-It was used as a dye for cotton garments and for jean (or denim). -During the Middle Ages, indigo continued to be an important color and a substitute for the tone obtained from another plant was achieved. There are records of its use in civilizations such as the Egyptian, Roman and Greek, as well as in Peru and Iran. -Due to the complex extraction process, the color was only reserved for the Pharaoh. Indigo dye. The indigo color would have originated in the Andes of Peru 6000 years ago. Isaac Newton named and defined indigo as a spectrum color when he divided up the spectrum into the seven colors of the rainbow. -It is said that its exposure allows to overcome the fear of the dark, and it is also used for the treatment of mental illnesses. Indigo blue (also known as indigo) is one of the seven colors of the rainbow (or of the visible light spectrum) that corresponds to one of the darkest and deepest shades of blue and violet, and was added by Isaac Newton . Despite taking this step, the process was not considered economical enough to lead to industrialization.

-In pre-Columbian times the Mayans came up with a type of dye with these same tone characteristics, which was later called Maya blue. The spectral range of indigo is between 450 and 420 nanometers. The color shown at right, electric indigo, is the closest color it is possible to display on a computer to the color of the indigo color band in the rainbow. In Magic and Esotericism from centraloterica.com. In Magic and Esotericism. What is the color indigo or indigo. The indigo blue color (also known as indigo) is one of the seven colors of the rainbow (or the spectrum of visible light) that corresponds to one of the darkest and deepest shades of blue and violet, and was added by Isaac Newton.

Therefore, it was visible as a way to demonstrate its importance in the social and political hierarchy. In Meaning of Dreams. Modern sources place indigo in the electromagnetic spectrum between 420 and 450 nanometers, which lies on the short-wave side of color wheel (RGB) blue, towards (spectral) violet. -From the religious point of view (specifically in the Hindu religion) the indigo corresponds to the chakra of the third eye. Indigo was one of the most used colors in antiquity, both in the textile industry and in printing. Retrieved: April 3, 2018. In Moda Argentina de ciaindumentaria.com.ar. In Argentine Fashion. It should be noted that indigo as a dye is different from the tone used in other platforms, whether printed or digital. On Wikipedia. In 1555 it appeared as a common word in our language. (s.f.). -It also means spirituality, facts of life, knowledge, intuition, imagination and perception beyond the obvious. Due to this, the oxidation of the plant takes place and the particular shade between dark blue and violent is produced. (s.f.). Indigo: the color that changed the world. (s.f.). The historical background of indigo can be understood by presenting the following events: -Recent studies have affirmed that the oldest uses of color were made in the Peruvian Andes, 1500 years before the Egyptians, so this could be considered as the oldest use of indigoid dyes in the world.

From this a paste is obtained that can be used to dye any type of material.

On the other hand, the term originates from the Latin indicus or "from India", to refer to the name of the dye that was imported from that country.

New Age beliefs such as having the ability to achieve a greater level of consciousness are … Therefore, despite these differences -especially in terms of tone-, glasto and indigo are considered synonymous with indigo.

Indigo was one of the most used colors …

Until the end of the s. XIX and principles of the s. XX indigo was a color that was only obtained naturally.

-It is also used to give the deep tone to wool. (s.f.).

However, the first breakthrough was made by the German chemist Adolf von Baeyer, who managed to obtain the first result of artificial indigo. In What is the… Retrieved: April 3, 2018. Retrieved: April 3, 2018. Indigo, with its more-blue than purple, rich color has been associated with of intuition and perception and is helpful in opening the third eye. -After the conquest in America, the indigo plantations in Venezuela, Jamaica and South Carolina were the main sources of raw material for obtaining indigo. Currently, a large number of meanings have been associated with this color, depending on the specific use that is made and the cultural context that is being taken into consideration. However, some authors indicate that this use of terms is due to the confusion about obtaining the color by means of three different plants, which were subjected to the same dye extraction process. On Quora.

According to the basic colors of the additive and subtractive synthesis, this color has its own characteristics. -In the S. In the 19th century, the color was obtained through synthetic procedures that allowed its wide use in various parts of the world and for many years, up to the present day. Indigo was formerly known as indigo and glasto. On Quora at es.quora.com. In fact, it is estimated that the first works carried out with this color were made in India, a place that also served as a starting point for the spread of this to various places in Europe through dyeing. Retrieved: April 3, 2018. On Wikipedia. Indigo color aura: characteristics. In Wikipedia at es.wikipedia.org.

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