All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Purify my heart so that I may treasure and follow only you. God's might and sovereignty. Daydreaming, Matthew 4:17-23 lift you up and make your lives significant]..." - James 4:10 (AMPC). For it would have been easy for Jesus to simply proclaim. Keep in mind, our exaltation may not come as we anticipate, hope for, or expect, (i.e. “Readers are called to repent of worldly attitudes and sinful practices and to take their rightful position of submission and holiness before the Lord.”[1]. The heart is for feeling and the When I think of all that you have done, the incredible universe you have made and hold together by your word, I am amazed you invite me into your presence. Discipleship, At least to the "get ahead at all cost" and "don't look back the competition is gaining on you" culture of self-promotion it sounds obscene. Canada Toll-Free: 800.263.4251, © 1950–2020 ReFrame Media. Yet with all the Bible teaches and all man has to say in response to God's Word, born-again followers of Christ continue to struggle resisting pride and applying humility. Never before had such an extreme spiritual dichotomy been made between theory and application. Remember the following from the devotion on James 4:6: There is a final aspect of application for this verse, and that is to clothe one’s self in humility. Today's Verse is a free daily devotional that includes a Bible verse, thought and prayer. Devotion topics: Christianity, . This is an amazing thing to consider when recognizing the true cost of Christ’s work. presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will What we must keep in mind as we examine verse 10 is that James has already provided concrete examples of the types of behavior needed in order to humble ourselves. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your … Robert holds a bachelor’s in business administration, master’s in biblical studies, and is currently completing a Ph.D. in leadership. Consider the enormity of that teaching moment! . Thoughts on Today's Verse... Humble yourselves. directs our affections, shapes our decision making, and determines It does not seek one's best interest but that which serves and blesses others. This is no easy task! A humble person knows We know the right things to do. Bible teaches, however, that the heart is the center of every aspect on The Humble Will Be Exalted (James 4:10) ~ A Daily Devotion for February 24, 2014, Cuatro características de la paz ~ una devocional de Romanos 5:1, Four Characteristics of Peace ~ A Devotional from Romans 5:1, La irracionalidad del pecado – Un devocional de Isaías 1:2-9 (Parte 2). Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. Joy to the World, Zephaniah 3:14-20 Amen. Personal Growth, Fear is paralyzing the church of Jesus Christ: Fear of the Spirit's conviction, fear of having to change, fear of persecution, fear of submission, fear of surrendering our will to God, fear of owning our sins, fear of confessing our sins to others, fear of losing control, etc. It then is followed by recognizing the need for Him to fill our lives, involving a complete surrender over to His will. Lord, thank you for always being near. Examination & Application of the Text: As we talked about in James 4:6, humility is an essential part of Christlike character. For Jesus warned. We are to humble ourselves . We believe Scripture is not conditionally based on time, but is culturally relevant today as it has been for over 2,000 years since it was first penned. “The theme of humility here proves essential to James’ thought: God gives grace to us when we are humiliated and exalts us, but we in turn are asked to humble ourselves.”[3] In commenting on the book of Matthew, Osborne reminds readers of the eschatological ideology of this great reversal, noting that God is the one who will reward and judge accordingly, following the lex talionis (Law of Retribution) as found in Matthew 16:21-28 (specifically in verse 27).[4]. James calls on the believers to humble themselves before the Lord. Cuando tiene la oportunidad, encontrarás a Robert escribiendo y hablando internacionalmente. / Sitemap, User Experience Design by Five Q Abba Father, Most Holy God, thank you for allowing me into your presence. that logic resides, many will say. Both themes are interwoven throughout Scripture both in theory and experiential examples. Both themes are interwoven throughout Scripture both in theory and experiential examples. treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). For many people, the word It begins by recognizing who we are apart from Christ, which are sinners who have offended God. As a result, it also becomes easy to become complacent in faith or take sin lightly. And exalt the Lord with humble gratitude. We are plagued with the Spirit's conviction but distracted by the schemes of the devil that bind us from making efforts toward positive change. James 4 - Submit Yourself to God. [2] D. Edmond Hiebert, James, (Winona Lake: BMH Books, 2009), 240. James 4:10 (KJV) Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. [4] Grant R. Osborne, Matthew, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, Ed. The Wisdom of Humility. turned away from God. monetary value, exemption of suffering, public praise or adoration, etc.) Therefore, humility is seen in conduct by looking to the interests of others before looking to the interests of one’s self. ... Today's Verse is a free daily devotional that includes a Bible verse, thought and prayer. It does not contradict itself in any way, but is historically, scientifically and archaeologically accurate. The interesting fact about pride and humility is that both exist at the heart level. It may require us to endure pain and hardship, but again James has already encouraged us by saying. It is conceited and self-absorbed, arrogant and rude. We Have A Choice // Let God Show Us The Way . It’s in the mind Choices, See God's love and power, his presence and purpose in your life everyday, Psalm 98 It represents the complete antithesis of who Jesus Christ is and all He represents because self is worshiped above God and self-protection is its objective. In James 4:1-10 we see the source of our conflict with man, our conflict with God, and the source of our conflict resolution. The Humble Will Be Exalted (James 4:10) ~ A Daily Devotion for February 24, 2014 Explanation of the Text: This verse is not the conclusion of the commands of the section, but it is the last command that is related to submission to God. This should be humbling to us in recognizing our position before God and should also be the example for us. It is a sense of unworthiness because of who God is and who each person is. [1] Homer A. Kent Jr., Faith That Works: Studies in the Epistle of James, (Winona Lake: BMH Books, 2005), 146. "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.". before Him. and accepts us all, and as we humble ourselves before Him, Our desire for righteousness is honest and pure, but our application falls significantly short of achieving our objective. And we can pray that by removing the log in our own eyes, we will see clearly to remove the speck in others through humble hearts and selfless acts of love and servitude, which will open up opportunities for the Good News of Jesus Christ to be shared and lost souls won for the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, just as love should be genuine, so should humility. It not only says to humble yourselves, but to do so before the Lord. For we are assured that our efforts to cast pride away from our hearts by embracing humility will identify us Christ-followers even in the midst of persecution. Terms of Use connects our heart with God’s heart. Prayer . James 4:1-10 (Devotional Thought) On February 28, 2015 February 19, 2015 By pastorjonathan In Devotional. won't feel the need to rely on God. . You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. Rather, he has reinforced how critical humility is to resisting the temptations of the world within spiritual warfare. For if we refuse to die to our love of self, we will remain held captive by our pride and of little use to the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, we cannot simply believe Scripture is true without personal application, for that was the predominate mistake the Pharisees made that Jesus emphatically rebuked time and time again. Often confused with weakness or timidity, humility is about knowing our proper place in the world without flaunting it. Used by permission. — James 4:3. It echoes all of James' earlier exhortation that faith without works is dead, because our works testify to the truth of God's Word alive in our hearts.

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