Drivers should pay attention to digital signs in the area for the exact times, as the schedule could vary. Hopkins said the goal is to reopen the temporary roadway on US-95 as soon as it’s feasible to do so. Wire fencing will be positioned to cover the surfaces between bolts, and drains will also be installed. In 2017, an interim design was developed to realign and widen ID-53 between Ramsey Road and US-95. More details will be released tomorrow morning. Plan to wait a few minutes as the file downloads. “The proven unpredictability of this slide requires that we remain flexible,” Hopkins said. “We appreciate the support given to us by residents and local officials over these last few months.”. The human environment includes aspects of the natural environment, built environment, and human health. Both lanes of Idaho Highway 55 are now back open to traffic, as the Idaho Transportation Department’s Smiths Ferry project pauses for the winter. X. Switch to Truck Restrictions. Scalers also worked to knock off loose rocks and boulders on the slope. At this time the duration and costs of removal of the rock face are unknown. Flaggers will be on site tonight to direct two lanes of traffic through the work area. “Although this particular slope is not currently sliding, it has the potential to,” Materials Engineer Janet Zarate said. Crews have finished constructing the temporary road around the slide at milepost 188 and have placed barriers to protect future traffic from rockfall. This is part of the long-term repairs, which will involve controlled blasting and reinforcing the rock face, that are planned for completion in late October. The project is expected to improve safety and highway capacity. RIGGINS, Idaho (CBS2) — Road crews continued to blast their way to the finish the cleanup and repairs along Highway 95 following a massive rock slide earlier this summer. They are not expected to be completed this week. “Reinforcing the slope with bolts and fencing will be the most time-consuming task but will not impact traffic,” Hopkins said. Flaggers are on site to help traffic in the event that movement is detected on the slope. “The extensive rock fall that occurred last night confirmed that we had made the right decision to completely close that portion of US-95 to traffic,” Hopkins said. The continued closure at US-95 will allow geotechnical experts to perform intensive scaling activities to dislodge the rock and reassess site conditions. Your Economic Opportunity. ITD continues working to reopen Highway 95 near Riggins July 23, 2020, 2:54 PM A massive rockslide nearly three weeks ago closed Highway 95 south of Riggins, the Idaho Transportation Department was able to open the highway for one day before an … “We don’t yet know how stable these are and until we are able to further evaluate the area, crews will not be able to engage in rock removal operations.”. Idaho Maps for Approved Routes Up to 129,000 lbs. I‑15 ID 55 ID 75 I‑84 I‑86 I‑90 US 93 US 95. The temporary road built around the base has been blocked by massive boulders since the slope failed for a second time last week but may be open in time for next weekend. Sign up for Updates. “The inconvenience of delays in the coming days will help keep travelers safe and prevent long-term delays in the future.”. New interchange. “Currently there are a lot of overhanging boulders and ledges,” stated Hopkins. District headquarters is in Boise located in Ada County, where Caleb Lakey is the District Administrator. Analysis of accidents and recommendation of safety features including access management. An update will be sent later this week with the timing of the blast on Friday evening. “However, without enough data and uncertainty about an apparent gap at the top of the hillside, we are concerned it might be active still.”. Old Pollock Road will continue to serve as a detour around the slide during daytime hours – 6 am – 8 pm PDT (7 am – 9 pm MDT). A small blast is planned for 15 minutes between 3 – 4 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. MT to remove additional leftover rock from the first blast. “That kind of activity may not sound like much, but in terms of geological movement it is alarming.”. The department also assures that every effort will be made to prevent discrimination through the impacts of its programs, policies, and activities on minority and low-income populations. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is studying U.S. 95 from the Idaho border in Owyhee County to Pinehurst at the Adams / Idaho County line. Questions or comments about the ID-44 corridor study may be directed to Mark Wasdahl, ITD Project Manager, at or (208) 334-8344. Your Mobility. “For the safety of drivers and our workers, we have to close it. Outside experts are examining the slope today to identify short-term and long-term options to stabilize the area. Transportation is essential to Idaho’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both US-95 and Old Pollock Road are expected to close Friday evening (Aug. 28) to allow crews to blast an estimated 14,000 cubic yards of unstable rock from the slope, the same amount that has fallen to the road since the first slide at milepost 188 on July 3. In the next three years, ITD will reconfigure several roadways near the current US-95 junctions with ID-53 and Garwood Road north of Hayden. Early planning efforts for ID-44 began in 2004 and resulted in a preferred alignment for approximately 16 miles of the corridor. On Monday crews are expected to start removing rocks at the base of the slide on US-95 south of Riggins. Repairs to US-95 slide south of Riggins complete, U.S. Highway 95 will open to one lane of traffic between Pollock and Riggins, this morning by 10 a.m. PDT/ 11 a.m. MDT and stay open until 8 p.m. PDT/ 9 p.m. MDT. “That could take up to a week, during which we will need to keep traffic on Old Pollock Road.”. Therefore, ITD will not complete a NEPA-level environmental review. Both US-95 and Old Pollock Road are expected to close today at 11 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. MT to allow crews to blast 1,000 cubic yards of unstable rock from the slope adjacent to the active slide at milepost 188 south of Riggins. Project Description These rocks made it past the first blast and days of scaling (see video), but we’ll get it taken care of today. The plan will be based on community input, engineering analysis, and city, county and agency visions for the future. Last week crews reconstructed US-95 and repaved Old Pollock Road. U.S. Highway 95 will no longer open to traffic between Pollock and Riggins this afternoon to allow for continued monitoring of the slide at milepost 188. “With the changes we’ve made, we have greatly reduced the likelihood of another slide blocking US-95 again in the area,” Materials Engineer Janet Zarate said. The ID-44 public outreach was a significant component of this early planning process. Construction underway. Whether it is maintaining highways and bridges, or building new infrastructure, the Idaho Transportation Department and our transportation partners are committed to keeping Idaho goods, agricultural products and services moving during these times. An estimated 14,000 cubic yards will be removed by dynamite in one blast, during which there will be no access through the area on the detour around the base of the slide or on Old Pollock Road. Old Pollock Road will be closed from 7 a.m. tomorrow until Wednesday evening as improvements are made for a future non-commercial detour around the slide. “Drivers may notice that the highway had to be shifted to provide room for a larger ditch,” Zarate said. Repairs to Old Pollock Road were completed earlier tonight. Most travelers know the highway for its turns along mountain forests, whitewater rapids and favorite recreation spots. This project is part of a larger vision to improve traffic flow and safety along US-95 between Garwood and Sagle. Over the coming weeks, ITD will continue to remove rocks from US-95 and mitigate the stability of the slope. The temporary gravel road around the base of the slide opened to two lanes today. The highway will only open during the day to allow observation of the slope. “We are still determining what the highway will look like when it reopens, but drivers should be prepared for flaggers and reduced lanes and hours.”. Another update will be sent once a contractor has been hired. “We’ll need to drill and blast them into small enough pieces to be removed.”. Your Economic Opportunity. Various methods will be required to break the massive boulders into pieces and remove them with heavy equipment. “Our entire timeline is dependent on survey results,” Operations Engineer Jared Hopkins said.

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