Do you want to learn more about Jewish history? It was really helpful being able to schedule lessons as needed and Jonathan enjoyed his studies tremendously, whereas he often found his Hebrew school to be too repetitive and slow moving. Let Online Jewish Learning bring Jewish learning into your home in an interactive, easy, and fun way. The high points of divine revelation are sharply contrasted with the low points of. I tried once to learn Hebrew couple of months back. Why wait? We couldn’t recommend Online Jewish Learning more highly!”, “The class happens in your home at a time convenient to you”, “If you are on the fence about putting your kids in a brick and mortar Hebrew school, give Online Jewish Learning a try. Thank you for the Hebrew language lesson,s.Ramone. “My bar for success was not hearing complaints,” Hamilton said. This course will give you the tools to continue asking deep questions, probing your own beliefs and rethinking the “God- questions” that confront us throughout our lives. Searching for options Amy Hamilton, chair of Beth Israel’s education committee, discovered the Ofek Learning Hub, an Israel-centered, Jewish distance learning program taught by experienced educators and accessible to students of all ages in North America and beyond. © 2020 FLORENCE MELTON SCHOOL OF ADULT JEWISH LEARNING, follows the development of the emerging Jewish nation from their awe-inspiring encounter at Sinai through the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness. Materials are available for a … This course follows the development of the first Jewish family from the birth of two nations through wrongdoings and reunions, to the renowned blessing of the grandchildren. Upon beginning his studies with he became much more comfortable and his confidence increased. Prepare to explore how Big Jewish Ideas and lessons from our history serve to enrich our collective actions as individuals and as a people. Perhaps you want to be able to read Torah at your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah or have an aliyah (an honor at the Torah)? As anti-Semitism flourishes, questions continue to arise about this age-old hatred with modern overtones? This is brilliant. Learn on your own terms, at your own pace, and on your schedule. The organization’s events also draw large numbers of young Jews whose families are not Israeli. Ultimately, what are the realities that actually occur? Parents are updated weekly on student progress. JW3's Online Learning Programme. Most of the classes run for five sessions and cost $65. Hearing different lived experiences and how individuals interact with the text because of diverse perspectives, adding to the wealth of learning. Do you want to feel more comfortable and fluent with the prayers? A global Jewish community learning online together. Share your creations with a global Jewish community and engage your children with Judaism. This course draws from text and history exploring how social justice work goes beyond addressing short-term needs looking at structural causes of injustice today. I would recommend Online Jewish Learning to anyone looking for a thorough, fun, and user-friendly program for their child.” Bar Mitzvah Program: A Confidence Booster. What are the relationships that have been forged between Jews and Non-Jews? Upon beginning his studies with he became much more comfortable and his confidence increased. En route to the finish line, this course will navigate the winding roads of childhood and adulthood rituals, all while living as Jews in a modern world. This course brings to life an exotic era in Jewish history, revealing the inner thoughts of real-life characters and daily interactions of Jewish men, women, and families living along the Mediterranean more than 1,000 years ago. Get a top-notch Hebrew School education from the comfort of your own home. “When the pandemic struck there was confusion. Our experienced teachers use interactive and innovative online teaching methods to bring Jewish education into the home, providing a convenient option for families far from synagogues or overbooked with hectic schedules. “We are truly creating an online community of learners – something that I wasn’t sure would be possible,” Levin said. With online learning more important now than ever, Melton offers two kinds of courses. Others want to learn more so that they can discuss Judaism, Jewish topics, and Torah with their children. Create your own Jewish and Hebrew games using Ji creation packs, Jewish texts, and animations. This one is such a wonderful way to learn the Hebrew language. Bar Mitzvah Program: A Confidence Booster, © OnlineJewishLearning, All Rights Reserved |. People weren’t clear what education would look like.”. In our study of Devarim, the fifth book of Torah, we join Moses in his final address to the nation. Take an exploratory journey to discover the narratives of Jewish women. In this short six-session quest, we’ll dive deep into a fundamental, challenging question for Members of the Tribe: “What is the overarching purpose of Judaism?” Together, we’ll examine aspects of what might be considered the Jewish mission, a blend of practices that distinguish us as Jews, and what to do with this idea of being called the "Chosen People." Discover and play lessons, ideas, games and templates by Jewish teachers, parents and children. When COVID hit, we literally had no clue what we were going to do. “You also can’t beat the price. Give OnlineJewishLearning a try. “My son was incredibly nervous about preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. “We saw a threat,” Nicolet said. “Taking this class online is such a game changer,” said Michelle Levin, who enrolled in consecutive Level 2 Hebrew classes for adults. We couldn’t recommend Online Jewish Learning more highly!”, “The class happens in your home at a time convenient to you”, “If you are on the fence about putting your kids in a brick and mortar Hebrew school, give Online Jewish Learning a try. We have adopted an objective and efficient approach to learn how to speak a language easily and quickly: we suggest you to start by memorizing words, phrases and practical expressions that you can use in everyday life and that will be useful when traveling. While contemporary medical knowledge preserves life, modern advances have raised moral and ethical dilemmas related to it. Elsewhere, Jews and Muslims continue to find ways to coexist peaceably and often productively. Prepare for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah without leaving home. This language learning program is among the best of all I've seen online. Ofek’s online community is similarly helping people feel more connected at a time when Jewish institutions have had to scale back or eliminate in-person gatherings due to COVID-19, Nicolet said. Explore these questions and more in this discovery course. I found him studying all the time because he thought it was fun and easy! When Beth Israel partnered with Ofek, the synagogue worked with the program to create content customized to the congregation’s needs. Our adult education program provides meaningful Jewish learning for adults who have busy schedules. Ofek Hub’s development is part of the IAC’s general approach to identifying needs in the American Jewish community and coming up with innovative ways to meet them. Two Centuries of Modern Anti-Semitism: Tracing Hate, Jews and Non-Jews: Responsibilities, Relationships, and Realities, Soul's Cycles: A Ride Through the Chapters of Life, Beyond Borders: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Exploring a Forgotten World: A Social History of Medieval Jewry as Revealed in the Cairo Genizah, Jewish Denominations: Addressing the Challenges of Modernity, Jewish Medical Ethics: A 21st Century Discussion, Leadership Defied and Defended (Numbers / BeMidbar), Revelation and Revolution (Exodus / Shemot Part II), Social Justice: The Heart of Judaism in Theory and Practice, The Star and the Crescent: A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations, The Story of the First Jewish Family (Genesis / Bereshit Part II).

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