The cost to the Member authorising the transfer will be $5 US per 1,000 Points transferred, and can only be paid for by a valid, accepted credit card or approved payment method. Please try again later or contact the IHG ® Rewards Club Customer Care Centre for assistance. If you're a journalist and want to get in touch or find out more about Creation, you can contact us directly. Hotel reservations You can make, view, modify or cancel reservations on our booking website. InterContinental Hotels | IHG Rewards Club and Intercontinental Ambassador - IHG Premium Visa card [UK] (was PC Rewards Black Visa Card) - I echo most of what @ adobbing has said in his post. Please note this is for media enquiries only. Apply now for your Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card. If you get your IHG platinum status for the £99 annual fee, it's time to switch to the new card. I had issues right from the start with this card, when it was confirmed in… Continue Reading I bought if you don’t want the credit card for long term use, feel free to sign up for the free IHG Rewards Club Mastercard and get your 20,000 bonus points. Representative example: When you spend £1,200 at a purchase rate of 22.9% (variable) p.a., your representative rate is 22.9% APR (variable). The downside of this is the comparatively expensive £99 per annum fee. Click here to read 7 customer reviews of Barclaycard IHG Reward Club, rated 4.29 by real people like you on Smart Money People. 140,000 bonus points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. No coffee in room or in lobby. The IHG Rewards Club Traveler Credit Card is a no-annual-fee card that earns points toward IHG hotel stays. Enjoy all the benefits of being an IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Cardmember. Individual travellers don’t have to dip into their personal finances, they simply use their Business Advantage Account card to check-in and pay. InterContinental Hotels | IHG Rewards Club and Intercontinental Ambassador - IHG Premium Visa card [UK] (was PC Rewards Black Visa Card) - I'm wondering if it's because <6 months since you last had the card? IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card Why should you get this card? Just click the links below and sign in to your account. I had to go to desk and ask for coffee. Please check your details and try again. If you are a customer please contact us here Available at over 350+ hotels in the UK, it can provide free credit on stays, corporate hotel discounts, traveller rewards and also manage expenses. I like to keep things pretty positive here at InsideFlyer UK, but occasionally the odd rant does the soul good! Programs: BAEC GGL, HHonors Diamond, IHG Uninspired, SPG Plat, Hyatt Diamond, Accor Plat, UK AMEX Plat Posts: 1,755 Not sure if it's a dedicated platinum number or not, but there's an IHG Rewards Club number printed on the back of my Platinum card. They are without doubt the worst financial institution I have ever The IHG Priority Club associated card is switching from Barclaycard to Creation on 20 April 2017. 2 IHG Rewards Club point for every £1 spent in the UK. Get closer to your next reward with the IHG ® Rewards Club Credit Cards. If you spend £10,000 or more on purchases during the year (not including refunds, reversals, or charge backs) by the anniversary of the date your IHG Rewards Club Premium Credit Card was issued, you will receive an Anniversary Night Voucher † . If you need more help, contact Customer Service or IHG directly. Pool closed and green. We use cookies on our website. TV in lobby not working. IHG ® Business Advantage account: This FREE payment solution means there’s no need to arrange credit at individual hotels and process numerous invoices. Whether you're not happy with the service you've received or delighted - we'd love to hear from you. You can make payments, track spending, get alerts and more anytime. Tried to contact Creation for many days now, to try an InterContinental Hotels | IHG Rewards Club and Intercontinental Ambassador - IHG Premium Visa card [UK] (was PC Rewards Black Visa Card) - My £82.50 refund hit the account With the Chase IHG Credit card, you can earn IHG rewards and a Reward Night at IHG hotels worldwide. Encryption failed Not all fields could be encrypted, please try again or later. Best credit card providers for customer service Best credit card customer service overall: Discover Discover is ranked first by the J.D. 4 IHG Rewards Club points for every £1 spent abroad. 2 IHG Rewards Club points for every £1 spent at any IHG location in the UK and 2 IHG Rewards Club points for every £1 spent abroad. Learn more More things to know: 140,000 bonus points if you spend $ They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, so we can improve our browsing experience and marketing - both for you and for others. Follow the instructions to transfer points here or call your regional IHG Rewards This may be due to Discover’s advertised 100% US Making every day purchases with your credit card can bring you closer to earning amazing rewards such as hotel stays, electronic gadgets, housewares and more. InterContinental Hotels | IHG Rewards Club and Intercontinental Ambassador - IHG Premium Visa card [UK] (was PC Rewards Black Visa Card) - Originally Posted by rumbataz First negative for me with Creation: customer service is not open at weekends. The card offers many beneficial perks for frequent IHG travelers, but it may not be worth a Chase 5/24 slot unless you stay at IHG hotels … The sign-up bonus is still showing as 5,000 miles and the earning rate still shows as 1.25 miles per £1. Today my ire is focused on the unfortunately named ‘Customer Service’ department for the IHG Premium Mastercard issued by Creation. IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card overview The IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card currently offers a 140,000-point sign-up bonus and waived annual fee for the first year (then $89). You would imagine that the credit card industry would be in a better place than most at the moment. room upgrades when available and a dedicated customer service line.

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