It’s one of my children’s favorite meals with fried rice, eggs, and lots of ketchup. Thank you so much for trying the recipe! Hi Ashley! Please feel free to add more ketchup to your liking! Thank you for such a wonderful and colourful blog , Hi Josh! Glad yours came out well! I eouod like to sign up for your news letter, but the site would not let me. Even so, Japanese rice is stickier and it will stick to each other unlike Jasmine rice etc. Thank you so much for letting me know! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! . And stay in touch on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram for all the latest updates. Thank you so much for trying this recipe Julie! Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. Hope you enjoy my recipes. Hi Sam! Hi Stephanie! Oh yeah, jalapeno sounds like a great addition to give it a nice kick! Despite this, your post made me go and make omurice for lunch! It might need some practice to make it look nice but hope you enjoy this recipe! Design by, kosher/sea salt (I use Diamond Crystal; Use half for table salt). Hi Sunny! , Hi Tonya! Wash the rice and drain in a colander. Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Slowly move the omurice to the edge of the pan. You have created such a friendly and helpful site in Japanese cooking ???? Add the mixed vegetables and season with salt and pepper. I still need to work on my omelet flip, but it still turned out great! Thanks! I got a dinner and three breakfasts from just one batch. Thank you for your kind feedback! Easy and sometimes Kawaii Japanese home cooked meal recipes. Not picture worthy though, as I have to get better at folding and flipping around the omelette, but I will practice in the future. I’m going to try your way, though. Whisk 1 egg and 1 Tbsp milk in a small bowl. Thanks so much for trying my recipe! Yay! Yes, with ketchup flavored rice and egg… it’s very kids’ friendly meal! So glad I found this recipe! , I just ate, but this made me hungry again. Thanks for trying this recipe and for your feedback! Good luck with your homework and school work! For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Perf... On November 22nd, we filed our marriage paper!!! I’m so glad to hear that. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe! From preparation to completion only takes a quick 20 minutes. Thank you for the recipe. My children prefer completely cooked so I often do that. Hello Nami! I remember having trouble making the egg omelet because it always broke. XD Oh well, it was only me eating it. Yes, Omu is close to English Home So when I was told Omurice I understood Homerice, thank you, I’m a fan, will be following you for ever. The pork should be fine! Thank you for trying this recipe, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for the recipe! So when you make rice, you can try reducing the water a tiny bit. Hi Sami! Ohh that’s a good way to save time too! Hi Nami. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the honey soy sauce chicken too! Hi can I use some noodles instead of regular spaghetti! Hi Angie! 今日もはなまるでした(^∇^). Thank you for your kind comment! Thanks for the recipe , Hi Lexi! , I was first interested in omurice after watching rooftop prince. ?✨ Thank you for the recipes ありがとうございました, Hi Sara! Hi Janice! Omurice is something that I also lack in my skills… when I don’t make it for a while I lose my skill. Olive oil and black pepper are the secret to this satisfying dish. >.<, Hi Seri! Will there be much of a difference, except it cooks faster? Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy to hear you found my site on Google search! It looks really delicious, definately gonna try it. i’ll try make it as bentouu ! I made it a bit spicier with chipotle sauce and dried chili and it was awesome! ♥, Hi Niloo! Thank you so much for sharing this. , Thanks Vanesha! Thank you so much for your feedback! I am really happy to hear you liked this recipe, and thank you for sharing the photo! I love this and I would like to try it again but I am only cooking for myself and I found that one omurice was enough for me but that was a lot of rice left and I didn’t know what to do with it. . super good w a tiny bit of jalapeno thrown in! Add the chicken and cook until no longer pink. I usually freeze extra steamed rice too ( Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! Thank you so much for your feedback! BTW I cooked your honey and soy sauce chicken the other day, that was so yummy! Cook until the rice is done. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do! This time when I made the dish, I decided to incorporate ketchup while frying the rice after seeing this step in the recipe. Hi Yukiko-san! I’m so glad you and your friends liked it! , ♥️. It was filling and quick! Omurice requires some practice… Mine doesn’t always come out well, especially after I haven’t cooked for a while. Hope you find a good balance. I was worried it was going to be hard but your directions were easy to follow and simple to understand. (for me) all of your recipe was great , and i got to try the omurice , and its come to greattt ! , Thank you for posting this awesome recipe, Nami! personally I love Japanese foods when the get westernized too. Thank you for trying this recipe! It’s a nice one-plate meal with good nutritioun! I’d like to recreate it using your recipe but I have no idea what to use instead. I’ve shard this on Facebook, I’ll let you know how it turns out , All right then, I managed to snap a (totally blurry and downright ugly) photo before the whole thing was gulped down. The softly-cooked omelette and sweet tomato-flavored rice complements each other very well, so I hope you will enjoy this quick and easy recipe! I make this for lunch all the time, Hi Jane! my roomies have commented on how tasty my omurice has turned out. , Thank you so much for the recipe…it was wonderful…, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe. You can use a smaller pan but you can’t put too much rice either. Seeings as my son is Autistic and hardly eats anything when he asks for something I look for it. I hope you like the recipe. . . Thanks for your feedback! You just want to make the egg mixture more smooth. It’s a really versatile dish and we can use whatever we have in the fridge. Hi Enigma! So glad you liked it! I’ll try it with a smaller pan next time… or perhaps it wasn’t the pan, but I just need more practice with it , HI Annika! I wanna try it but I’m still young so I’m very nervous. . Don’t want to miss a recipe? It is different from the American Thanksgiving in the way we just celeb... Yakiniku (焼肉) is Japanese Grilled Meat. Hope you will recreate this dish for her at home and she’ll enjoy this recipe! This recipe helped be prepare my omurice much better than when I was trying, very unsuccessfully, to replicate my host mother’s. I’ve made omurice for many years since when I was in school… yet my omurice is not perfect. Thank you! , Thank-you for write this,becauce I write this fir homework English homework in International school in japan ,sano. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. I should do that too… Thank you for your comment! I’m curious whether it is optional to put the cheese because where I live cheese is expensive and hard to get. I did make a few changes to it though, I felt like it needed a bit more ketchup and soy sauce in the rice because when I tasted it it was a bit bland. I’m happy to hear you tried this recipe! Thank you. Wow your lunch is so fancy! Thank you very much for your kind words. Yeah it’s better to season the rice with ketchup before wrapping with omelette. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Cover and set aside for 30 minutes. . Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Worakan! Oh wow this recipe has saved me a few times this semester, such a cinch to make-especially on days when I’ve done a ton of homework or game design and realize “Crap! Here goes:, Hi Lizzy! SO sorry for my late response. Very easy and convenient. . olive oil Directions: 1. It ended up well, I think and I enjoyed cooking and eating it. I don’t like ketchup, but my sister loves it. Hi ! Hi Sarah! 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