DD was reading a bottle of Dove soap She said it said dove (like dove into the water not dove the bird) because of a split digraph makes the O the name and not the sound. He ran his hand across my back and said "You're so cute, I'd like to take you home and lock you in my basement naked so you can't leave" and walked out. FML, Today, I went to buy beer underage for a party to impress a girl. FML, Today, I responded to an emergency call for an intoxicated 83-year-old man with chest pains. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Dove seems relatively rare as a past participle in writing. nevaagain However, my coworkers figure I'm just sleeping with the boss, and constantly glare and snicker behind my back. Just as I overtook him in turn, my wife rolled down her window, pulled out her tampon, and launched it at the kid. So hard! Dove and dived are interchangeable, but those following US conventions should use dove, while those following UK conventions should use dived. Dove can be used like dived, as in the sentences below: I waited for half an hour, and then dove into the ocean. DD was reading a bottle of Dove soapShe said it said dove (like dove into the water not dove the bird) because of a split digraph makes the O the nam mirandaonmusic at gmail dot com, street team/press inquiries Historically speaking, dived has been considered the appropriate conjugation, but dove has grown in popularity and become more popular in American English. Dived has traditionally been considered correct, but dove has become widely accepted in American English. I hate his guts. - United States - Westminster. If you’re one of those types that can’t sit through an introduction than just stop right now. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dive. No was using that as an example so I could explain how she was sounding it.I did the love thing! Thank you, your FML was submitted it will appear in moderation soon ! Glamor or Glamour – What’s the Difference? [Los Angeles Times] In June 2008, John David Pearce of Fort Erie, Ont., dove into a swift current to save a woman from drowning. Did the guy save you? That's definitely one I'd plan to leave until later in year 1 unless a child brings it up. Dive, in the most literal sense of its verb form, means to plunge oneself headfirst into a body of water. Particularly for the 15% who can't read well for no other reason than they haven't been taught. FML, Today, I found out my husband has been sleeping with one of the women in our marriage counselling group. That is What I Said (And I Dove Into the Water) by Oulipo (August 16, 2011) If you're one of those types that can't sit through an introduction than just stop right now. Whenever I ask him to play a D or any D scale, he stops just to snicker and say, "Ha ha. FML, Today, I realised that the only thing that's got fucked since I started uni is my sleep cycle. When boiling a pot of water is it more cost effective to fill the pot with hot water from the tap or cold water? In this article, I will compare dived vs. dove and use each in a sentence. Personally I think the "look and say" method of reading that was used when I was a child in the early '60s is a better teaching method. Blame drive. Don’t use this space for discussions, advertising or spam, or for posting anything which isn’t an FML. In the United States dived and dove are both widespread in speech as past tense and past participle, with dove less common than dived in the south Midland area, and dived less common than dove in the Northern and north Midland areas. DD was reading a bottle of Dove soapShe said it said dove (like dove into the water not dove the bird) because of a split digraph makes the O the name and not the sound. FML, Today, while I was driving home, some jackass in an open-top sports car overtook us and flipped me off. why would she be wereing a bakini if she was fat? FML, By loser. In writing, the past tense dived is usual in British English and somewhat more common in American English. As Violet. Whole language is a fairly unique invention to English speaking countries. - United States - Basking Ridge, By Split digraphs, split 'e's, graphemes, CVCs; how many of us knew what they were at the age of 6?English is ridiculous language! I dove into the water incorrectly yesterday, and all of the impact was taken my the right side of my head. FML, Today, I went to the store to buy some condoms for my girlfriend, Kim and I. I was in a rush and when I looked at the cashier realized it was her father. Even if you wear a swimsuit that fits it still can come off.

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