Make sure you sign up for our newsletters for even more updates! And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: [email protected]. 10 -11 meters distance from the long chain beamer. 12 – 15.000 meters. Difficult to change colors. Check this at the end as well. Whether you want to perk up an old pair of jeans or produce a new color on neutral fabric, dyes are easy and useful products. Next, prepare the indigo stock solution. But what if you want to make your own plant-based dye and bypass all those chemicals? 2- Indigo one sheet dye slashing. This makes the solution alkaline. The entire process of dipping the cloth has to be performed several times (at least 5 times or more), with drying times in-between, to yield a lasting colour. Once you hang the fabric up to dry, you will see the blue colour intensifying over time. Batik is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing, where wax is applied in specific patterns, and the cloth is dyed. Please note that squeezing pressure is important- 5 tons- as fastness of colour and shade depends on even squeezing pressure. One of the disadvantages previously when warp preparation (knots, weak, thick places) was not kept at a very high level was that ends sown in the dyeing range could cause major color variation through machine stops. Initially these machines were supplied without yarn stop motion but are available now a days on special request. Indigo Dyeing – Various Methods Explained And Compared, CONVENTIONAL CLASSICAL CONTINUOUS INDIGO ROPE DYEING, Sustainable Efforts And Products By The Exhibitors At Sustainable Interplay – Part V, Ramsons – Interview With Sunder Belani On Sustainability Efforts, Sustainable Efforts And Products By The Exhibitors At Sustainable Interplay – Part IV, Sustainable Efforts And Products By The Exhibitors At Sustainable Interplay – Part III, Denim Pollution – Solutions To Sulphur Dyeing Wastes, Indigo Rope Dyeing : Some Important Technical Considerations, G2 Waterless Denim Washing Machine From Jeanologia, Levi’s Collaborates With Creative Designers, Flexibility to produce denim in different colors and small quantities. In order to achieve ring dyeing, mercerized yarn has also been used. Special size mixes for soft denim will be discussed separately. The high squeezing effect results also in better, quicker and proper oxidation and better colour fastness. One of the advantages is: Ideal, utilization of Hydrosulphite through squeezing 4 – 6 layers simultaneously and oxidation of yarn in a comparatively long oxidation loop. Dyeing of 3 layers of yarn simultaneously is possible but very difficult to control the beaming on 3 big warp batches. After washing the fibre well, you should soak it for few hours to improve dye penetration. The first step is preparing the fibre. Signup for our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free! Indigo-dyeing has a long history, and the method is still as popular as it was centuries ago. Indigo dyeing has been around for several thousands of years. The comparatively long immersion and oxidation time requires a comparatively expensive equipment of machinery. Immersion time and oxidation time is the same as with continuous slasher dyeing. After the time is up, remove the stems and leaves. The winders are directly linked to the ring spinning frames and the cops joint by splicing. (Indigo belongs to the group of the vat dyes which is water-soluble in reduced solution and becomes an insoluble pigment when oxidized. The freshly harvested leaves are placed into a fermentation tank, and an enzyme called indimuslin is added to it. The rope is guided similar as a cross wound package and wound into a ball, length of ball approx. As you can see from the slide the back beams are inside the yarn sheet passes through the dye box as often as necessary to obtain the required deepness of shade. You can literally see the colour darkening in front of your eyes - it's magical! A higher squeezing effect is achieved due to the over laying of the watp ends this also gives more side to side squeezing, therefore reduce strips formation. to make 4 ounces (113 grams) of dye. This yields amazingly intricate and unique patterns after the dyeing process. The leaves of this plant are harvested and processed to yield the dye. I like indigo as a color, but I am not thrilled with the process for dyeing yarn with it. Mercerizing is very costly, therefore new ways in continuous mercerizing and indigo dyeing was found. But before that, let's have a quick look at its history. The creator of snow wash denim or of f-side denim is Edwin Co. Limited Japan. The materials you need for indigo dyeing are indigo powder, water, a big stainless steel pot, soda ash to create the desired pH and wooden and plastic tools. The by-products of natural indigo are bio-degradable and non-toxic. This unique shade of blue is called indigo, and it comes from an organic dye derived from Indigofera plants. The traditional method uses a natural fermentation vat (like the one above) - this is how all of our fabrics are dyed. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! The indigo dyeing and processing methods -currently used – for dyeing indigo warps were introduced from 1978- 1987 to obtain a higher productivity and savings in dyeing or to achieve the required darker shades (hard rock washing, super blue, soft denim), or softness of the yarn for final finishing. Consequently it would be better to reduce the warping width rather to 140 cm instead of using warper beams with 160 – 180 cm warping width. The process encompasses 5 steps: ferment, alkalize, aerate, concentrate, strain and store. The required No. Continue on to learn how to dye with indigo plants. The main difference between the two is that the natural dye is sustainable, whereas synthetic indigo is derived from petrochemicals, and the manufacturing process yields toxic waste products. A high squeezing effect promotes a quick and thorough oxidation and reduces the migration and reduction in the following bye bath. I've experienced it only in dye workshops (described here and here), never tried it myself at home. Less flexible. Also be careful not to let any air get into the vat. These beams are transported with the aid of air cushions to the sizing machine and the yarn sheet sized in double size boxes. What's most interesting, is that the process followed today is pretty much the same as was used in 2000 B.C. At the right pH, the colour of the liquid in the vat will be green. 8. The classical rope dyeing system is very labor intensive and consists of: Yarn from the ring spinning machine is wound on automatic winding machines on to a suitable package either cylindrical or 5057 cone. If fashion needs other colours than indigo blue it is comparatively simply to dye and size on this range. That means that the total No of ends required for a weavers beam are dyed, dried, sized and dried simultaneously. It requires several steps and a certain amount of care or you can easily ruin the dye bath. INDIGO DYEING 7. © 2020 - Denim Jeans | Trends, News and Reports | Worldwide. It's really important that this is slowly and carefully added, with virtually no movement - do not drop from a height. Once you've got your indigo dye, you need to dye your yarn! You will need to slowly temper the soda ash and indigo dye with water so it is liquid enough to add to the vat. We must however consider that the squeezing effect is lower and therefore the danger of streakiness and shade variation from centre to out side is also higher. The molecules are controlled DC drive to maintain warp tensions. 1- Indigo rope dyeing process. Behind the Scenes: What Is The #Indigo Dyeing Process? Similar to the sheet dyeing systems 10 – 16 warper beams with the total number of ends required for the weaver beams are used. The areas with wax resist the dye, while the rest of the cloth turns blue. #ecofabrics #ecodyeing. The creels can be loaded with back beam with 1200 mm diameter which allows to warp approx. The resulting liquid is then mixed with air using paddles, and the air oxidises it into the pigment. Let the garment dry. Strain it several times and it is ready for immediate indigo dyeing or store for a year in glass bottles. © Copyright 2018 Offset Warehouse. With double sheet dyeing the linear warp thread density is doubled. In order to guarantee even yarn tension through Rebeaming on to a back beam ready for sizing the ropes are guided over a tension device which is placed approx. The automatic control unit of the PH value supplies automatically hydrosulfite and caustic soda to stabilize the present value from the start to end of a dye set.

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