Right-of-way acquisition (if needed). Pipe replacements and extension, and ditch grading will occur to improve drainage. • Contact Dan Harelson at Dan.Harelson@itd.idaho.gov or call (208) 239-3377. This road will be closed to traffic at the pipe crossing location during construction with a detour. • Realigning the ramps to improve sight distance. ITD will ask for the community’s input throughout the project. 356 580 470 897 748 753 560 753 This process will determine if corridor conditions or regulatory policies have changed that would affect the design of the project. How does widening the road impact speeding? [/PDF /Text /ImageC] When the improvements are made to widen SH-75, we expect some of the current northbound congestion north of Elkhorn Road to move north and closer to town. Please click here for the full press release. The Idaho Transportation Department is developing plans to improve capacity and safety on Idaho 75 between Elkhorn Road and River Street in Ketchum. >> However, local traffic and services (mail, garbage, and emergency services) will be provided access. Several bridges on Interstate 15 in Pocatello were rehabilitated. /ViewerPreferences << endobj Purple Sage Road to Goodson Road Freezeout Road: Between Willis and Purple Sage Road. • Replacing 8 inches of cracked pavement and eliminating soft spots under the surface. Whether it is maintaining highways and bridges, or building new infrastructure, the Idaho Transportation Department and our transportation partners are committed to keeping Idaho goods, agricultural products and services moving during these times. /FontName /DDACTR+SegoeUISymbol The Idaho Transportation will start work next month on a major project to revamp about a mile of Highway 55 north of Smiths Ferry. Any improvements to the intersection must be consistent with the intent of the 2008 Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision. • Replacing 9.6 inches of cracked pavement and eliminating soft spots under the surface. COMPLETE: Several northbound bridges on Interstate 15 in Inkom were rehabilitated in 2017. << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 19516 /Length1 84892 >> 531 315 930 0 570 0 0 229 Acquire project permits. (Link) In addition to evaluating the EIS/ROD proposed improvements, ITD intends to evaluate both a signalized intersection and a roundabout style intersection at this location. �6A���W��A����f�è�"΢��. During the June 2020 Community Discussion Meeting, many commented that they would like ITD to consider widening Idaho 75 to 4 lanes from Serenade Lane to River Street, but others liked the proposed 3-lane roadway section in the EIS/ROD. Pipe replacements and extension, and ditch grading will occur to improve drainage. ITD repaired bridges on Interstate 15 between Arimo and McCammon. Watch a video from Project Manager Nathan Jerke about the outcomes from the first community discussion. The Idaho Transportation Department will soon begin construction work on a stretch of State Highway 55 north of Smiths Ferry, and the project won’t be completed until the winter of 2022 – at the earliest. Kingsbury Road: Between Hwy 44 to Foothill Road. Yes. /LastChar 255 ITD could adjust speed limits at that time based on the 85th percentile speeds (speed at or below which 85 percent of drivers will operate). This decision was made in 2008 based on the community’s request to retain the character of Idaho 75 entering the Ketchum urban area. The pipe will be extended and realigned to improve irrigation maintenance and roadside clearance. >> Complete environmental review. and Ustick Rd. /FitWindow false construction This projects involves a road overlay and sealcoat on Idaho Highway 25 from Tige... New Feature - Construction. %PDF-1.3 /FontBBox [ -513 -789 1961 1499 ] Roadwork is a necessary part of improving transportation in Ada County. ITD and the Federal Highway Administration are obligated to improve our transportation system to meet the needs of the future. A new asphalt plant mix pavement surface will be constructed on the 1.2 miles of roadway. Bids must be received at department headquarters by 2:00pm on the stated The work will take more than two years to complete, with one-way traffic and road closures on the primary route between Boise and McCall. ITD repaved nine miles of Interstate 15 between McCammon and Inkom. This road will be closed to traffic at the pipe crossing location during construction with a detour. Based on the EIS/ROD and as a part of this project, ITD intends to post the speed limit at 35 mph from Hospital Drive to Serenade Lane, and 25 mph from Serenade Lane to River Street. 19725 SH-3 MIDDLE FORK POTLATCH CR BR, Key No. Project: This project consists of road base improvement by pulverizing the existing failing asphalt pavement and leaving it in place to provide additional gravel based depth. This is particularly true since many comments we receive are in conflict with one another. A full summary of comments is also available. /CenterWindow false You've got questions, we've got answers! Middleton City Limits to Purple Sage Road << Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the snowplow driver to raise the blade in front of the hundreds of driveways and approaches along Idaho 75. 3 0 obj 2 0 obj 347 424 338 565 479 722 458 483 522 522 242 242 242 242 559 565 • Rehabilitate the Fort Hall Main Canal bridges once the canal is dry. /CapHeight 500 Snow removal in the Wood River Valley is a critical and challenging task. This road will be closed to traffic at the pipe crossing location during construction with a detour. Through a method called Cold-in-Place Recycling, ITD reused the old pavement in the new roadway. Guardrail along the bridges was upgraded. Each comment is reviewed by ITD and members of the design team. • Project details, For the construction information on I-15 projects: 753 753 753 753 753 684 753 687 Finalize environmental review and proposed improvements. 216 216 684 684 684 448 955 645 Evaluating current corridor conditions, regulatory policies and the 2008 concept design. A new polymer coated 64”x 43” corrugated metal pipe arch. Please. 424 315 927 0 452 552 273 284 The City of Nampa has 17 major road construction projects scheduled for 2020. This will be followed by construction of a new asphalt plant mix pavement surface on 2.0 miles of roadway. To Revise or Withdraw bids, please use the following paper forms: Request to Withdraw Bid Prior to Bid Opening, Key No. 539 539 539 539 539 539 539 539 However, local traffic and services (mail, garbage, and emergency services) will be provided access. COMPLETE: I-15 Fort Hall to Burns Road Resurfacing. Is there a longer-term plan to have four lanes from Serenade to River Street? Willis Road to Purple Sage Road This road will be closed during construction; however, local traffic and services (mail, garbage, and emergency services) will be provided access. The Osgood Interchange is located north of Idaho Falls. 565 565 565 483 587 483 ] /Kids [19 0 R 23 0 R 26 0 R 29 0 R 32 0 R 35 0 R 38 0 R 41 0 R 44 0 R 47 0 R 50 0 R 53 0 R 56 0 R 59 0 R 62 0 R 65 0 R 68 0 R 71 0 R 74 0 R 77 0 R 80 0 R ] 687 687 687 552 560 543 508 508 • Replacing rumble strips and upgrading guardrail. The speed limit on Idaho 75 is currently 45 mph from Hospital Drive to Elkhorn Road and 35 mph from Elkhorn Road to Gem Street. • Repairing Portneuf Bridges near Inkom. 508 508 508 508 832 461 522 522 The figures included in the online Community Discussion Meeting showed only the proposed improvements included in the 2008 Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision (EIS/ROD). • Resurfacing the pavement to provide a new smooth surface. 392 590 539 818 800 229 301 301 • Improving vertical clearance under the Sand Road Overpass, Ferry Butte Road Overpass and Willie Road Overpass. This road will be closed to thru traffic during construction with a detour. A coated 117”X79” corrugated metal pipe arch will be installed with concrete headwalls. • Jensen Road (Exit 44) An 18” PVC pipe will replace a deteriorated pipe in the drain located approximately 600’ north of Hwy 44. Based on ITD’s standard practice, a speed study will be conducted sometime after the project is completed. COMPLETE: I-15 Spencer to Montana State Line Project. The proposed improvements in the EIS/ROD include constructing the new Trail Creek bridge wide enough for 4 lanes, although it would be striped for 3 lanes initially.

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