We please ask for your patience and understanding as we work on identifying and resolving these issues. @Syo_Gran7 @AMD I seem to not be able to activate it on Uplay. is not giving the Uplay rewards not display and when im go into U.Connect it says that there are no rewards for the games, is it fixed?. still no replies..... 24 hours and counting.... but other people have had replies within minutes.... shocking customer service these days, @cirifionas Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code. It's terrible that they charge so much for a game that is unplayable. Is it a problem with the platform or is it just that Valhalla is not going to incorporate them? damn i wanted to dl ac4 but i cant log into uplay even tho i changed my pw :(. @K9DF_

I've been waiting 24 hours on replies from ubisoft but there is nothing happening.

@UbisoftConnect hope they help me out, @Ubisoft why is the uplay not working for @assassinscreed on @PlayStation ?!?!?! How do you rate Uplay PC over the past 3 months? Won't be buying #Ubisoft games on release anymore. However, it's not mentioned anywhere until it doesn't work and you have to check the support page. @UbisoftSupport Still no response from ubisoft support. How is this even an issue?! @Ubisoft Hey, @Ubisoft,@UbisoftSupport,@UbisoftConnect, not being able to pre-load and play the game at launch is incredibly frustrating. @LifeatUbisoft @UbisoftSupport @UbisoftMTL @assassinscreed Huge launch?

@UbisoftSupport Hello, I sent you a DM about my problem with Uplay+. @UbisoftSupport now been double charged for uplay + .... still no service. When will this be fixed?. @UbisoftSupport Thank you for your reply!

So the rewards for pretty much every Ubisoft game are not working. @Brin_offical @Ankitcustom Can't access to my Uplay account due to a connecting issue with google authenticator Please help! uPlay : ryzn_. The Rig is starting but as soon as i log in into Uplay (or ubisoft connect), nothing happens. @melkorsbane @GrubyPS4 I apologise for the delay getting back to you.

says people are offline when there not? I loaded up Siege and it said that Uplay or something like that is down/unavailable and it is trying to connect. the problem is it is now definitely attached to my uplay account and there's no way i'm letting anyone else use it, that shit has all my actually owned games and 2FA, @UbisoftConnect I'm having issues with connect finding cloud saves on geforce now. Passionate players make games better. The Uplay servers have not been down for the length of time between your 2 messages. @Nomad__007 I can no longer pet the dogs in my settlement. @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft can we get a fix for Reda every time i go to him hes telling the same story that resets any time i walk away and have to sit there and listen to the same story over and over before i can get contracts. Uplay Launcher version. uughghg I returned my epic games version of @assassinscreed since preload is happening sooner on ubisoft connect. Stop ignoring us. Please fix I've lost 2 save files because of this issue, @shbzz @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftConnect I think they had some problems transferring some skins from uplay to ubisoft connect @Brin_offical I always asked: Who's a good boy? Over all, I think the game needs an update patch.

System: Xbox, @weaponthane Can you DM us with a screenshot of the Uplay+ Tab if you're still experiencing issues. I told them my problem (uplay/ Ubisoft connect) not even opening, and they told me to fix it that I had to go into uplay/ Ubisoft connect and disable a setting.

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