ISTJ – These are practical, responsible and private people. INTJ is another great pairing. The Myers Briggs Types That Make The Best (And Worst) Friends. On the other hand, the INTJ might grow tired of the ENTP’s broken promises and unfinished projects. He’s obsessed with identifying the key leverage points in whatever system he happens to be concerned with (to the INTJ mind, everything can be construed as a system ). You just connect easily with others because you know how to meet your friends wherever they’re at in … "Not as forceful as an ENTJ, but just as organized, INTJs will plan the hell out of all the ENFPs crazy, off-the-cuff inspirations," Gee says. There are so many theories out there as well. ), if you have read my previous blog The INTJ Female, then it should not come as a surprise to you that the INTJ female, or any INTJ in general, have high difficulty forming friendships, let alone forming deep friendships or BFFs (Best Friend… How to Keep in Touch with an INTJ. While INTJs are honest people, sometimes this can cause a strain on their relationships when they are too harsh. We either want people in the friend category or keep them at arms-length as acquaintances. We post MEMES WILL BE TAKING OVER THIS POST :) (Reason for the INTJ friendship summed up in one meme!) Read my article, The Simplest Guide to Myers-Briggs® Functions Ever. - Only likes doing / watching / reading stuff that makes him feel good. Specifically, we will be looking at the joys of this relationship as well as the struggles this relationship may have. INTJs put a high value on friendships and they can make wonderful friends. Oct 16, 2020 - here are various things that INTJs will find funny. But he also shows his kindness An INFJ and INTJ will not hold each other back from being high-achievers. They don’t appreciate empty platitudes like, “Don’t worry; it’ll all be okay in the end.”. Because INTJs tend to feel like they don’t fit in (especially in their earlier years), they may need extra reassurance that you actually want to spend time with them. Since you’re reading this article, though, I’m going to assume you either want to make friends with an INTJ, or you want to be a better friend to the INTJs in your life. They learn that it’s okay to say no, too. We only recommend products we truly believe in. Once the initial spark wears off, the ENTP may become bored with the INTJ partner and begin to look for other options. When the INTJ considers someone their friend, this is something which means a lot to them and they don’t want to take this commitment and connections lightly. What do I do? INTJs aren’t naturally connected to their sense of empathy or emotions, and so they have a hard time recognizing when they are being a bit too blunt. When their friends need some direct advice the INTJ is more than capable of giving this to them. These are INTJs best and worst traits when it comes down to relationships. When they are trying to explain the facts of a situation it can sometimes be hurtful and upsetting for people who are a bit more sensitive to their words. Each person has a different idea of what they want from a friend, and what they think is most important in these types of relationships. They are often big supporters of their closest friends and will do whatever they can to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential in life. Even though they are introverts, INTJs put a high value on friendships, and they can make wonderful friends. INFJ vs INTJ. 8 Ways to Increase your Odds of Friendship with an INTJ. If you’re friends with an INTJ, what tips do you have for keeping that friendship strong? Smothering them with attention is not the way to prove that you’re worthy of being in their close friend circle. Obviously that should be reciprocated and if it's not then it's not really a friendship worth … Often, the INTJ learns to become more open towards other people and new experiences. While they do like to be included, most INTJs prefer to plan things in advance. But as INFJs, we take the meaning of friendship to a whole new level. No amount of love and understanding can make up for a consistent lack of respect. These types tend to share similar values, a similar worldview and a similar sense of humor. What is the best type match for the INFJ? fiercely loyal people who will stand by their friends and loved ones ISFP vs INTJ. For the INTJ close friendships are actually extremely meaningful and important. They want you to accomplish goals, fulfill your dreams, and work through the thing you’ve been talking to them about.

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