Share page. Hon. Linea del Tiempo de la Historia del Dibujo Técnico, Most Important Events of the 21st Century, linea del tiempo de la alquimia hasta la química moderna. Browne is appointed Chairman of the JBPA and has the unenviable task of restoring stability to the industry. This is essential at a time when the industry is again on the rise. Williams, succeed in preserving the status quo and for the first time since the war, commercial exports resume and British consumers are able to enjoy the high quality Jamaican product again. It then hit Sabine, Texas with winds of 120 mph. This results in a name change from the historic Jamaica Banana Producers Association to the more inclusive Jamaica Producers Group. Damage:$108 billion.Deaths: 1833, Most of the damage and fatalities occurred in New Orleans where the levee system failed. The Group continues to evolve, and after five rewarding years, JP (along with our partner PanJam) exits the coffee business by divesting Mavis Bank Coffee Factory. The company continues to innovate, establishing a fresh juice factory in Wales. Banana exports have skyrocketed to an all-time high of 360,000 tons, claiming 50% of the value of the island’s total exports. Winds gusted to nearly 150 mph as Gilbert produced a 9-foot storm surge along Jamaica’s northeast coast. Under his watch, significant advances in resuscitating the industry take place with the company’s investment in some 3,600 acres of banana estates and a major, successful, diversification thrust. In 1924, the Rev. After a little over 20 years, JP exits the production of juice in the U.K. and fixes its eye on Holland’s leading fresh juice and smoothie manufacturer. With Jablum and Tortuga now a part of the Group, a third investment one year later sees JP adding a 25% shareholding in Kingston Wharves Limited, to its portfolio. In 1988, Hurricane Gilbert one of the worst hurricanes to hit the island, devastates the banana industry with the destruction of thousands of acres of bananas. Damage:$12.1 billion. JBPA’s diversification into food production and marketing now makes it the largest employer in the English speaking Caribbean. The Group relocates its corporate headquarters from New Kingston to the waterfront area of Kingston where our story began in 1929. The new shipping terminal is specifically constructed to receive fruit imports from JBPA. As luck or serendipity would have it, F.H. Hurricane Elena hit on late August and dissipated on early September.Elena intensified to hurricane strength on the 29th over the open water of the southeast Gulf of Mexico. Important support comes from the Pringle family, the largest banana producers in Jamaica at the time. The banana business is nationalised by the Jamaican Government and a new government company the Jamaica Merchant Marine Atlantic takes over the business of banana shipping. As part of its shift to diversify away from bananas JP divests its majority stake of 65% in JP Fruit Distributors Ltd. Hoogesteger Fresh Specialist B.V. means that the company now has the largest fresh juice company in Europe. It is often compared to 1969's Hurricane Camille, because like Camille, it was also a Category 5 storm. Hurricane Opal was a category 4 hurricane and hit on September 26 1995. his late season storm rapidly developed into a very strong Category Four Hurricane before weakening to a strong Category Three Hurricane when it came ashore near Pensacola, Florida in October, 1995. The highest sustained winds recorded were in Jamamica at 116 mph, with gusts to 140 mph. SUNJUICE, is at the vanguard of the diversification thrust of the JBPA and its quality range of fresh juices and smoothies become one of the company’s core business units. By now the company, while maintaining its roots in banana production locally, continues to make visionary investments in other industries. With the expanded Panama Canal in mind, the company ups the ante and increases its shares in Kingston Wharves to 42% making JP the largest shareholder. Hurricane Gilbert was an extremely powerful tropical cyclone that formed during the 1988 Atlantic hurricane season, peaked as a Category 5 strength hurricane that brought widespread destruction to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and is tied with 1969's Hurricane Camille as the second-most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall in the Atlantic Ocean. Share. Damage:$29.1 billion. The Early Days. JP enters into an agreement to sell its interest in SAJE Logistics Infrastructure Limited (formerly Shipping Association of Jamaica Property Limited). The company eventually becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Jamaica Producers. This is the costliest hurricane that hit the U.S. Hurricane Rita hit on September 18 2005 and dissipated on September 26 2005. 1859 - In the begining. This leads to a large public meeting at the historic Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston. Damage done:$1.3 billion. The damage is $3.55 billion.5th costliest hurricane to ever hit the U.S. Hurricane Ivan was a category 5 hurricane that hit on September 2 2004 and dissipated on September 24 2004. IT formed on August 16 1992 and dissipated on August 28 1992.After Andrew cut its historic path of destruction and devastation through southern Florida, it exited the southwestern part of the state as a Category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Hazards and Impacts; Mitigation and Preparation to Response and Recovery; History . They lead the way for others to follow by contracting all their fruit to JBPA. It continues to be a bumper year for the company with the introduction of pineapple farming as the first step to becoming a multi crop producer. The move sees JP joining a growing list of significant Jamaican public and private enterprises that are prepared to invest in the infrastructure development and revitalize this important part of our city. The JP Marketing Company, later renamed JP Fruit Distributors, a subsidiary of JBPA Ltd., is established in the U.K. Kingston Wharves is the leading multi-purpose port in the Caribbean. The storm went on to cause death and destruction in Mexico and spur a batch of tornadoes in Texas. It is the same year, however, that JBPA continues to expand its logistics business. Herbert Hart, one of the pioneers of the famous Jamaican Tia Maria brand and serving Deputy Manager of the JBPA, is appointed Managing Director and brings his keen understanding of labour relations to the table. The St. Mary brand of banana and other tropical chips is introduced, taking its name from the parish that is synonymous with Jamaican bananas…and the company. Hurricane Allen became a very intense hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico, the Carribean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Under this agreement both parties would become “friendly” competitors, ensuring the stability of the industry. The proceeds of the sale will be used to continue to invest in strong Food & Drink and Logistics & Infrastructure businesses. Robertson first General Manager of the Jamaica Producers Association (JBPA) goes on a family vacation to the United Kingdom (U.K.) which he turns into a rigorous investigation of the banana trade from that end. The Jamaica Planter III is commissioned into service to rebuild the fleet which has consisted of charters since the war. The move makes JP Shipping a fully integrated logistics company. There is also a change at the helm of the company as Dr. Marshall Hall, academic and prominent business executive, assumes the position of Managing Director. The lowest pressure was 911 millibar. Hurricane Gilbert was a category 5 hurricane. Determined not to rest on their laurels JP maintains its high standards and in the next years both Eastern Banana Estates Ltd. and St. Mary Banana Estates Ltd. acquire ISO14001 certification as well as EUREGAP, Global Gap and Fairtrade certifications. Just eight years after the first Producers’ banana chips hit the market, the company turns to the Caribbean for the establishment of Antillean Foods Inc. in the Dominican Republic to produce its line of tropical snacks.

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