As the NPR blog Goats & Soda reported previously, there are pros and cons to different types of temperature-taking devices, from the fairly common ear gun thermometer to the full-body scanner. "That's our special sauce," says Keith Houlihan, CEO of Sanomedics. In the battle to stop Ebola's spread, health officials worldwide have been deploying thermometers in hopes of detecting the earliest symptoms among people who might be sick. Starting this week, similar hand-held devices are checking foreheads for fever at some U.S. airports. A sensor relies on a silicon lens to focus the infrared energy so the reading isn't "of the wall, or of your hair," says O'Hara, "We want to read the temperature of a precise spot on your forehead." What I already knew and forgot about: Clever marketing and large price tags usually means it's a s*** product. A nurse sent paramedics to her house and her daughter Aria was eventually taken to hospital as a precaution - where Marina learned an important lesson about thermometers after the baby's reading came back perfectly normal, much to her surprise. It can always be worrying when a baby has a temperature. The problem with safety comes from laser thermometers, which emit a beam of light to highlight the area of the object being assessed to ensure accuracy. "Ours was reading 38.1 … Verdict: False. Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day, Perishers originally ran from 1959 to 2006. The Facebook message also says that pointing an infrared thermometer at the wrist instead of the forehead gives a more accurate temperature reading. Jeremy Cato is a writer from Atlanta who graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors and an English degree from Morehouse College. She said: "Last night we made a totally unnecessary trip to the hospital thanks to a pretty expensive/crappy infrared thermometer. The other difference is the algorithm the machine uses in its translation. Large doses of infrared waves can also damage skin and tissues. Marina's thermometer said her baby had a temperature - it was wrong (stock photo), When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Infrared technology is critical in many science, business and military contexts. A doctor using an infrared thermometer (stock photo), Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Mirror newsletter - all the biggest stories with everything you need to know in one email, Four 'meaningful' words every new mum needs to hear, 'My mum hates my baby name choice and says it would be better for a horse', A father-to-be has taken to social media to ask for some advice on his baby name choice after it caused issues between his parents and his wife, Mums say putting Christmas tree up early is 'tacky' and there should be 'laws against it', Mums have shared their thoughts online about the 'best' time to put up the Christmas tree and decorations and it seems there are some very strong opinons on the matter, Woman refuses to use her brother's "terrible" baby name for his daughter, A disgruntled woman has taken to social media to ask for some advice on her brother's baby name choice after she refused to call her by it, dubbing it "terrible", Mum shares genius Christmas box idea that will help families 'save a fortune', A woman has shared the simple yet clever way she does all her Christmas food shopping each year on a budget and it's inspiring other parents, Mum shares how to make Kinder Egg hot chocolate bomb and it's a 'game-changer', A mum has taken to social media to share a look at the decadent hot chocolate drink she created using a Kinder Egg and people are going wild for it, Andy Capp has been a favourite part of the Daily Mirror since 1957. The strip is still so popular today that we decided to reprint the best of the strips by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins, Woman left in tears over father-in-law's 'gross' comment about breastfeeding, A man has turned to the people of Reddit for a little advice after his father left his wife in tears with a rather disturbing comment about her breastfeeding her son, Brit businessman Matt Moulding's £21m gift to staff - and his secretary retired at 36, The Hut Group founder has landed a massive £830million after his firm was launched on the stock market in September - it is one of the biggest in British history, Meghan Markle says she had miscarriage as she shares heartbreaking details of loss, The Duchess of Sussex has opened up about her personal tragedy in an opinion piece, saying "as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second", 'I sold my £250k home to move into shipping container and save £700 a month', Jay Adler quit his marketing job when he split up with his wife of eight years, sold his house and moved into the 20ft by 8ft shipping container - he says he has never been happier, Heavy D dead - Celebrity Big Brother star dies aged 43 after going missing, Heavy D - real name Colin Newell - has died, his friend confirmed today.

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