Others said it was simply yummy. It is available at markets like Andronico's and Whole Foods. Item 2259 Add. After much discussion with baking and science experts, we concluded that the high amount of fat in the Straus cake kept it from developing as tender a texture. The biggest difference in Kerrygold butter starts with the milk. We whisked them into beurre blanc and baked them into pound cake. Certainly, Plugra fresh from the Pennsylvania factory might have beaten our favorites in the taste test, but we wanted to compare the sort of butter available to shoppers off the grocer's shelf. Keller's AA Unsalted Butter Solid, 1 lb. (Tie) Lucerne (Safeway) and Land O' Lakes. The Cremerie Classique crust was flaky but not as crisp and had a buttery flavor. If you think all butters are pretty much the same, you would be wrong. Kerrygold butter is often the same price or more than the box of 4 sticks and you get half the amount. Kerrygold butter has a higher fat content than your “regular” stick butter. In making the pastry, there was little noticeable difference in the three brands of butter, although it appeared that the Straus butter blended into the dough quicker. The Land O' Lakes cake had a much lighter texture and the flavor faded quickly. Cremerie Classique is made by Raven Creamery in Portland, OR, a small dairy employing just 11 people. The Cremerie Classique cake had a pronounced sweetness and rose higher than Land O' Lakes but not as high as Straus, which rose the highest just out of the oven but ended up with the densest texture. Chronicle photo by Frederic Larson; styling by Ethel Brennan, You’ll need to live in Calif. to get Pliny the Younger in 2021, A Chopped champion’s guide to making Thanksgiving dinner, These classic Thanksgiving recipes are a lifesaver, M.Y. "Fat really absorbs moisture molecules quite well. Most of the butter consumed in this country is your generic store brand butter that comes in a box with 4 sticks in it, each being 8 tablespoons. It's like a sponge, and the longer it sits around in a grocery store the more flavors it picks up. That is probably because high-fat butter softens and melts faster. How this popular SF chef started her own YouTube channel during the... Coloradans wait 12 hours in line for first In-N-Out, The Onion skewers Gavin Newsom's dinner at The French Laundry, Popular Bay Area taco bar chain permanently closes location, Anchor Brewing is selling beers from Christmases past, How a crisis manager would stop a big Thanksgiving gathering, Walmart has Xbox Series X in stock, but it won't last long, Parts of California face Thanksgiving Day blackouts, What Bay Area retail workers want you to know about holiday shopping this year, For the first time in history, Pliny the Younger will be available online, but there's a catch, SFMTA unforgivably says 'the 101' in a tweet, Silliker Laboratories of Northern California. When mixed with shortening, it should produce a crust with even better flake. Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. Vivien Straus attributes that to the vagaries of her small dairy. In a blind tasting, some of the expensive, high-fat butters Bay Area chefs swear by scored very low because they had slightly musty, off flavors probably picked up from store refrigeration. This European-style butter from Raven Creamery Co. in Portland, Ore. is sweet, with hints of vanilla and tang and lots of old- fashioned butter flavor. Not all butters are really the same. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Horizon Organic. Because the percentage of milk solids differs in each butter, and those solids become dark brown particles in the sauce, each sample looked different. That’s great. Leave a comment below. The Cremerie Classique cake seemed like a good compromise, with a lighter texture. It’s the same thing that is added to cheddar cheese to make it yellow. Plugra European Style Unsalted Butter, 1 lb, 36 ct. Klein told INSIDER the butter is her go-to for it's "neutral" flavor and consistency.

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