16. for the supreme rank (?). 6. by this name he has named (the statue), Inscription on a stone serving as the threshold of a Door1. 13. 5. Its final and single attested version, dating to the Middle Bronze Age, aimed to legitimize Isin's claims to hegemony when Isin was vying for dominance with Larsa and other neighboring city-states in southern Mesopotamia. 3. 14. from Girsu-ki Above, a substructure 6 cubits high, he has built. his palace of Ti-ra-ash,7. 8. 17. he had constructed,— 2. prolong the life!” . The other set of instructions came from a god that, ..knew how to secure the foundations of the temples; he was, chosen by the immutable will of the goddess, named with a favorable name by the goddess, the favorite servant of the god who is king of. The province of Lagac (Lagash) was handed over to Elam. 3. of Shirpurla, (Others) in his sanctuary E-magh-ki-a-sig-dê-da (Ninlil, spouse & equal partner to Enlil). Utu (the Sun God) lay down at the horizon, dust passed over the mountains. it was not bread that you have eaten, it was your flesh that you have eaten! Its throne was cast down before it, she threw herself down into the dust. His palace of Ti-ra-ash9. of the Louvre (Gudea). 6. The en priests of the countryside and city have been carried off by phantoms. like substantial cattle-pens, were destroyed. 15. he has installed it. Of Shirpurla 7 shab of cream, 19. 20-25 He lopped off the crossbeams of E-ana (Anu’s temple when on Earth) as if (?) 1. Gudea, (Gudea, bald headed High-Priest & Governor of Ninurta’s Lagash) 2. the patesi 3. of Shirpurla , (Ninurta‘s ancient ziggurat residence of mud bricks) Large boats were carrying off its silver and lapis lazuli. The … 5. 7. its bricks in a holy place 2 sheep ni, 30. 10. has constructed. 11. 403-410 The people took refuge (?) According to the plan adopted he has marked out a large space; 1-7 Gudam…….Gudam…….Inanna…….Gudam…… within Unug (Uruk) ……. ),1, 1. the evokers of spirits (? (land of the gods between the rivers Euphrates & Tigris, the “Eden”, where “modern man”  & all things began). The bright time was wiped out by a shadow. The attributes in lines 2 and 3 of the cone oblige us to restore dingir Ninâ, “the goddess Ninâ (Enki’s daughter),” in the first line. 12. he has constructed. Jirsu, the city of heroes, was afflicted with a lightning storm (alien technologies). 2. the goddess who protects the city, 2. the temple of the goddess Gatumdug (Ninsun, Bau & Ninurta‘s daughter) …… The mortar, pestle and grinding stone lay idle; no one bent down over them. Gudea, (or) its inscription 56. the august goddess Gatumdug (Ninsun, Ninurta‘s daughter), (Princess Bau, King Anu‘s daughter, Ninurta‘s spouse). Nin-gish-zida (Enki‘s & Ereshkigal‘s son). Early dates are approximate, and are based on available archaeological data; for most pre-Akkadian rulers listed, this king list is itself the lone source of information. 7. the country of Mâgan,1 4. he has proclaimed, 5. ), 8. his temple of Eninnû, which illumines the darkness (?) it. Notes based on Marc Van De Mieroop's. I, ed. We have been struck down like beautiful boxwood trees. The slave-woman was allowed to be equal to her mistress. 15. who the orders of the god Nin-girsu (giant aliens Inanna & twin Utu with earthling underfoot) (Bau & her nephew-spouse Ninurta in Lagash). 2 lambs, Gudea [he has] constructed. 42. whoever shall change his words (Enki, King Anu in his sky-disc, & Enlil, sons of Anu ruling Earth Colony, Apkulla pilots on each end, & Tree of Life). 4. to his king, (whoever) of the Holy of Holies of the god Nin-girsu, my king, Ka-hejala and Igi-hejala (unidentified minor alien gods) ……. The snake of the mountains made his lair there, it became a rebellious land. 1. Uru-Kagina,4. To the sacred cows var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-7775239-1"); 60. the statue. Gudea Enlil blew an evil storm, silence lay upon the city. 11. with its 30 eggs (? 1. Alamuc threw down his scepter, his hands trembling. Since time immemorial, since life began, in those days. 61. of Gudea, 1. the patesi 55. joists of zabanum trees, 2. the shepherd … [of] Gir-[su-ki], Dumuzid left Kisiga like a prisoner of war, his hands were fettered. Lid-ri (?) 10. his favorite temple, “Alas, the destroyed city, my destroyed house,” she cried bitterly. 22. unto the statue 7. the milk. 81:1 Identified by Dr. Hommel, with much probability, with Tidnu or “the West” (Syria and Canaan); W. A. I., ii. 10. he has placed it. 16. 21. ); 1. to make tablet-like amulets (?) 34. (Anu, King of the Anunnaki, son & heir Enlil, Earth Colony Commander, Enki, eldest & wisest son to Anu, Ninhursag, Anu‘s eldest daughter), 3-11 An, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursaja (Ninhursag) (2 mss. (whoever) my judgments          15. may she not maintain! After that the temple E-ninnû, Cuni-dug, who stores butter and cheese, did not store butter and cheese. 35. he has imported; They were cut down as date palms and were tied together. 48. with brilliant ornaments he has enriched them (? That old reeds and fresh reeds should grow in the reed-beds: may An not change it. 11. he has made. (Ninhursag & brother Enki in lab conducting DNA experiments on primitive earthlings, attempts to fashion their replacement workers). Ningal quickly clothed herself and left the city. The large bows, javelin and shield gathered together to strike.          67. may the goddess Nin-marki (Enki & Nina’s daughter). 66. its spoils 10. her favorite temple, I will give (?) [of the god El]lilla (Enlil),4. ), (1 ms. adds the line: Daily the evil wind returned in the city.). 24. 12. his temple of Girsu-ki. “Ur- Bau the son of En- Enlile-ki-aj: he acted for 900 years. 25. speak!” To the sacred she-goats (Ninurta artifact, thousands of others & texts unearthed in Biblical Nineveh ruins), 1. On the day of the commencement of the year. 8. 10. (and) the temple of E-ninnû which illuminates the darkness (? that in the whole universe the people should be cared for; O Nanna, your kingship is sweet, return to your place. 58-68 An frightened the very dwellings of Sumer, the people were afraid. May Enki and Ninmah (Ninhursag) not change it, may An not change it. 10. he has made for him of cedar-wood. 30. he has imported; 3. 4. 1 bird …, 13. his god—. 9. He has handed it over to the storm (weapon) that destroys cities. 23. (Enki’s patron city Eridu ruins; Enki’s ziggurat / residence / temple in Eridu; Enki) II, ed. The wild animals that were intertwined on its left and right lay before it like heroes smitten by heroes. 18. dowered with sovereignty and the scepter supreme The sound of water against the boat’s prow ceased, there was no rejoicing. As the temple of E-ninnû, 6. on the Kar-zagin-kâ-surra3. 68. in the temple E-ninnû 16. the temple of E-sil-sirsira, (alien giant ziggurat houses built by the gods, then by earthlings). (Utu, Nannar‘s son, Commander of the Space Ports). 13. 4. named Kar-nun-ta-êa2 7.—Inscription on Statue G of the Louvre. I, not destroyed by the storm, my attractiveness not brought to an end, ……. Lagash in particular is known directly from archaeological artifacts dating from ca. 20. 12. the temple of E-anna in Girsu-ki (name for Uruk temple), The fields of Zabalam, where you dwelt: its villages ……. ], 90:2 [I should render: “the quay which comes forth from the lord.”—Ed. . 7. appoint a prosperous fate!” In Urim the enemy oppresses us, oh, we are finished.”. For the life of the king3. for you? 12. and leveled (? 9. 1. as a servant full of reverential fear. 6. the lady who fixes the destinies of Girsu-ki, (Anu‘s daughter Bau) 37, No. 10. he has organized.          48. may the god En-zu (Anzu? He defeated a coalition from Uruk, Isin, and Babylon and destroyed Uruk in 1800.). 15. 1. he has constructed.2. 22. of the ka-al 17. his mistress, In Urim people were smashed as if they were clay pots. 14. which in the new temple 22. and leveled (? 30-32  “Inanna, spare my life! 5. For the goddess Duzi-abzu (Geshtinanna, Enki & Ninsun’s daughter), The extensive countryside was destroyed, no one moved about there. For the god Ellilla (Enlil)         8. the temple of E-adda,         9. his im-sag-ga, 1. he has constructed.2. The adorers of the demons (? Many followed Gudam on the streets of Unug (Uruk). 17. the offspring begotten It has blown on Ancan, it has blown on the foreign lands. 9. The Dynastic Chronicle (ABC 18) is a Babylonian king list written on six columns, beginning with entries for the antideluvian Sumerian rulers. The storm immobilized them, the storm did not let them return. 8. 61. may the god Babbar (Utu) Zababa (son to Enlil) took an unfamiliar path away from his beloved dwelling (in Kish). Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Sumerian cities such as Ur, Uruk, and Lagash provide some of the earliest evidence of human societies, along with the laws, writing, and agriculture that made them function. For the god Gal-alim (Ig-alim, Ninurta‘s son), (Anu, King of all Anunnaki on planet Nibiru & on Earth, his son & heir Enlil). 34. in my city the chief of his subject 22. (Gudea’s giant cylinders with his engravings) Enlil, return to your embrace my Urim which is all alone. For the god En-ki, the king of Eridu, (Nannar‘s ziggurat residence with city of Ur way below). 133-142 Lugal-Marda (son of Ninurta) stepped outside his city. ), 8. has made the dedicatory inscriptions (? he has constructed. 7 swans, Gudam…… the beer, …… the wine, …… the bronze vessels, …… the bronze vessels …….

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