about personal growth and development. I spent my life being afraid of what might happen, but I flew to Asia twice this year after more than 20 years of not boarding an airplane due to my fear of flying. Ahimsa (non- harming) is part of yoga, and the more I practiced the less I had a hankering for burgers, hot dogs, or even fish! I’m able to live more fully in the present moment and therefore enjoy life. Yoga taught me that letting go is part of life: Without acceptance of this simple fact, we suffer. The reason I still wasn’t making progress with my health, was because – despite my intentions to take it slow – I was still locked in “GO” & “DO” mode. I can only compare it to the second (not first) time I read it goes from 0 – 100, and before I even know it I’ve grabbed my phone and started responding to messages, scrolling on social media, listing all the things I need to do that day, and agonizing about what order to do them in. If you start to slip back into thinking about obligations / worries again, when you notice you’ve lost focus, just gently acknowledge it and then re-direct your concentration back to the instructors voice and guidance. Meditation yoga has changed my life. Even if you can only lie still for 15 minutes or less, even, that’s still great for your body and mind! It changed my entire approach towards my body and began my journey into using a holistic approach to managing endometriosis. Here are the top 5 benefits I’ve received since embarking on my personal yoga journey: . Some classes, whether consciously or unconsciously, I experience an emotional release. You simply sit in a chair with your eyes closed for about 20 minutes twice a day. The mindset change is probably another big part of how meditation changed my life. Because I’m noticing more and more aware of what’s going on in my own body and my environment, I think before I speak or judge myself and notice when I criticize myself — which results in me being more compassionate. How has yoga impacted your life? Because like many, especially young people, I subconsciously feel the unspoken pressure from society and family to perform and achieve. Yoga isn't just about pretzel shapes and handstands, it's about recognizing and nourishing the light that resides within. Hello Everyone. We work a lot on the navel center, the core area or third chakra, which builds our will power, confidence, and resolve. 12) Last, but not least, yoga has helped me accept myself. Sounds kind of horrible, I know, but it’s true. Perhaps you are in need of a refreshing detox retreat, or simply a relaxing and luxurious stay in paradise which offers you spa treatments, sightseeing tours and daily yoga classes. So I felt lighter and brighter inside. A lot. I’ve developed bad back pain over the years from sitting at a computer and desk most days and often nights and sometimes weekends. Yunguilla Valley, Ecuador | Yoga Teacher Training. If I was to put stressful situations on a spectrum, here are some of the tools that I use: After a meditation yoga class, my body feels like it’s flowing, like things are less stuck or hard in my body. It’s hard not to be constantly in a bad mood when you constantly feel so miserable! I noticed myself smiling more and suddenly I was craving vegetables and picking out colourful sundresses to wear. We want to help professionals remain in their chosen professions longer and help them find joy in their careers and in their lives. I also notice that I’m comfortable being alone with my thoughts, which isn’t always the case. In closing, living in modern society requires each and everyone of us to have a daily practice on some level. I am so much more able to look after myself and my actions objectively and recognise my weaknesses.”. Back home I could feel myself boomeranging towards bad habits and so when a new friend from the trip suggested I give meditation a whirl I thought “why not.” He recommended the London Meditation Centre, co-founded by Jillian Lavender and Michael Miller who teach Vedic meditation - a non-religious, mantra-based method and suggested I go to a free intro talk and report back. We need to do the opposite – a counterbalance to the over-excitation and hectic pace of life. sharing my health journey with interstitial cystitis and "IBS", “Oh boy, here we go again … yet ANOTHER person telling me to meditate / do yoga / work on my mind to help manage my painful physical symptoms.”. The vast benefits lingered throughout my days, longer than what I merely experienced during the calming, hypnotic state itself. Watch your breathing at work, at home, in traffic, at the gym, outside, when you’re spending time with your family and when you’re in line at the grocery store for example. I began to laugh freely again, to be silly, and spontaneous like I used to be. I had many different personalities that I found myself switching back and forth between. breathing practices for deeper calming, strengthening, stabilizing and energizing. The poem below sums up my journey in life over the last 10 years, and yoga was the key that unlocked the door.

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