While others might enjoy the depth, creating special items sets to maximize certain stats over others, I’ve found the character customization system works best when you don’t think about it too much. The fighting system in Injustice 2 hasn’t been modified much from the first game, outside of players being able to spend a portion of their super meter to utilize special abilities or break out of sticky situations via rolls or air recovery. The Good: Given that the game is a fighting game some may be surprised that Injustice 2 Annual #2 is not the action packed conclusion to this comic book series. In another world, Dr. However, while the game itself was great, the prequel comic that told the story of what occurred between the two games left a lot to be desired. Granted, there’s plenty that happens in the original Gods Among Us comic that didn’t factor into the games’ story, but it, at least, used each year of that comic served to explain why certain characters were behaving the way that they were, as well as why other characters weren’t present in the story. Witness my first attempt at online play below. As if the planet didn’t have enough problems, Brainiac arrives to finish off his Kryptonian collection. It seems as though that should have come up at some point - especially given the fact that Conner was the new Superman - and yet, instead of devoting resources to finding the good Superman, Batman instead decides to put his faith in the evil Superman. Want a cupcake, Bats? INJUSTICE 2 #1 Written by Tom Taylor Art by Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus & Wes Abbott Published by DC Comics Release Date: May 3, 2017. Believing the only way to truly save humanity from itself was to control it, Superman’s “my way or heat vision to the brain” style of rule divided the heroes of Earth and beyond, leading to an all-out civil war that left the world severely screwed up. The mix of new moves for old characters and a healthy injection of fresh talent—there are 15 new characters in Injustice 2, not counting DLC fighters—leads to a more even playing field for online play. While it’s standard comic-book fare, Injustice 2’s story balances it’s many layers of personal and fantastic drama. So, let’s take a look at the important moments that happened within the comic, but were left out of the games story entirely. In addition to working as a redemption arc for Hal, it also served to help redeem Sinestro to an extent, as he managed to make amends with his estranged daughter before dying in combat. I don’t typically mind comics that are concurrently connected to another form of media, though I do understand there are expectations that adapted media have to aspire to. Believing the only way to truly save humanity from itself was to control it, Superman’s “my way or heat vision to the brain” style of rule divided the heroes of Earth and beyond, leading to an all-out civil war that left the world severely screwed up. Where follow-ups to traditional comic book events often fail, Injustice 2 is a worthy successor to the original in almost every way. Kotaku elder, lover of video games, keyboards, toys, snacks, and other unsavory things. Open the loot boxes you get, make your character look as cool as you can, and move on. Admittedly I did not have much time for online multiplayer before writing this review, though the few matches I did engage in ran pretty well. Furthermore, the death of Victor Zsasz also calls into question how Alfred is eventually murdered, because the comic carries on the fact that he is still murdered at some point - however, how can Zsasz be the murderer if he was apparently killed years before that incident? And those super moves are just as super as they were the first time around, if not more so. It’s my belief that the ending of a story shouldn’t be so lackluster that readers can't even tell that it's the end. So much happens, and yet none of it really does much to make it feel as though it was necessary. This is the third DC Comics fighting game overseen by Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon. Supergirl’s introduction in the opening moments of Injustice 2's story mode also serves as the introduction of Brainiac, the green-skinned, space-faring super-villain with a penchant for collecting cities and destroying planets in the process. The entire creative team is remarkable in the fight between Kent, Ollie, and Dinah. One, wherein, the beacon of truth and justice, Superman, becomes a tyrant bent on claiming the world as his own and eliminating all those who would oppose his rule. This can be seen from the opening sequence of the Injustice 2 video game, wherein the prison scene from the Injustice: Year One comic is retconned by having Damian kill the man who would eventually kill Alfred. Batman and Superman may be … All in all, that part of the story worked really well on a number of levels - it would have been nice to see the Red Lanterns explored a bit more in the main games storyline, but I understand that doing so might have been doing a little too much. Aaron Long & Matt Santori Injustice 2 #60 DC Comics Writer: Tom Taylor Artists: Xermanico, J.Nanjan, Tyler Kirkham (cover) Booster’s Titans make a new alliance in the hopes to defeat the wrath of the sinister Starro and the Red Lantern Corps, but are they too late? An Anti-Hero and parody of Marvel’s Cable called Magog did that. Nicholas Thompson is the lead writer and senior editor for “COMICS! Though, the Dark Knight now has a new ally in the form of Harley Quinn. Starro was destroyed - and Booster along with him; Brainiac was on Earth and ready to find the two remaining Kryptonians; Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Black Adam we’re back in Khadaq, and Batman and his allies were living their normal lives - whatever that entails. Comic Review: Injustice 2 #60 0. However, even with all the great aspects of the story, I just can’t help but feel that most of it didn't serve a point. In addition to that, the Amazo was a genuine treat. The Clash system returns, allowing players to bet a portion of their super meter against their opponent in order to regain some of their health or do a little damage. While Hal's arc was substantial, the groundwork laid for Brainiac didn't work very well. In the Injustice: Gods Among Us prequel comic we see our favorite DC heroes clash as they attempt to deliver their own brand of justice and save the world from those they deem to be evil. While Injustice 2 would eventually come to surpass the original in terms of gameplay (also a surprise to no one), it also managed to provide a solid sequel to the original games story. INJUSTICE 2 #1 Juan Albarran on inks is great for guiding attention to key characters in each panel. Spoilers follow for both the Injustice 2 game and comic. For those looking to battle others without worrying about relative skill levels there is AI Battle mode. Everything players do in Injustice 2 rewards them with loot boxes and gear, all in the name of furthering the game’s most-hyped feature, character customization. And yet, none of these things are mentioned in the Injustice 2 game, even though each of them have ramifications to the world of Injustice. Amanda Waller has her own ideas in mind, though, pushing the Bat and the Harlequin into new corners. Then there’s the Multiverse, a series of ever-changing timed challenges similar to Mortal Kombat X’s Living Towers. Art by Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus & Wes Abbott We have the resurrection of Alfred, the revelation that Bruce Wayne has a daughter, Aqua-lad becoming a terrorist, Conner Kent becoming the new Superman, a giant Star Fish coming to destroy Earth.. and there's still so much more. The premise of the Injustice 2 video game's story was very interesting. He had become the sort of heavy-handed world dictator Batman has nightmares about in bad live-action movies. Mike Fahey. : Tom Scioli Tells the Greatest Jack Kirby Story Possible (His Own), SPURS AND STRIPES: Cowboys, Art, and a Love for Both, Dark Knights, Better Tomorrows, and Other Ways to Write BATMAN, Jonathan Hickman’s X-MEN, and the House that Metaphor Built, Beyond the Batcave: Why DETECTIVE COMICS is Batman’s Life Line, 2019 So Far … Middle Grade and YA Graphic Novels, Comics I Need to Read: we are all superstitious, Health and Inclusivity: Embracing the New in SCHOOL FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL GIRLS, Health and Inclusivity: The Past, Present, and Future of STE(A)M in Gifted’s P.B. The fate of the Earth and the resolution of the superhero conflict established in the first Injustice game plays out in Injustice 2's rather lengthy story mode. The difference between this prequel comic in comparison to the original comic is that there just seems to be a genuine disconnect from the comics and the game. Netherealm Studios’ hit 2013 fighting game saw Superman driven by grief over the death of Lois Lane and their unborn son by the hands of the Joker. I simply expected more from the comic. Kara arrives on an Earth divided by her cousin’s furious angst and soon something even more sinister. The destructive power of the android was  incredible, and the reveal that it was (in part) a creation of Braniac made him out to be even more of a threat. The rest didn't matter factor into the game at all and, as far as I can tell, could have never happened at all - but more on that later.

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